Q & A – Social Media

Many girls in Australia have twitter, why don’t the Atlantic girls?

In the past ladies have had Twitter but in the current group of ladies on our site, nobody wants it

Using social media for escorting is essentially unpaid labour. So why would an escort do it if she doesn’t want or need it?

There is a growing trend for managers/agencies etc to create accounts for ladies and pretend to be the escort.  We would never do that.

Bec or myself will never pretend to be anyone other than ourselves when you make contact with us

Can I have the escort’s direct phone number, email or add her on Facebook?

No – If a lady wanted you to contact her directly then she would not be working with an agency but would be a private escort

One of the main reasons many ladies choose to work with us is for for privacy and discretion reasons. We provide privacy and discretion for ladies as well as the clients that book with the agency

One reason why a lady might prefer not to be on instagram :)

Ladies complain that some gents pester them for their private information; and it often ruins what would otherwise have been a great meeting

For those of you who wish to contact a lady directly Australia is teeming with private escorts who are happy to chit chat, SMS & tweet with you

I have found one of your ladies on her private Instagram account so I will contact her to see her without going through the agency. This will be cheaper & better for me :)

Contacting a lady via her personal account can be risky; for starters you look like a bit of stalker lol and the reaction you get may be less than favourable

Most girls don’t like their escort life and personal life to collide and you are crossing a line by contacting her in a way she has not requested

It may not be cheaper & sometimes you will find the rates to be higher due to the lady having to handle her own arrangements.  Generally we have found that ladies have a set price whether you see them through Atlantic or another way

It also should be mentioned that if you do book a lady directly, any problems that may arise are nothing to do with Agency Atlantic.  You cannot expect our help, write a review that links to Agency Atlantic  nor receive any compensation for that problems that may have arisen

The lady will have your personal information – email, phone etc and what she may do with that information is out of our control

With us your discretion is 100% guaranteed

And it’s not like it is that hard to head on over to the gallery, then call us to get unfettered access with one of our fabulous ladies

Sarah manages the Twitter and Instagram accounts for Agency Atlantic International

Q and A – Escort rates, Extras and Discounts

Why are all the ladies rates different?

An escort sets her rate based on personal factors

We do discuss rates openly with an escort, but ultimately rates are the ladies choice. If she wants $1000 an hour we list her at $1000 an hour. We do not have any control over what the lady chooses to do with her time, body, or at what rate

Bear in mind that the rate isn’t only for the lady’s time – there are many costs incurred with being an escort

If a lady is offering hotel incalls then the cost of the hotel is included in the rate or if she has her own incall then its including rent, drinks, bathroom products, washing & cleaning). As everyone knows, Sydney rent is crippling

A lady may rent a room by the hour; the cost of this will be upwards of $100 per hour

And let’s not talk about how much things like getting your hair done, the cost of makeup & lingerie sets (take a lady to Agent Provocateur & you will see how far $1000 goes…)

The ladies rate includes our booking fee but any extra’s are 100% payment to the lady

Why do some ladies have extra’s & some don’t?

Extra’s are also the ladies choice – whether she decides to include a service or wants extra is entirely up to her and the cost is entirely up to her also

How an escort arrives at her rates or her extra’s is her business and if you don’t wish to pay the rate or pay for an extra then you are best to look for someone else

Are rates negotiable?

No – Trying to negotiate rates is considered very bad manners

We do not have the authority to lower a ladies rate – If an escort wanted to be paid for less than she would set her rates as less…

Do not try to negotiate with a lady when you meet her either as this will backfire! Trying to push for a free extra, negotiate a lesser rate or ask a lady to see you without the agency knowing is the way to get yourself blacklisted

We occasionally offer special & discounted rates but that is taken from the agency fee & not the escorts fee – We do not offer discounts outside of those that promotions,  we are a business & cannot stay in business without funds to pay our running costs

Our specials are listed on our website under Special Packages

Q & A – Travel Escorts

Do the ladies travel interstate or overseas?

