Escort Advertising Sites – Now backpage is gone where can I post?

In the past 24hrs many escort sites have disappeared and its been very stressful for us all but it’s not the end of the world. I promise :)

Backpage only started 5 or so years ago and we were all fine before backpage and we will all be fine again

Backpage was the top of google – the basic SEO reason for why backpage was the top of google was because we all posted ads on there all day every day giving it unique content & a zillion pages for google to crawl – so as it had the most ads and the most pages and the most of everything so it was top of google

Now backpage and Cracker no longer exist, other sites will go the top of google

I have been checking sites for the past 2 hours or so to see what is online  - It’s 2.16pm on Sunday April 8 in Sydney and it’s possible this list will change in the coming hours but many of these options are outside the US so they should stay up
Many ad sites are pushing themselves as the new great options but don’t pay for anything new as there are so many free options already.   Most of the sites I have listed below have free options, use the free, you don’t need to pay

Escorts, don’t waste you money paying for a site unless a site is in the top 5 positions on google page 1 – use google to check where various sites show up using the main terms like ‘escort sydney’ ‘sydney escort ‘ etc

Google rankings move around but generally if a site is on the first page it will probably be there for a while
International escort advertising sites including Australia - looks like backpage not owned by backpage  - USA ad boards have gone

Australia only escort advertising sites