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We do not charge a joining fee nor are you expected to ‘sit in’ and wait for bookings on shift.

We do not enforce fines, push you to do services you don’t wish to do, nor take up most of your earnings with fees. (We hear our fees are the lowest in Sydney)

Agency Atlantic is a bit like being a private escort with a PA except we are a team of ladies all reaping the benefits of being part of a team

Team work Sydney Escort Agency

To apply please use our online casting form Agency Atlantic Australia Casting Form

You must be at least 20 years of age to join the team. It is important that you are honest from the start about your age.

We need to see recent photographs that have not been through photoshop. Please do not send in old photos that no longer accurately represent you, or photos with your face cropped or blurred.

It is also important that you are legally entitled to work in Australia and that you speak fluent English. Under no circumstances will we deal with managers or consider applications from ladies that are represented by third parties. We accept applications from independent business women only.

We need you to be attractive, polite, honest, be in good physical and mental health and have a friendly and well-grounded personality. Being attractive does not mean you must have model looks, however, we do require you to be in proportion. It is incredibly important that you are able to relax and have fun with people from a variety of different backgrounds.

Lastly, you need a very good work ethic. Escort work involves a lot commitment, so be prepared for the slog if you want to reap the rewards. You MUST be ambitious, business-minded and a team player

We are a popular and successful escort agency and we are often told that we are very different to the other agencies in Australia, Agency Atlantic was started in London so that would be why

You will find us friendly and fair and our number one priority is your safety and well-being. If you are new to escorting, we can provide you with all the help and support you will need to succeed in this line of work.

Note that all escort work is sex work; As lovely as you are, you will not get paid to accompany men on expensive dinner dates every night of the week. If that is your expectation then you may want to google Companionship only Escort and see if you can find an agency that offers non-sexual dates

Sydney Escort Team

To apply please use our online casting form Agency Atlantic Casting Form

Running an escort agency – more than meets the eye – Part 1

Last Tuesday night, I saw on Twitter that an agency was slammed by escorts for tweeting that a girl they had worked with was a thief.   Maybe they shouldn’t haven’t called her a thieving c**t but isn’t the C-word a term that is used for someone who has been rude, disrespectful and stolen money that wasn’t rightfully theirs?

From my experience, I would estimate the agency had done 20+ hours of work to plan, advertise and manage the 2 tours they did for the escort. Additional online advertising for this individual escorts tour would have cost perhaps a few hundred dollars (on top of their normal agency overheads)

An agency works speculatively; I know I spend a lot of time and money on a tour with the expectation of being paid at the end.  It’s very upsetting when you put your time, effort and money into a tour and receive nothing but a ‘F*CK YOU’ in return

An Escorts joins an agency by choice, and costs are explained to her before the agency starts work.  If an escort doesn’t like the payment structure, she doesn’t have to join she can tour as an Independent.  Instead of paying, just as any contractor would, this girl has decided to keep the money for herself.

Due to the twitter slander the agency received they posted ‘Agency = Devil, Thief = Angel’ which summed up what had gone down on twitter

Escort Agency Slander

I have been in this biz for 17 years and have met a lot of escorts, some of whom have gone on to create their own agencies. Also, how can you be sure that an agency owner isn’t still escorting?  Some I know still do so under the radar, I toured with Atlantic for years haha

I totally agree that there are some really shitty agencies.  That said, bad businesses exist in every industry.  It’s not fair to judge every agency the same way and I for one am so sick and tired of being judged for someone else’s shitty behaviour.

A bit of background – I was a contract Analyst/Programmer in the banking sector. I escorted part time whilst doing my day job and in 2002 I started Atlantic.  As a contractor I was paid an hourly rate, the client was charged a higher rate by the company I got my work from… so a similar business model to an escort agency but companies providing computer contractors aren’t slandered for being the devil. They are called a business….

