Gentleman’s Guide to Fashion Apps

We’ve received some great feedback from readers on recent posts about acquiring custom suits while touring in Asia. Turns out Agency Atlantic clients are a stylish, fashion conscious lot who take great pride in their appearance. No surprise there.

Towards that end we thought we head back to the world of men’s fashion and take a look at some of the best apps you can get on your phone that’ll keep you apprised of the latest trends and ready to look good anytime, anywhere, in any situation.

The Top 5 Fashion Apps For the Globetrotting Gentleman

1. Valet – iphone & android – Download Here 

Fashion is just one of the many fuctionalities of this app. It’s mission is to serve in the place of a real life valet. Though it is a little sad that that proud tradition of human valets is dying a slow death, it is ever so much more convenient to reach for your phone instead of having a bloke called Nigel follow you around everywhere.

Let’s focus on the fashion aspects of Valet. First off are the Mobile Handbooks. These are step-by-step guides to outfitting yourself in matching, cutting edge style fashion for any occasion. If you’re looking for the right briefcase to match your shoes, it’ll tell you. In addition to the handbooks, this app has countless images of seasonal attire and trending suits to lend inspiration to your next shopping trip.

2. Mr Dapper – Download Here

A newcomer on the scene, this app stands out because of it’s great forum features. If you have a hard time finding mates to talk to about your fashion needs look no further. The mods on this site are all experts and the community is super helpful and welcoming.

3. Gilt - 

Those into finding deals on designer clothing are sure to be familiar with Gilt’s flash sales and myriad website articles. The massive brand has released an app that lets users find the best deals on clothing outerwear and accesories. Though this is primarily a shopping app, when used in conjunction with the informational articles on their site it is a powerful tool for finding new ideas and styles.

4. Cool Guy 

Though number 4 on our list, this is the most comprehensive and user friendly app out there. This is the future of fashion apps that we’ve been dreaming of. Just a few of its features:

  • Virtual Closet – take pictures of all your clothes and create a closet in your pocket. Categorize and sort them accordingly then plan your outfits on your phone. Bam. That feature alone sets this app apart. When you can look at everything you own from a new perspective unique ideas and combinations will jump out at you. 
  • Travel Bag – perfect for the international traveler. This feature lets you create a bag and checklist for everything you’ll need on your next trip. Select items from your closet then add them to your suitcase. 
  • Fashion news aggregator.  Get all the latest news from all the top blogs and websites on menswear.
  • Finally, Cool Guy has a shopping portal in app. You can browse all the biggest retailers – Nordstrom, Burberry, just to name a few – and make purchases directly from the app.
Cool Guy is developed by the same people who run the Stylish Girl app which a number of our escorts use all the time to coordinate and plan their immaculate outfits.


Gentleman’s Guide: Buying a Custom Suit in Singapore

In our previous guide to buying custom suits in Thailand, we detailed just how life affirming and confidence boosting owning a couple bespoke suits can be. We also gave a few pointers to make sure you’re Asian suit buying experience goes off smoothly. If you don’t want to read the last post in its entirety, here are the main points to remember when choosing a tailor in Asia:

  • Expect and demand multiple fittings. A suit that can be made in one day isn’t worth the effort.
  • Know what you want. Go into your tailor with a specific design in mind – taking pictures in with you is even better.
  • Look for at least 2 positive, impartial online reviews. Yelp, forums, reddit and google searches will get you started.
  • Take a swatch of the fabric you choose with you after your initial fitting to ensure that you don’t fall victim to a bait-and-switch.

These apply to Singapore just as much as Thailand. The central hub for clothiers in town is the Singapore Shopping Mall, unfortunately many of the shops here deal in glued together, poor quality suits. They outsource the stitching and labor work to local sweatshops and many promise (big red flag) 24 hour delivery. Local businesses know that international travelers are becoming more aware of the idea that one can obtain a cheap suit in town and, predictably, they’ve moved in to capitalize on this trend. Again, stick to the guidelines above and you’ll avoid going home with a sub-par suit.

While the mall isn’t the best place to go, they do offer a few quality options. Iris Tailors at Lucky Plaza on the first floor of the Orchard Road Shopping Belt do excellent work. Walking in the store the first thing you see are stacks and stacks (and stacks) of books from tailors around the world. These guys are serious students of fashion and you get the sense that when they’re not at the shop, they get together at home and discuss fashion trends. Expect a little bit of a wait if you don’t make an appointment, but when it is your turn for a fitting you are the center of attention with multiple tailors fussing over every detail and sometimes getting into heated debates with each other about the finer points of fit. The head tailor is a big fan of the tapered/skinny pants trend so be prepared to stand firm and argue a bit if you don’t want your pants super tight.

Those willing to spend a bit more, and looking for the cutting edge in men’s fashion might want to give Kevin Seah ( a visit. This guy is avante garde personified and each suit is hand-cut, hand-stitched and canvassed for the ultimate bespoke experience. He is pricey though – full suits are around $3,000 – but you get what you pay for.

For a more classic, European feel with a modern touch Advance Tailors at Kattong Shopping Plaza do good work and are much more affordable than Kevin Seah.

