Q & A – Working with Agency Atlantic Australia

Why do girls work with an agency?

Every lady is different and has her own reasons for being with an agency. A lady makes a choice to join us and can leave whenever she wishes; ladies stay because it suits their personal needs.

Being an independent can be very costly and life consuming. Some ladies prefer their personal life not to be interrupted by their escort life. We handle all the arrangements & they accept appointments for the times that suit them.

Not everyone wishes to promote themselves on social media, do admin or pay out all the costs associated with running as an independent on their own behalf such as advertising.

Why would a lady choose Agency Atlantic over another agency?

We like to think we are a bit different.  Agency Atlantic was created by a sexworker for sexworkers and our admin staff are all former sexworkers so we know what an escort’s job is and all the stresses it involves

Our aim is not to enforce rules but to work together as a team with a common goal – To be happy and financially secure.

We kinda have some rules I guess ‘be respectful to others’, ‘do your best’, ‘ask questions if you are unsure of something’, ‘take time off if you aren’t feeling it’, ‘talk openly if you have problems – a problem shared is a problem halved’, ‘please fill out your weekly schedule by Monday morning’ all the cliches lol

Atlantic is a known reputable brand due to the great ladies we have represented over the years and also the reliability, service and tenacity of our admin team.

Each lady has her own individual brand within the Atlantic brand. Ladies approve their photos and all web content before it is posted online.

We work with ladies respectfully and would never push a lady into doing things she doesn’t wish to do and all meetings/times are approved by the escort prior to being confirmed with a gent.

We offering mentoring and a supportive work environment.  Many former Atlantic ladies have gone on to become very successful independent escorts.

Why do girls have to pay money to the agency?  They do all the work?

The lady does the time with the client, yes – but a lot of work and expense occurs before we book that 1hr incall!

Our phone lines are open a minimum 86 hrs a week and we provide an array of services to the ladies and then there are running costs…

An Escort Agency is not a charity.

An escort agency is a business and like any business has running costs – Staffing, advertising, website, photos, taxes and accounting fees to mention a few.

If the lady wasn’t paying our fee then she would be paying those costs herself. An advertisement on 1 website in Australia may cost upwards of $200/month, and many ladies advertise on more than 1 site. A photo shoot is in excess of $1000 (photos, location, outfits – it all adds up).

I am a escort & considering joining Agency Atlantic; what should I expect to be included in the agency’s fee?

That’s not a simple answer; every lady gets something different out of working with Atlantic.

It all depends on what your individual needs are. The basics are that we pay for your photos and advertising and handle all your booking arrangements. We are on hand a minimum of 12 hrs a day and offer support to you with whatever you need.

All the atlantic admin staff have personal escort experience as well as management experience.  The agency manager Sarah has over 17 years industry experience both in Australia and Internationally and has a lot of experience as a mentor. If you would like assistance with branding, persona or PR in general, Sarah and her team have experience that sets Atlantic apart from other agencies and that is part of the reason we have been around for so many years.

I am a part-time escort with a career & have been working 2 shifts a week at a Brothel. I want to start to Escort but I can’t decide if I should join Atlantic or be a private or maybe a private with a PA?

At the moment in Sydney many of the ladies that contact us to interview are private escorts saying they are not earning enough to achieve that common goal – to be happy and financially secure. So from this we assume that being a private can be a difficult road especially when you start escorting.

Working as an escort is quite different to working in a brothel, so learning from a mentor with 17 years experience (Sarah) can be invaluable and of course a number of the ladies working with Atlantic have also made the change.

It very time consuming and also costly to start an escort brand and it may take a while before you see any significant earnings. It can be a costly and difficult investment, particularly if you are just starting out as an independent escort.

Being a private with a PA is similar to being with an agency but you don’t have the agency reputation behind you. It can often take a lot longer to get established as a private than it does working with a reputable agency. We also suggest you make enquiries about the fees charged as sometimes, there can also be hidden costs that add up quickly.

We find many clients actually prefer the safety of booking with the agency and are quite loyal to us.

Some ladies do say they enjoy working as part of a team in what can often be a lonely and isolating industry – but working with an agency does not need to be a lifetime career commitment. Again, ladies have their own personal reasons for working with an agency and may continue to pursue their goals as an independent if they so choose.

A former Atlantic escort is now 100% private with a PA. She spent 2 and a half years working very closely with Sarah on both her brand at Atlantic and establishing her private brand.

Zoe’s Video

Zoe is one of Canberra’s most sought after ladies. One look at her and it’s easy to see why. She is, in a word, immaculate. You can see her fabulous, fawning reviews and all of her images on her profile page here.  And here is a nice video she shot recently.
Zoe November 2016

Zoe loves adventure and travels often. We highly recommend taking full advantage of the short time that she’s in Australia.

Want to get to know Zoe’s personality? She’s such a pleasure to be around, this interview from last year is a great read.

Update May 23, 2017 - 

For all those craving more Zoe videos, she sent us this little snippet. She’s so much fun… enjoy!



