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We do not arrange tours for ladies who are not currently working with us. Tours are available to ladies after they do a minimum of 3 months in either Sydney or London

We are happily represent full time escorts, part-time ladies, career woman and students
Sorry we do not work with ladies who have not worked within the adult industry nor do we consider anyone under 20 years of age
We do not accept ladies from third parties & all interviews take place face to face with one of our friendly female staff members in either Sydney, Australia or London, England.  We do not do Skype Interviews or represent ladies we have not met in person
If you have your own independent website you are welcome to apply.  At your interview we will discuss keeping your independent site and also having agency representation and how we can co-operate

We are very selective with whom we represent and believe in Quality over Quantity.  Agency Atlantic is not an advertising site, we are an escort agency promoting our recommended ladies.  

We receive in excess of 50 applications a month so please do no be offended if we cannot offer representation at the time of your application

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