International Tailors Who Tour In Singapore

Much like Agency Atlantic’s Touring Singapore Companions, a recent trend of traveling tailors have entered the market. Ravis Tailors is the most notable. This is a big American house that has widely publicized Singapore visits twice a year. Many smaller brands and individual tailors have started flocking to the city during festivals and busy tourist seasons as well.

Choices abound here, even more than Thailand. You should expect to pay around 1200-1700SG for a fully custom, hand canvassed suit from a qualified tailor.  

Gentleman’s Guide to: Smartphone Sex Apps

It’s hard to remember a day when we didn’t depend on our smartphones. They’ve become ubiquitous and essential to maximizing performance in an increasingly cluttered world. From crushing candy to managing all your financial minutia to tracking workouts to everything in between, the saying ‘there’s an app for that’, is spot on.

But what about sex?

Do we really have to ask? Of course there’s an app for that. In fact there are dozens. Here’s just a taste of what’s on the market right now.

Lick This


Taking DATY to a whole new level. We’ve all heard the advice to spell out the alphabet when pleasuring a lady. If you’re looking for more expertise in the cunnilingus department, this app is for you. Lick this has a series of exercises in which you, uh, lick your screen.

A couple hours practice and your tongue dexterity will be through the roof. Though you might need to invest a little more on screen cleaner, this is one app that will evoke tectonic shifting reactions from your partner if you practice diligently.


This is the app for all those data hounds. Do you measure your heart-rate, wattage and cadence on every bike ride? Then your the type of guy who’d like the same kind of stats delivered about every session getting it on.

Passion uses every feature of the iPhone – the accelerometer, microphone and more – to guage every aspect of your sexual performance. Just set it on the bed and get to it. Now, bear in mind that the ‘complex algorithms’ used by this app to judge your sex performance are based primarily on movement and noise levels. So if you get super competitive and what a new top score just start jumping up and down on the bed and screaming at the top of your lungs. Your partner is sure to appreciate it, and if not, at least you’ve got a new high score. Yippee.

Pillow Play

Image from

This one is actually pretty sweet and a good way to explore some sexual vistas with your partner. Think X-rated choose your own adventure audio book with a bit of sensory deprivation and that’s pillow play.

 ”Carefully crafted for you to go deeper.

Explore the mind and body in unison with touch, pace, appreciation, anticipation, eye gazing, sensory deprivation, temperature play and much more. Your exploration together is limitless…”

Throw on a blind fold, take off everything else, hit play and get ready for some fun.


Those three should get you started. While you definitely can have some cheeky fun with the app and even improve a few of your techniques, nothing beats the real thing. Just like you being the best FIFA 16′ player in the world won’t win you the champion’s league, practicing all your sex on your phone won’t a Lothario make.  Unlike footbol though, you can get on the field with the best of the best to hone your prowess. It’s as simple as heading on over to the gallery and choosing an international escort.

Gentleman’s Guide to: Buying Custom Suits in Thailand

The feeling one gets when donning a expertly crafted, custom suit is inexplicable. Personally, I feel two inches taller, 20% more confident and just plain sophisticated when stepping out of my hotel attired in suit that I know was crafted just for me.

Buying a bespoke wardrobe in Manhattan, Saville Row, or Paris can be ludicrously expensive. However, there’s a little known secret in the fashion world that enables one to summon their inner Don Draper without breaking the bank: South Asian tailors. They don’t have flashy websites or decadent storefronts – and you may have to do some haggling – but there are  countless couturiers across Asia whose work rivals that of the mega fashion houses in metropolitan capitals.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the sartorial gems hidden in Asia.

Bangkok, Thailand

Cheap labor and intense competition make this one of the best places to get a custom suit.  While the skill level of tailors from Phuket to Bangkok is generally high, there a couple key things to keep in mind here:

  •  Set aside enough time for multiple fittings. Expecting a quality suit in a day is a recipe for disaster. Make sure your travel plans allow for at least a four to five day process. Many tailors will come to your hotel for subsequent fittings.
  • Have a clear vision of what you want. These craftsman can conjure just about anything , but they have to know what it is. Bring multiple photos of the suit you have in mind and don’t be afraid to assert yourself. If you already own a suit you like, the easiest way to make sure the job gets done right is to bring this one with you for a ‘cloning’.

  • Do your research. In 2016 no one can escape the scrutiny of the internet. Look for multiple posts recommending a tailor, search forums (reddit has one dedicated to this topic), and ask others about their experiences.

  • Absolutely crucial: take a swatch of the fabric you chose in your initial fitting with you when you leave. Not unlike some shady escort sites, tailors have been know to pull the classic bait-and-switch and deliver a suit made from cheaper material than the one you paid for.

Sounds like a lot of diligence, but it’s more than worth it. Not only will you be able to get a suit for $300-$400 would make a Savile Row tailor blush, but once you’ve found a reputable clothier that you trust they’ll keep your measurements on file and many are happy to post new suits to you across the globe for years to come or have a new suit ready for you and waiting for you at your hotel next time you visit Thailand.

Hopefully this article will have you well on your way to getting that one of a kind feeling that comes with owning a custom suit. If, after your fittings, you happen to have any time left while in Thailand, Agency Atlantic is sure to have the perfect assistant for taking it off :) Our Thailand Gallery has all the escorts currently available there or head on over to the calendar page to see upcoming Bangkok tours.