AA’s Guide to Sport in Sydney

One of the best ways to get a feel of Australia’s culture is to check out a professional sporting event. While Australia is a relatively young and small country population wise, one might be surprised to learn that Australia has a strong and well developed sporting culture.

If you find yourself heading down under to Sydney, then attending a local professional sports match should be at the top of the list. With so many teams and sports to choose from, you should have no problem finding a stadium full of cheering Aussies any time of the year.

As a start, here are 4 professional sports teams to keep an eye out for if you are fishing around for an event to attend, and of course, if you’d like some accompaniment to one of these games our gallery of stunningly sporty and sexy Sydney courtesans would be more than happy to cheer with you for the duration then engages in some truly epic post game festivities.  :

Sydney Swans – Australian Football

If seeing a sports match is your idea of cultural integration (a good one!), then try and get yourself to a local Aussie Rules Football match. The Sydney Swans are Sydney’s representative in the nationwide Australian Football League (AFL). This game will most likely confuse the hell out of you if you aren’t Australian, but watching it live in a stadium full of beer drinking Australians will be one of the most fun things you can do in Sydney. Most of the Swan’s games are played at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Moore Park or the ANZ Stadium. The season runs from the end of March to the end of September.

Official Website

NSW Waratahs – Rugby Union

There are two codes of rugby in Australia; rugby union and rugby league. While rugby league has a longer standing tradition in New South Wales, there is no doubt that Sydney’s rugby union team, the NSW Waratahs have a big following. Don’t let the name fool you, the Waratahs are more of a Sydney team as most of the other parts of the state mainly watch rugby league (see below). Rugby union would be considered more of a niche sport in Australia but their games are fun and you will get to see world class rugby at an affordable price as the Waratahs are one of the best teams in the greater international Super Rugby tournament. As a bonus, you may even see the Waratahs tee up against a team from South Africa or New Zealand. Most of the games are played at Allianz Stadium in Moore Park and sometimes at ANZ Stadium. Rugby union runs from February to July.

Sydney Roosters – Rugby League

Once you get your appetite going with some rugby union, you should definitely go see a rugby league match when the Sydney roosters play. The first thing you need to realise is that rugby union and rugby league are completely different sports so don’t be surprised when everyone appear to be breaking the rules you learned from watching union. Rugby league is huge in Australia and in Sydney, it is one of the biggest sports. There are nearly ten teams either based in or close to Sydney but the Roosters are one of the more traditional teams. Rugby league games are fun and often involve a lot of drinking and rowdiness, especially when the teams get into a fight. You can catch the excitement at Allianz Stadium.


Sydney FC – Soccer

The launch of the A-league in 2004 was a slow one but in the past couple of years, soccer has really picked up steam in Australia and having already won two championships, they are one of the better teams to watch. Sydney FC games are great for any demographic as they have a more family friendly vibe. You can watch their games October to May and their matches are played at Allianz Stadium.

Gents please be discreet for your sake & our sanity

Last weekend an article was published in an Australian newspaper where an escort spoke about her discussions with a wife who had found her husband had booked the escort.

In the article the wife was so lovely, calm and rational; I wish that was always the case. In general wives don’t know what escorting is. They don’t know that some guys come just to talk, cuddle and relax or perhaps their husband sees escorts because he has fetishes that he doesn’t feel he can talk about. A large majority of women think their partner seeing an escort is the same thing as him cheating on her by dating his secretary.

As with everything, every person is different and has their own personal outlook on how they would handle the situation if it happened to them but the reality vs what you think you would do could be quite different. I think that if I found out my husband was seeing escorts or going to a brothel I could be fine with that but if I found out he had taken another woman on a date then he may lose a bit of of his anatomy lol But maybe I would lose my shit and lose all sense of rationality if I had proof he had been with an escort, honestly I really can’t be 100% sure how I would react.

As a former escort I know that some guys talk about their marriage in the booking but they usually mention they love their wife but are doing this for XYZ reason. A lot of escort bookings are akin to counselling; you hear all types of stories but very rarely do you hear – I cheat on my wife because…. I think that guys see escorts because they don’t want to cheat – But then my outlook is different to most, my normal is different to most people’s normal. Getting a wife call is awful; you can hear the hurt, anger and pain in another woman’s voice but part of my job is to keep my clients information confidential.

One wife call I had not so long ago started with a voice yelling down the phone ‘You are going to die with AIDS you filthy fucking whore. I cannot believe my husband was fucking you, you are disgusting’. So my response in a calm voice is – I am sorry but I have not been fucking your husband; I am married and the only guy I fuck is my own husband thank you very much. I am not sure why you are yelling at me, I don’t know who you are or why you are calling. That calmed her down enough for her to tell me she had found my number in the call log of her husband’s phone and then googled it and found it in an advertisement. I replied I am the receptionist of an escort agency and I am sorry I do not know your husband. I would suggest you talk to your husband about this and in all fairness it is possible his mate used his phone or someone at his office played a gag on him. So please talk to him and there could be a logical and simple explanation.