I don’t regret my choice of becoming an escort or becoming Sarah as I have enjoyed both roles.   Every day as Sarah is different, it’s dynamic and never boring. The hours are long and it can be super stressful and sometimes heartbreaking (people can be nasty – see twitter for many examples)

My job is a job and it gets tiresome listening to the same rhetoric from private escorts in Australia that agencies are the devil.  In London (where Atlantic was started) a very high percentage of escorts choose to work with agencies (sometimes the do agency + independent).  Many international touring escorts choose to work with either an agency or a PA service that specialises in touring as we have invaluable experience, information, contacts and the all-important banned clients lists.

Last week I decided I would document my day, to show how much work does go into running an agency and that perhaps this might shift a few people’s perspectives…

Thursday September 21

Today Bec isn’t working so I am the receptionist 10am until 1am.  I am taking calls, replying to SMS, whatsapp and emails also chatting to girls all day on whatsapp about this or that and being kept up to date with their day/availability

I am super tired this morning as I couldn’t get to sleep til about 3am – i need coffee so out I go to get one

I turn on my phone to a stack of WhatsApp messages

I talk to an escort in Paris regarding an upcoming tour that she wishes to do

I talk to a London escort regarding a NYC tour to check the rates she wants and discuss marketing + hotel options with her etc

I message an escort who is touring Dubai to check what rates and dates she has decided to do. I am waiting on her confirmation so I can write the newsletter and have all the tours listed on it

Bec dropped over to give me the agency phone, We have a chat about work stuff

Update girls pages, add girls to available today gallery on Atlantic Sydney & Atlantic International.  Add tweets to Hootsuite

Message each lady and double check she is available as per her schedules.Check if the lady has things on that I need to book around.  See how long they need to get to outcalls today etc

Confirm today’s pre-bookings with clients and add notes to schedules

Read thru an SEO report & run a couple of diagnostic tools – I am a little obsessed about SEO at the moment but excited now I am doing it myself and seeing results. Read a couple of articles and play with an SEO tool. Lose track of time lol


Get in the shower – I got thru a shower without my phone ringing which is always nice :)

The worst is when you are dripping wet & cold answering questions, it’s usually just when your teeth start to chatter from the cold, they say ‘thanks for that, I will call you back’  They are the question guys, they want to discuss a booking that will never ever take place.

I don’t discuss sexual services.  An escort gives us a list, we add it to her page, she approves it and we change it if she asks for changes; that’s the extent of my involvement. It’s her body & her choice.  I make arrangements, the nitty gritty is between the escort and the client and none of my business.

Editing and re-writing this blog to make a bit more sense – Writing is so time consuming, I wish I could just blog directly like some ladies do.  My brain is better at analysis than writing.

Ask one of the girls to read my opening paragraph & see if she thinks my blog is dumb or interesting.  I am lucky to work with some ladies who enjoy writing and help me edit my blogs

12 Noon
Check escorts in Asia are awake and available today as per their schedule and check what plans they have that I need to book around and also see if they want additional meetings to their pre-bookings.

I receive a call from a private who wants to apply to us.  We chat for 15mins, damn I am a chatterbox sometimes, note to self; stop that!.  She seems really nice so & I will meet her in October & see if we want to work together

I finally get a reply from the escort I messaged this morning regarding Dubai.  She is arriving tomorrow! Luckily her tour isn’t exclusive and I can do it just for members :)

She is going to send her photos to me so while I wait for those I need to crack on with the newsletter and get that out today so members know about her tour

Start newsletter :(  Goodbye blog, back in a while

Microwave meal for lunch – no time to go out today!

Talk to Bianca on the phone for 10mins – I gotta get back to newsletter

Whoops now I got side tracked with a whatsapp chat with another agency owner – Must do newsletter….

Whatsapp is going nuts – this afternoon everyone seems to want to chat I have 6 whatsapp conversations on the go right now – I like a chat and anything is more fun than the newsletter ha

Head outside to get a takeaway coffee – I look like a hobo in a sparkly cap lol

Back at my desk – phone keeps ringing, trying to write the newsletter is a struggle with the phones going off at the same time! I need more pairs of hands!

