Sydney Availability Calendar May 30 – June 5

Calls are answered noon til late Monday – Saturday  - Bookings can be pre-arranged outside these hours

Brunette Escort in Bikini

Tuesday May 31 Noon – 5pm
Wednesday June 1 1pm til late
Thursday June 2 noon – 5pm
Friday June 3 noon – 5pm
Sunday June 4 4pm – 10pm

Brooke visiting Sydney until late June 1
June 1 Brooke is available for incalls in Wynyard or outcalls to your hotel

Kate generally requires 48 hours for meetings due to her hectic day job
June 7-9 Kate will be available for incalls & outcalls & available for last minute appointments too :)

Zoe is back in Australia in July

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Sydney Availability Calendar May 23 – 29

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Calls are answered 1pm til late Monday – Saturday

Tuesday May 24 Noon – 9pm
Wednesday May 25 10am – 3pm
Thursday May 26 noon – 9pm  

Friday May 27 noon – 5pm
Sunday May 29 4pm – 8pm 

Brooke Sydney Tour May 25-28

The fabulous Canadian bombshell Brooke is back in Australia until late June 2016. 
Available each day 1pm til late incalls in Darlinghurst or outcalls to your home or hotel

Kate generally requires 48 hours for meetings due to her hectic day job
June 6-10 Kate will be available for incalls & outcalls & available for last minute appointments too :)  

Thursday May 26 3pm – late
Friday May 27 noon – late

Discount Day June 1
Bianca- Sydney incall or outcall
Hannah – Sydney incall or outcall

Zoe is back in Australia in July

Gentleman’s Guide to: Buying Custom Suits in Thailand

The feeling one gets when donning a expertly crafted, custom suit is inexplicable. Personally, I feel two inches taller, 20% more confident and just plain sophisticated when stepping out of my hotel attired in suit that I know was crafted just for me.

Buying a bespoke wardrobe in Manhattan, Saville Row, or Paris can be ludicrously expensive. However, there’s a little known secret in the fashion world that enables one to summon their inner Don Draper without breaking the bank: South Asian tailors. They don’t have flashy websites or decadent storefronts – and you may have to do some haggling – but there are  countless couturiers across Asia whose work rivals that of the mega fashion houses in metropolitan capitals.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the sartorial gems hidden in Asia.

Bangkok, Thailand

Cheap labor and intense competition make this one of the best places to get a custom suit.  While the skill level of tailors from Phuket to Bangkok is generally high, there a couple key things to keep in mind here:

  •  Set aside enough time for multiple fittings. Expecting a quality suit in a day is a recipe for disaster. Make sure your travel plans allow for at least a four to five day process. Many tailors will come to your hotel for subsequent fittings.
  • Have a clear vision of what you want. These craftsman can conjure just about anything , but they have to know what it is. Bring multiple photos of the suit you have in mind and don’t be afraid to assert yourself. If you already own a suit you like, the easiest way to make sure the job gets done right is to bring this one with you for a ‘cloning’.

  • Do your research. In 2016 no one can escape the scrutiny of the internet. Look for multiple posts recommending a tailor, search forums (reddit has one dedicated to this topic), and ask others about their experiences.

  • Absolutely crucial: take a swatch of the fabric you chose in your initial fitting with you when you leave. Not unlike some shady escort sites, tailors have been know to pull the classic bait-and-switch and deliver a suit made from cheaper material than the one you paid for.

Sounds like a lot of diligence, but it’s more than worth it. Not only will you be able to get a suit for $300-$400 would make a Savile Row tailor blush, but once you’ve found a reputable clothier that you trust they’ll keep your measurements on file and many are happy to post new suits to you across the globe for years to come or have a new suit ready for you and waiting for you at your hotel next time you visit Thailand.

Hopefully this article will have you well on your way to getting that one of a kind feeling that comes with owning a custom suit. If, after your fittings, you happen to have any time left while in Thailand, Agency Atlantic is sure to have the perfect assistant for taking it off :) Our Thailand Gallery has all the escorts currently available there or head on over to the calendar page to see upcoming Bangkok tours.


Like home but not really.

Singapore reminds me of Canberra in certain ways at the moment. Quiet, clean, green and a little bit boring…or so I though! I arrived on the 1st of May which was a public holiday so it was much quieter than usual as some of the locals go on a short, well deserved trip. Changi Airport is one of the most beautiful airports I have ever seen but this time I walked straight out to a taxi and headed onwards to the hotel for a much needed nap!

Below is the Buddah Tooth Relic Temple and Museum which I will need to check out later this week!

Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore

Arriving at the hotel and checking the time I realize that it’s still very early so my room may not be ready (which it wasn’t) so I reflected back on my previous trips here and remembered that there is a Cat Cafe near by!! For me that beats a nap any day!

It was nice to be the only one there to sit quietly and read while eating a fish toastie and a cold iced tea. I felt a bit rude eating around them as they stared at it with longing but when they realized that I’m not allowed to share one of them gave me the cold shoulder and had a nap while the other decided to sniff my handbag (probably still has the scent of my cats back home).

I checked in early in the afternoon and had a nap for an hour or two then had the urge to get out and see the sights. This isn’t my first trip here so you won’t see pictures from the Flyer or Marina Bay Sands but I did go to the gardens which was packed! It was really refreshing being around so much greenery and finding some secluded spots along hidden paths made it much more enjoyable.

On my way back I decided to check out the Riverside as for some reason the last two times here I never made the effort. It was absolutely beautiful being able to walk around the river while taking in the sights and smells of the abundance of restaurants, belly dancing, and beautiful twinkling lights.

This morning I had a bit of a sleep in (8.30am!) and went across the road to have some amazing soba with salad, a broccoli soup and veggie juice knowing full well I was due to hit the gym after (and each day after this) to start working off the tasty yet evil foods I have been eating lol!!

Zoe is currently in Hong Kong through the 5th of June. Visit her profile page to learn more. To see all Atlantic International Escorts in Singapore view the gallery.