With wife calls I always play dumb, never get involved and I do my best to not say anything that could be misconstrued. That’s the end of it for me as I am a receptionist and it stops there. In one situation I know of the the outcome has been positive – One wife now books couples escorts with her husband and he still sees escorts occasionally with his partner’s knowledge. It’s a different scenario for a independent escorts – As often the person answering is also the escort so it’s hard to do the ‘I don’t know who he is’ Often there is a lot more proof with SMS exchanges. Some gents do overstep the professional boundaries and send a barrage of texts to independents without any reply but more often than not it’s a 2 way conversation. So guys here is some ways to help you with better hiding your dalliances so we don’t get stuck in a sticky situation.

CLEAR YOUR INTERNET HISTORY & CACHE - Even if you partner never uses your laptop or phone, there is always that first time. You can use private browsing with google chrome, press Ctrl+shift+N.

GET A SIM FOR BOOKING ESCORTS - A prepaid sim card can be left in your desk at work, sticky-taped in your top draw. Prepaid sims cost next to nothing, add credit with cash so nothing shows up on your credit card statement.

DON’T SAVE ESCORT OR AGENCY PHONE NUMBERS TO YOUR PHONE - you could make an error and save it in the wrong place & then its there for friends, family or your partner to see.

SET UP A SEPARATE EMAIL ACCOUNT - Gmail is easy to use & make sure you always logout & clear the history once you have used it. Make sure the accounts are not linked to your real life accounts. Make sure the password your wife will never guess even if she does find johnthepunter69@gmail.com on your laptop she won’t be able to read anything. Delete any emails that aren’t pertinent to current bookings – if you forget to logout at least there isn’t 25 emails of bookings you have made, perhaps just 1 enquiry.

SET BOUNDARIES WHEN YOU BOOK - If you SMS a lady add your boundaries to the SMS “please get back to me between 9am & 5pm only and not outside these times’ then the escort knows what to do & won’t SMS you when you are sitting down to dinner with the family If you call then tell them ‘please don’t phone me outside of these hours’ and if they do and you need to answer say ‘sorry you have the wrong number’ – an escort or agency will understand if you can’t talk at a specific time

PAY IN CASH - paying with a credit card is convenient but if the credit card statement comes home information on that can get you into hot water – An obscure CC amount could get you questioned so keep it to cash to save yourself a possible uncomfortable discussion Buying a bottle of wine, flowers or even something to eat on your way to your meeting could arise suspicions if it’s seen on your bank statement. Even if it does not significantly influence your balance it still may be noticed by your partner

BE BANKING SMART - for most gents, an escort fee is a serious chunk of change – Withdrawing cash from a joint account can get you in hot water. Consider making numerous smaller withdrawals in the lead up to your escort meeting or even setting up a private account that only you know about

DON’T ATTRACT ATTENTION TO YOURSELF - If you are going to an incall, be quiet in the lobby and hallways. Ask questions before you get there so you know where you are going and the procedure of what will occur when you get to an incall location. Also, you never know who is staying in that hotel or who lives in the neighbourhood so have a story ready should you run into your wife’s best friend

KEEP YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION TO YOURSELF - when you are telling an escort all your personal information you had better hope that she is discreet about it. I know Atlantic ladies do not repeat information but not all escorts will keep your private information private. I have interviewed ladies where they share lots of information about clients they have met – 1 girl had met a personal friend of mine, I had no idea he booked escorts. I would never mention to him that I know but still, I wish I didn’t know

KEEP QUIET TO YOUR MATES - If you feel the need to boast to your mates, don’t! Confiding in friends may make you sound like an incredible fucking machine but for others it’s pretty salacious and makes an interesting topic for others to talk about when you aren’t around. Not everyone will agree with your choices and may tell others who tell others who tell your wife. Keep the details to yourself and you are ensured discretion.

NEVER SHOW UP TO AN ESCORTS INCALL UNANNOUNCED - You may think it’s a delightful surprise but it’s not! Don’t leave gifts with her building concierge or send her flowers. Respect an escorts privacy as you expect her to respect yours. She has a life outside of seeing you and she may be with family or friends who do not know about her secret life. The only time you should go to an incall is at the designated time you have booked I have seen clients have their identity (name, phone number & email address) posted on Twitter for all the world to see because he visited a ladies incall without an appointment.

DON’T’ BE EARLY FOR A MEETING - Escorts are ready at the time of the meeting, very rarely are they ready until that time so you will be sitting in a lobby or outside an apartment block which can look suspicious.

SHOWER AFTER AN ENCOUNTER - Don’t go home smelling of someone else; take your usual deodorant and aftershave to the meeting so you have your usual scent. Also check your clothing for any female fragrance or lipstick or makeup residue

TRAVEL - I am not an Uber user but I think it stores previous addresses you have been to? If this is the case, delete the ones where you have visited an escorts address. No escort needs a wife outside her flat yelling obscenities for her neighbours to hear If you are driving to a meeting be mindful of where you park and also have a plausible excuse should you be asked why your car is parked in Kings Cross at 2pm on a Wednesday when you are supposed to be in the office – co-incidence could have your wife or her friend happens to drive past your parked car. If you are using GPS or google maps clear out the destination I hope these tips give you some food for thought and help you avoid detection in your stealth mission of booking escorts.