Double checking information with a girl on tour – I think the info she put on her schedule may not be 100% correct – looks like the info is slightly wrong so now I need to update site and ads

Just checked Margo’s schedule to add it to the newsletter & it’s exploded with a tonne of new places that I have never toured before.  Looks like I am reading and researching a lot this weekend  - Luckily Margo always does her own research but I like to have some clue myself before I do a tour; I don’t like to look like a dumb dumb and not know where a city is.

Hubby is home from work so I ask him to proof read newsletter.  It’s not my best effort but it will do it’s job – my brain is starting to feel a bit mushy from staring at a screen so long so going to take a walk to refresh and get some food & another coffee

I am back without food but have un-mushed my brain enough to download the newsletter subscribers and get this news letter out :)  HURRAH

Just got a message from a London girl to say her tour dates have changed – Updating newsletter, luckily I haven’t sent it yet and updating website

I need to do tour promo too but they can go on my to do list tomorrow. The to-do list I did nothing from today (haha!)

Newsletter subscribers downloaded & uploaded to email but I am tired and I know I will make a mistake if I sent now. I will check the newsletter tomorrow first thing

Moving to sofa to watch TV & will take calls until 1am.  Calls are the end result of all the other work that goes into the day to day running of an Escort Agency

Editing this blog. I think I like it but will ask a friend to have a read

I really should make some graphics to use tomorrow for promo, get a head start on the day.  I Make some pretty little gifs and mess about with an app that create videos.  Its 1am before I know it & time for bed :)

I have documented Friday too – See Part 2

Running an escort agency – more than meets the eye – Part 2

FRIDAY September 22

Today Bec isn’t working and I am the receptionist 10am until 1am

I turn on the agency phone and my Sarah phone and reply to whatsapp messages from bed. Flick thru our twitter accounts

My hands are really hurting today.  I have RSI due to so many hours on computer and phone so I pop anti-inflammatories, cover my hands in deep heat & put on sexy gloves so I can work with my hands covered in stinky stuff haha

Sit at my desk, proofread Newsletter.  Calls are coming in already; why can’t people read our operating hours?  A disgusting pig of a man just swore at me for being a receptionist.  Joy lol

Lucky I didn’t sent newsletter last night as it’s missing things, I should have it out by 10am

Newsletter is going out now – Hurrah

Same as yesterday –  do available today pages, check in with the girls

Do Sydney hootsuite for today, tomorrow & Sunday

Update the members list – Download the current list & upload to phone

Add newsletter to the blog – I need to create graphics but dropbox is missing some folders so tidy folders and searching for missing bits as I go.  Grrrr

Check in with Asia ladies – reconfirm prebookings

Dropbox is sorted so I can do blog graphic – newsletter is on the blog :)

I notice on of the website galleries has a problem so I contact web company to see what the problem is – annoying

Finally I can get in the shower :)

Message girl to confirm our 2pm interview – no reply

Chat to Bianca on the phone, chat to Kim – Bianca is coming over & bringing me lunch :)

Kim has sent me some tour dates – Add those to the site & run through the promo with her that she wants done.  Talk some rubbish,make some jokes, research some new hotel options.

Bianca brings lunch, she bought sushi.  We had a good look & laugh at my old escorting photos – I was a bit of a hottie even if I do say so myself haha

Leave office and walk to train station.  I need to go to the accountant to sign some papers. Will do now as interview girl never replied :(

Waiting for a train

Papers signed & I have time to get my eyebrows threaded. I am meeting up with an escort later and I look like a mess, not a good first impression lol

On train back to the office

Updating and posting tour ads while I have a catchup with Zoe on the phone

Start to write sheet for our upcoming tours with all the information for Dani, my USA assistant – I am tired :( There is no way I am getting out tonight to meet anyone, my to do list has grown in the past 2hrs :(

