Australian Escort Marketing

On Twitter yesterday a UK based escort posted an email she had received from a Sydney based private offering escort tours to Australia.  There was mention of it being an agency, but it’s not an agency, it’s just a escort trying to cash in on other escorts

I have said it many times before, an Escort Agency is a legit business.  An Escort Agency should NOT to be confused with a person who sends emails offering girls the chance to work for them or a person who places private ads for other escorts and takes commission or a person who creates fake ads on cracker

An escort agency is a business and when managed correctly is a very helpful service for both escorts and gents alike

Being a business we rely heavily on our reputation and honesty is a cornerstone of our business. Our ladies are what makes us, without our happy ladies we would not be in operation

Our motto is Happy Ladies = Happy Clients = Happy Agency

In the past few years advertising sites such Private Girls and Scarlet Blue have taken over the Australian Escort market; they exclude legitimate businesses such as Atlantic

Unfortunately these “private-only” sites and their marketing have created a divide where agency escorts are frowned upon as are the escorts who choose to work with a legit agency

In Australia there is never ending anti- agency rhetoric, don’t book with agencies as they are rotten and dodgy and take the ladies’ hard-earned money.  For the record, a lady chooses to work with an agency and is aware of the costs involved before she starts and can leave at any time she wishes.

With the private niche in mind, shonky operators no longer create agencies, they create private profiles.  They are rip off merchants but they are NOT an escort agency

A PA may be someone charging 50% commission; a private profile may be managed by a dude working via SMS only with him pretending to be a female escort….These are NOT escort agencies

Private only niche sites aren’t exclusively independent private escorts; it only means you can’t find the girls’ same photos on a website that calls itself an agency as this would ruin the ‘private only’ marketing.

This marketing is important to these sites as it means privates will continue to pay for ads as will all the shady characters – and there are more of those in Australia than there are legit run businesses

In Australia the escort business is now just all smoke & mirrors

I found it amusing when Scarlet Blue announced they will include Agencies when they launch their UK advertising site.  After perpetuating disdain towards agencies and agency escorts in Australia for many years, they will allow agencies to advertise in the UK. Agencies have the market share in the UK so I guess agencies are OK now? It’s not about the money or anything like that…. No course not haha

Of course it’s all about money!  Advertising sites are for making profit. An advertising site is created with advertising dollars in mind, it’s not about gents or escorts, the private only niche is the one that pulls in the most advertising dollars in Australia

Private only sites work well in Australia as historically Australia had some pretty shitty agencies but that’s not the case anymore. It’s hard to keep an agency afloat when there is so much disdain for us and in all honestly some months when we have no girls available, we truly struggle.  We don’t lack clients or calls, we lack escorts who will join us because we are an agency and honest about it

As SB and PG are the top of google some agencies will just have 2 photosets for their escorts so they can take advantage of both agency and private but mostly nobody bothers doing an agency anymore as they are expensive to create and manage & a private profile + twitter is a much cheaper option.

I have heard at interviews the cost of working with these big name escorts who manage other escorts and the PA’s and the madams who use SMS only to pretend to be the private, they charge higher fees to the escorts than we do.  1 escort told me recently she was being charged 40% to have her private profile & twitter managed for her by a madam who pretended to be her

This isn’t fair to ladies who are truly independent private escorts and spend every day working on their escort brand, handling their own calls, emails and marketing

It’s also unfair to all the ladies who don’t wish to handle their own calls and admin and choose to work honestly with an agency

Since Agency Atlantic opened our Sydney Office in 2013 we have maintained our presence as a credible, reputable honest Escort Agency; An agency with real and recent photos, great girls, honest information. Our ladies are involved in their marketing, work whenever they choose to and we say in all ads that we are an agency so callers know they are speaking to a receptionist and not to the lady directly. We are doing the right thing but cop crap for being honest….  Go figure ha

The difference between agency and independent is who does the admin.  That’s all it is.  Private escorts and independent escorts are not the same thing

It’s all just marketing I know but I do sometimes wish I could stop being truthful.  I could probably retire by the end of 2018 if that was the case

Escort Industry Stigma


On twitter you often see someone complaining about escort stigma

One standout tweet for me was from a blurred face girl charging $600 per hour complaining how hard it is being a stigmatised sexworker

Stigma doesn’t affect just sex workers, it affects many people in society for circumstances they find themselves in and/or various choices they have made past or present

There is stigma being a Mcdonald’s worker making $12 an hour;  there is stigma attached to a person’s sexual orientation, background; schooling … the list is endless

Sexwork will never be a mainstream job. It will always have people debating if it’s right or wrong. People have opinions and most people don’t feel sorry for escorts raking in big amounts of cash especially when they themselves are doing 50hrs a week in a shitty job to feed their family

An office worker may have to get up to go to work at 6am and many not return home until 6pm.  This 12hrs a day, 5 days a week brings them in a whopping great $700 a week after tax. I know many escorts who make that in an hour or 2