Yes of course, all the girls love to travel

For meetings outside of the ladies home city we require 30% deposit and travel costs paid upfront

Travel costs are flight, taxi to and from the airport and any other expenses incurred while travelling

If you cancel the meeting within 48hrs 30% deposit will be held for you in credit for a future booking

If the meeting is cancelled within 24hrs then the ladies 2hr fee will be taken from the deposit

Travel costs are not credited or able to be refunded

For a lady to travel Interstate to meet you, the meeting will need to be a minimum of an overnight – depending on the distance travelled it may be a minimum of 24hrs.  You must provide economy flights if the flight is less than 3hrs and business class if it is more than 3hrs.

For a lady to travel overseas to see you the booking needs to be 48hrs or longer & requires business class travel.

The hours of the meeting start when the lady meets you & ends when she is dropped at the airport.

If your requirements are for shorter meetings than listed above please get in touch anyways and we can always ask the lady and see what she says.

Whenever a lady is travelling to meet you we will require a copy of your ID, hotels details etc.

Kim – International Escort – loves to travel and experience all life has to offer

Escort Interview - Kim at Agency Atlantic International

Why did you choose to become an Escort?

I have an incredibly high sex drive and I love to travel, and becoming an escort satisfies both. I have no desire to change my profession in the near future. I love what I do!

Why did you choose to work with Agency Atlantic?

As the owner and I have been personal friends for over 20 years, there is no way I would allow any other agent to manage my affairs. On a business note, Sarah runs an incredible business. She looks after the ladies, and pretty much hand selects who she represents. Her client base is fabulous, and they are so loyal to her… and that alone speaks for itself why her agency is regarded so highly across the world.

What are the best parts of being an escort?

The life style! I love to travel, I like nice things, beautiful places, different cultures, and meeting people, and that is the beginning of the best part of being an escort.

How often do you travel, and what’s your favourite place to visit?

I travel all the time! I love Asia! Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo are my most frequent cities. I love Thailand for my massages, as well as the Maldives to relax, and Marrakech for the amazing food. I frequent New York (very quietly) and LA a few times a year, and London sometimes twice a year enroute to somewhere fabulous in Europe. It’s hard to pick a favorite destination for work, as there are so many amazing places to visit.

Where would you love to go next?

Next… Well, in 2 days time (at the time of writing this), I am going to Malaysia, then to Singapore, then to Thailand for a few days R&R before the long haul back to Australia for a few weeks :-)

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I recently have moved to Thailand. I live in the mountains, a 4 hour drive from Bangkok and it’s nice to relax. I spend a night in Bangkok occasionally as I fly in or fly out, but going home to the beauty of the hills in Thailand is amazing. If I was to live anywhere else, perhaps in The Hamptons NY ;-)

3 things you can’t live without?

Water, Happiness and My Passport (in no fixed order)

What’s your favourite type of rendezvous?
What lady doesn’t like an intimate dinner for 2, followed by a bottle of French Champagne, strawberries (and ice cream) in a gorgeous city suite.. I love unrushed encounters. I find I can be completely myself, and my partner can fully relax and enjoy our time together.

Top 3 tips for clients to ensure they have a great time with you.

Don’t eat onions for lunch (brush your teeth please)

Personal hygiene is essential

Relax….. I like to enjoy time with you as much as you can enjoy time with me.

Which feature do others compliment you on the most?

If I must pick…. my eyes and my Hollywood smile :-)

What’s your favourite cuisine?

French is my absolute fav, followed by seafood, and Thai YUM!!

Favourite cocktail?

Pina Colada (this month)

Is there a charity that is dear to you?

Yes, I do support many charities that care for children, and animals.
I worked for years as a voluntary counsellor in Australia, and am currently studying to work with single mothers and their babies (voluntary position) in Thailand.

What is your favourite quote?

Money doesn’t buy class!

How do you spend your down time? What’s your idea of relaxation?

Downtime is spent in Thailand…

Do you have an Amazon Wishlist:

No, I love surprises xx