The phone keeps ringing so looks like this document is going to take a long time :(

Girl missed her flight – bugger bugger bugger – Tour started today, waiting to know if or when she is arriving so I can shuffle & move things

Running an agency means that if something goes wrong for one of the girls, I am the person responsible for communicating and dealing with it. Missed flights can happen to anyone. Luckily, her tour was exclusive to members so it wasn’t an administrative disaster, but it could have been. Sometimes, girls have just failed to show up, changed plans without notice (when confirmed bookings and been lined up and I’ve spent several hundred dollars on their individual advertising for that city alone) and left me to deal with a mess. Things happen, I understand this working as an escort myself.  There’s nothing I can do. Sometimes we lose clients because of this, not to mention the time it takes to fix or redo everything

I have food & now I have wine but phone won’t stop so looks like I am in for the night, talking shit with Elizabeth on whatsapp and half arsed writing reception documentation – yes sometimes my day is fun but mostly it’s just admin, admin & some more admin

I am done in, my hands are aching so I pop pain relief and head to the sofa for Netflix & answering calls til 1am

Please Be Kind

Sarah's 2 cents - please be kind

As much as I love my job, sometimes I struggle to get out of bed; I want to hide from the world; I want to close the business that I am proud of and I have worked on every day for 15 years.

My job isn’t about me. I support others all day long & sometimes, if someone asks me how my day is, it may be the first time I have been asked that in a week!

I don’t always share my feelings, but I am writing this blog hoping it offers me catharsis. When I am feeling down, there is no time for me to wallow and be self indulgent because I have work to do. If I don’t work then none of the girls earn.  It’s my job to ensure girls are making money and achieving their financial goals, and that they are safe, happy and have a great work/life balance. This is always my priority, ahead of my own needs. I am good at my job, I love my job, I work hard and the girls I work with are lovely; my struggle doesn’t come from them.

Today a client asked me how I was, he said nice things about me and Atlantic Agency. He made a joke about how I must never sleep, as he always can get onto me when he needs to chat.  I started crying (which I know, must seem like a strange reaction), feeling so overwhelmed by how my work doesn’t always go unappreciated. It was so nice to hear especially given how I feel right now …

What I struggle with is the hate I get from random women in this industry- especially women from Australia.  Women who have never met me or even know someone who has met me.  I have heard from numerous clients that escorts have told them not to book with Atlantic and they say I don’t belong in the industry. I don’t understand how that can be, when the industry has been a big part of most of my adult life. The adult industry that has always been my home and the place I belonged, and still belong.

Coming back to Australia, I feel ostracized, like I am a leper and I am treated with disdain. Girls who come to me for advice or when they are feeling blue do so behind the scenes – they don’t back me up for me on social media and ‘Actually, I know Sarah, she is lovely and she helps me all the time’. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do.

These same women who hate me and slander agencies do, however, like the Agency Atlantic website; they particularly like the tour calendar to see who we have touring which city and to see where they might like to go. If Atlantic is doing a tour to a city then they assume it must be paved with gold, but that’s not true. Atlantic has wonderful clients and our tours are primarily for our clients with the occasional new gent. We do our utmost to keep our reputation solid and the girls we represent are amazing so this helps!

I was one of the first online private escorts to tour Dubai and some Asian cities and Atlantic is the first agency to tour regularly in Dubai and South East Asia.  Before Backpage, Massage Republic and the Naughty Networks Websites, these cities were really hard to tour as there were no advertising platforms, no Twitter, no texting or WhatsApp.

It took me endless hours of research to work out how to make these tours work. Once I got the way to promote them sorted, then came the travel arrangements… last but not least, teaching clients how to book.

In many cities clients had no idea how to book or what to do when they met the escort.  They didn’t understand girls were touring solo without a manager, that bookings were taken in London, and many didn’t know what an incall was.  Much of the booking process involved teaching a gent what was going to happen before the meeting, to pay at the start in cash and all that.