Sexworkers can earn more than lawyers who endure years at university so they can be treated like a dog in a law firm for 10 years before they start earning over $100,000pa

Sex work has flexible hours and generally has much higher rates of pay than most work

Sex work is work – yes that is very true and and sometimes it’s not very nice work and while it may be socially unacceptable to many, it pays incredibly well.  Personally I would prefer the $600 an hour with some stigma to a McDonalds job any day

I am not trying to downplay how much stigma hurts, I have been there, I have copped it, It’s brutal and very upsetting

When I was an escort I told a close friend I was escorting. She was so shocked and disgusted that to this day she has never spoken to me

A friend’s friend found my photo on the internet. He cornered me at a party and assumed I would shag him. It was degrading, he called me a filthy whore & said that he was hotter than “the desperate old dudes” I did for cash. He thought I was was a gold digger, low life, human garbage

That’s just 2 examples and trust me there is plenty more times that I copped stigma and hate for my choice to be an escort

I was a computer professional working at a big firm in the City (London) when I started escorting at age 28. People ask how I got started & why and how Atlantic came about

My initial start wasn’t the best; I trusted a girl who told me she was a high class escort in New York.  I had a break up and was feeling low so she said I should come visit her in NYC.  I said I couldn’t afford it & she told me she could get me some work like she did to help pay for me to visit her in NYC.  I thought what an exciting adventure; a secret life experience for a week.

When I got to NYC she dumped me in an illegal brothel where I spent my first night scared, alone, crying my eyes out and annoyed at myself for being so naive.

It turned out fine, I did 2 weeks in NYC then I went back to London and that’s where I joined a top reviewed UK agency and met my amazing Mentor, Victoria. Victoria took me under her wing and helped me become a credible and sought after London Escort

Escorting made me feel like a superhero.  The normal me was shy and a bit awkward but the escort me was fucking fantastic. The sexy, saucy, naughty person I would have been if I wasn’t shy and awkward lol

I tried doing some independent work but found I preferred being with an agency.  I wasn’t prepared (nor had the time) for the number of calls, SMS, timewasters and admin. I enjoyed being an escort but I already did 40hrs a week at my day job so it suited me better to have someone handle all my escort arrangements

My rates started at £300 for an hour of which I happily paid 30% to my agency. The agency answered all my calls, recommended me to their clients and paid for my photos, ads etc.  It worked perfectly for me, I had discretion and work/life harmony

In time I ended up doing my own website & use my IT skill to travel the globe as an International touring escort (way before it was a ‘thing’ that everyone did). Back then there wasn’t many advertising sites nor social media so it was fun to use my IT skills to create something that helped me travel for free

I started Atlantic using my IT background and all I had learnt from my London agent, my mentor, chats with clients, chats with other escorts and working myself as an independent escort

I love running Atlantic, I am proud of what I have created and I get joy from the happiness my work gives to others.  Happy Escorts and Happy Clients :)

Since moving to Australia in 2013 I have worked very hard to get established in a country where agencies cop a lot of hate.  Historically agencies were pretty low-grade, many treated their ladies very poorly but I am not that type of person and Atlantic isn’t that type of Agency

Once again I am stigmatised but now it comes from the industry; sex workers, clients and anyone involved in the SW industry think it’s ok to call me names and perpetuate untruths

People who have never met me, worked with me, know anyone who has worked with me or have any knowledge whatsoever of the job I do 70hrs a week seem to think it’s OK to stigmatise me because the business I created and am proud of has the name ‘Agency’ in the title

As I refer to Atlantic as an agency I am banned from some of the well known advertising sites for ‘marketing reasons’.  However, I am allowed to advertises on this sites if I choose to be dishonest.  I need to take down the agency website and give each escort a different phone number for me to manage as a PA.  Go figure…. Dishonesty is being rewarded and honesty is not allowed

As I am involved in ‘management’ I cannot be involved in any discussions about sex workers or sex workers rights or be accepted as part of the sex work community

Part of my job is I help ladies keep sane, safe & happy in an industry that can be unfriendly and hurtful but I am not allowed to attend Sex Worker Forums or be part of any sex worker groups

I have been in the escort industry for 18 years, I escorted as well as ran Atlantic for many of those years but in Australia I am referred to as a pimp or madam, words used to demean my work & make my legal business sound dodgy, dishonest and potentially dangerous.

I was a stigmatised sex worker & now by moving countries I am now a stigmatised business owner

My work isn’t seen as work, I am accused of using women and taking their money which is definitely not the case.  I spend my days doing jobs I enjoy and making other people happy.  I love my job and won’t be giving up anytime soon.  I just wish that rather than call me names people would ask what I do & maybe learn a little more than just assume I am some filthy pimp type character

My job is 95% admin, Atlantic is a pty ltd company paying both GST and taxes and I receive a modest salary.  Not very dodgy….  But ho-hum

I would love my work to be seen as work in the Australian escort community but I doubt that will ever happen

So Stigma – whatever;  I have a salary and a superannuation plan and spend my days doing a job I love so it’s not so bad really