The tours we do I did myself as an escort with Atlantic.  I always trialled new tour cities myself to iron out any issues before I would considering arranging for anyone else.

Initially for new cities we would do 0% commission tours for Atlantic escorts until it was at a stage where we could take a fee.  The company would lose money on each & every tour to a new city – but I loved doing new cities. They may take a lot of time to research but I love doing that research, I find it fascinating, learning about new countries, cultures and laws.  It’s also my responsibility to the girls who wish to tour with us to have as much knowledge as possible

I’m hesitant now to outlay the same time and effort, having seen private escorts take the resources I’ve spend time and money on for their own. With cities flooded with touring girls it is making things difficult. It is harder to book new clients who will adhere to our safety measures and the risk to all escorts has increased. The issues with oversupply are starting to creep in, clients are become much more demanding; expecting more services for lower rates are just one of the annoying issues we are facing.

These same women who hate me and slander agencies will apply to Atlantic when their International Tour is failing.  We get around 10 ladies a month contacting us from their tour. When I say no, we don’t tour with privates – then I receive more hate!

But really?  You think I should give you access to the clients I have known for years?  Nobody ever offers me their clients but I should give a random girl mine…

The mind set in Australia is that Agencies steal from girls. As our tours to Asia are 80% regular clients, doesn’t that actually mean we are giving girls money? I am not sure how that is stealing?

Being attacked publicly saying I steal money from sexworkers is ridiculous. Atlantic is a Pty Ltd company that offers online promotion, support and many other services for a minimum of 12hrs a day 7 days a week.  The money paid to Atlantic doesn’t go to me personally. That money pays for things like Taxes & GST, Accounting Fees ($5k a year), advertising ($1000’s a month), it goes to wages, it was going to an SEO specialist ($1200 a month) but I am currently doing the SEO myself which I am really enjoying

I don’t dictate how an escort works. I offer ladies support and advice if they want it, but I also respect their boundaries. Girls can say yes or no to any meeting, choose their hours, if a lady wants to tour she tells me where & when.

Everyone that has ever worked with Atlantic and knows me personally know every day I spend time online (most days 8-10hrs) working on the website and ladies ads and making sure that girls have money and they have a good quality of life. I also talk to clients, many of whom I have chatted to for a lot of years and who I genuinely like.

I like schedules, I like spreadsheets, I like stats, I am a fan of organisation and being on time.  I am a helper, I like to see people happy and doing well, thriving in life.  Surely they aren’t things to hate me for?

I wish people would stop hating on me when I have done absolutely nothing wrong but work hard and achieve things I am proud of in the industry I used to love, and where I know I belong

Please note my blog has moved to Sarahs 2 cents –

Agency Atlantic News – Lots and lots of Tours :) Asia, NYC and Dubai


I hope all is well in your world

It’s been an interesting month for me.  There has been some ups & downs it has been quite exhausting; there never seems to be enough hours in the day

We have been making some agency changes too and I have had some luck with finding help with USA & Dubai Tours. Dani will be doing calls just the days tours are on and is not full time.  Dani’s number is calls only +1 646 583 3009

I am back on the main Australian number too +61 406 621 001 – With no London and us doing Dubai daytimes from here it’s much easier for me to do calls and whatsapp

Bec will be helping me in the morning with admin and also sometimes on the phone

London for the time being will stay as members only bookings.  Bear in mind I am in Australia so please give me some notice to arrange

Our next Discount Day in October 1 – It’s never too early to pre-book.  All ladies worldwide are available with a 20% discount

Please follow our Agency Atlantic Twitter – I am closing our Dubai twitter at the end of the month

Silvia Bianco is in Dubai now and leaves the morning of September 24.  Silvia is available for incall at her hotel or outcall to your hotel

English Elizabeth is available in Dubai today and is available until late on August 29 incalls in Tecom or outcalls to your hotel.  1hr outcall 2500aed each extra hour is 2000aed – members incall discount 500aed

Pretty Euro Porn Star Alessandra Jane is heading to Dubai today until late September 26 – Incalls available for members only 1hr 2500aed outcalls available to non-members to hotels only.  Alessandra’s twitter is full of photos & videos if you want to check her out there  -

Super Sexy British MiLF Porn Star Ashley Downs is going to be in Dubai October 2-5.  Incall Downtown Dubai or outcall to your hotel.   1hr incall 2500aed, 1hr oucall 3000aed.  All hours are the same so 2hrs incall is 5000aed, 2hrs out is 6000aed. To see more of Ashley check out her twitter:

S.E Asia Tours – +61 406 621 001 or +852 8179 9500

We have lots of confirmed tours coming up until the end of the year in Asia – I am listing them here so you can know who is visiting where and when

Aussie Model Sienna is heading to Hong Kong – Available to members only – Her pics show she is beautiful but she is better in person, great personality and fabulous escort.  I have toured with her before and her feedback is consistently fantastic

Beautiful slender Australian Model Margo is travelling a lot as always lol
Hong Kong October 6-10
Bangkok  October 11-12
Bali October 13 -16
Bandung October 17 – 20
Jakarta October 21 – 23
Penang October 24 – 27
Malacca October 28-29
Kuala Lumpur  October 30
Singapore  October 31 – November 2
London  November 5 – December 5

My dear friend Kim is back in Asia at the start of October.  Kim loves to meet couples, she is fun and friendly GFE with a kinky twist if you like :)
Singapore October 2-4
Kuala Lumpur October 8-11
Bangkok October 11-23

Olivia’s has been having a wonderful time touring.  Her feedback has been excellent too. She is such a sweet girl

Olivia is in Singapore now until late September 26
Hong Kong 4pm October 16 – late October 21
Singapore 4pm October 23 – late October 30

Busty British and Posth – English Elizabeth starts her Asia tour at the start of October.  Elizabeth has excellent reviews on TER (linked to her page).  Elizabeth is great fun!

English Elizabeth Asia Tours 2017

Australian Kate is touring in November too – Kate is one of my favourite girls in Sydney, she is excellent company, well educated & witty & a tonne of fun

Australian Beauty Kate Touring Asia 2017

KLCC Kuala Lumpur November 4-8 – Bisexual doubles available with Elsa
Singapore November 9-11
Hong Kong November 13-18

Gorgeous Euro Beauty Elsa is touring in November
Singapore  October 31 – late November 3
Kuala Lumpur November 5-7 – Bisexual doubles available with Kate
Jakarta November 8-11
Bangkok November 13-14
Hong Kong November 11-22
Singapore November 22-28

Lovely Busty Porn star Candy Alexa is heading back to KL and Bangkok
Kuala Lumpur 4pm November 21 – Late November 25
Bangkok 4pm December 4 – Late December 6

New York

English Charlie is heading to New York at the end of October – She hasn’t booked her flight yet but thinks it will be October 25-29.  At the moment her pics are in members only gallery – they will come out nearer the time.  Charlie will be available to meet with member and verified non-members

Whether you are a member or a new client you will need to provide ID and a business card when you meet Charlie.  Charlie’s safety is our priority.  Failure to provide ID may result in the meeting being terminated

I hope to bring you lots of more happy news and more exciting tours in my next newsletter

Thank you for all your support of Atlantic

Until next month

Warm wishes

Sarah x

All newsletters are posted to our blog:


Reviews are useful for us as a form of promotion but please don’t be too graphic though as they can bring us horrible callers

Remember we offer a $20 aus/sgd/us discount on a furture meeting for each lady you review on one of the following sites
Some review sites that may be of interest to you are:
Asia and Dubai:

Olivia – Petite, Stylish Spanish Beauty Touring South East & Australia in 2017

Olivia Spanish International Escort

Why did you choose to become an Escort?

For many years I have been fascinated by the arts of the Japanese geishas, the European Renaissance courtesans and I had my romantic fantasies about it.

I truly love and respect men, enjoy their company, and the beautiful natural interaction between a man and a women. I’m a true romantic at heart.

Why did you choose to work with Agency Atlantic?

I wanted to try escorting but I had many concerns and confusions about it. I looked agencies and couldn’t find a professional business that I felt comfortable with so I kept putting it off.

I believe it was absolute fate that brought me to find Agency Atlantic online.  I spoke to Sarah for a few months before we were in the same city and were able to meet.  Once we finally met I knew she was the person to help me, she was able to answer all my questions and alleviate all my concerns.  Sarah puts safety first and that is very important to me.   Agency Atlantic is definitely the right choice for me.

Sarah, Bec and the other lovely girls I have met have made me feel safe and comfortable, and I am very happy that I had the chance to join their fabulous team.

What are the best parts of being an escort?

The best part for me is the chance to build true intimate connections, making someone feel desired and loved, I really enjoy that and I love to please.

Meeting interesting people from different cultures, sharing beautiful unforgettable moments and always learning are things I truly enjoy.

How often do you travel, and what’s your favourite place to visit?

I travel a lot. My soul is always calling for new adventures and new sights.

I have travelled through SE Asia, far East, Western and Eastern Europe, North america, South America and Africa. There’s a lot of places I haven’t had a chance to visit yet, and they are on the list.

My 2 favorite places to go back to would probably be Thailand (especially the amazing islands) and Spain. Both for the amazing food, views, architecture, and welcoming and friendly people.

Where would you love to go next?

I would love to travel through Scandinavia. I have never been before and am fascinated by the Nordic culture and folklore.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Probably in the gothic little streets of old city Barcelona. It is so romantic!  I have so many cities I adore, but the streets and the atmosphere of Barcelona always take my breath away.

3 things you can’t live without?

My favorite music, books, and my alone time with my dreams and fantasies.

What’s your favourite type of rendezvous?

My favorite type of rendezvous would be longer encounters, where we let things unfold slowly and naturally, building an anticipation, getting closer over a nice dinner in a romantic restaurant, a bottle of wine and intimate conversation, before retiring to our beautiful room, like true lovers.

Top 3 tips for clients to ensure they have a great time with you

I am always charmed by a true old-fashioned gentleman with good manners.

My number one tip is, be a gentleman, treat me like a lady and I will be my true affectionate self.

Hygiene is very important for us to both enjoy our time together to the fullest

Let’s make a real connection to make our time together more enjoyable.  Let’s spend time engaging in a conversation, which will make us both feel much more comfortable to enjoy our encounter. Relax and be natural, this is your time for a sweet escape from reality

Which feature do others compliment you on the most?

Appearance wise it would be my big Bambi eyes or my lips

I also get compliments for gents on my affectionate nature and my openness to the world and ideas

What’s your favourite cuisine?

I adore French and Japanese; a bowl of mussels or a ramen in a little noodle bar is so enchanting but I am equally comfortable in a restaurant with a michelin star or 2 :)

Favourite cocktail?

My favorite cocktails are Tom Collins, Gimlet or French 75.

Is there a charity that is dear to you?

Animal rescue charities are very dear to me.  I believe that we as human beings need to be compassionate towards those innocent creatures

My favourite 2 charities (there are many) are:

What is your favourite quote?

“sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” - Lewis Carroll,  Alice in Wonderland

This quote has inspired me for many years and reminds me to always keep dreaming and fantasizing,  and that anything is possible.

How do you spend your down time? What’s your idea of relaxation?
My ideal relaxation would be a hot bubble bath with my favorite music, a yoga session, or simply reading a book at the park or small cozy cafe, I enjoy my alone time.

Do you have an Amazon Wishlist:

Yes I do, Amazon and Net- A- Porter. Like any girl I absolutely love gifts :)