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10 Ideas to Boost your escort Website Traffic in 2022

You have spent so much time building your website, grooming it, and creating compelling content. Yet, you aren’t getting the traffic you were expecting for some reason. No worries, there are ways to boost website traffic!

Today, we will review some of our favourite strategies to increase website traffic and get your escort business on the road to success.

What Is Website Traffic?

In short, website traffic is the number of visitors who find their way to your site. In addition, analytics define your audience’s demographics, such as age range, location, gender, and more.

Learning to drill down on the most important information and spot the trends that matter to your business takes a keen eye and continued analysis.

At Atlantic, we add Google Analytics to all client’s websites as part of our standard Website build.

How do most visitors get to your site?

Do they find you through a Google search, directed through social media, or by typing in your URL? You will find out how many visitors are repeat visitors, unique visitors, and even their behaviour once they get to your site. 

Review your existing analytics to know where to target and what seems to be keeping visitors on your site. Expand upon that success. Additionally, put effort into figuring out why other strategies haven’t worked and how you can strategise more fruitfully. 

If you find that you don’t have enough time to become the SEO expert you need to be, don’t worry.

Atlantic specialises in Escort Industry SEO after spending many years learning the algorithm and keeping up to date with the latest changes in Google’s rankings. If you need help getting your SEO whipped into shape, sometimes it’s best to call on the professionals.

Strategy #1: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Fundamentals

SEO is a set of strategies you need to pay attention to for browsers to find your content.

This set of strategies will increase your ranking. Meaning, that when a person searches for something on Google, the higher you rank, the higher you are listed in the results. So naturally, if you want to boost traffic to your website, part of your goal should be to get placed on the first page of the search results. 

SEO is composed of many different strategies. You can begin by focusing on one, but a checklist will be ideal so you can continually focus on them with each action. Let’s take a look at some factors you should focus on:

Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions

Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions are what browsers search for when identifying your content. When a user performs a search, the browser returns results. The meta description appears beneath the URL giving the user an idea of what to expect within the content. Essentially, this is a section to summarise your content with a short snippet.


You should utilise headers in your content. The use of headers allows browsers to scan your material more easily for relevance. Use the Title, H1, H2, H3, and H4 headings as needed to break up your content. 

Quality Images With Alt Tags

Quality images include professional images versus stock photos. In addition, the images should be relevant to the message you are sending. Alt Tags allow browsers to find your relevant content through not just the content but also the images. So be sure to utilise alt tags. 

Internal links within your content allow you to keep visitors on your site longer, providing them with additional value. Google will recognise your site based on how long visitors remain before leaving. For example, if you produce content on travel and you have links to RV content, include them organically in your new content. 


Including keywords in your content is crucial. First, consider how someone will find your content. Based on what you think their search will be, use those keywords within your content. Second, be sure to include those keywords organically in your content. Don’t force them into your content. Lastly, don’t overdo it with keywords because then Google will view your content as keyword stuffing, and it will work against your traffic. 

Strategy #2: Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are similar to keywords but focus on longer, more specific series of words. What do you think a person will key in as a phrase to search and find your content? Long-tail keywords reap significant benefits when you can hone in on common questions or phrases used by searchers to find an answer.

Strategy #3: Headlines

Headlines are also known as titles. Headlines should try to grab the attention of a visitor, compelling them to read your content. This headline is the first interaction your content will have with a visitor. Make the exchange riveting and thought-provoking, and use relevant keywords to your advantage. 

Strategy #4: Viral Content

Suggesting viral content as a strategy can be a bit misleading. We all hope for viral content. When you are lucky enough to experience it, the benefits can be astounding. Search for topics with the potential to go viral. 

Strategy #5: Evergreen Content

Evergreen content essentially means regardless of when a visitor sees your post, the content will be relevant. Generally, they don’t tie to specific dates or times.

Recycling content is a great strategy as you grow, but update it or rewrite it entirely to please the algorithm while also providing quality content to your audience. New customers and followers may not have seen content that is still relevant from three years ago, but refreshing that content with a more modern spin can be a huge bonus for you and your potential new customers. 

Mix your content up. Naturally, you will include written content, but photo and video content are also highly desirable and highly engaging. 

Strategy #6: Guest Posts

Guest posts are a two-phase strategy. First, allowing guest posts on your site improves your ranking, and often the person who wrote the guest post will be sharing it with their audience. Second, this collaboration gives you access to an untapped audience. 

Next, guest posting on other sites will also offer access to an untapped audience. Additionally, Google will recognize the number of backlinks you have on other sites, thereby increasing your rank.

Strategy #7: Social Media

Share your content on social media for more explosive growth. Things are a little limited for escort sites due to social platforms not really liking us but Twitter is great and Instagram is fine as long as you keep things PG. TikTok is fabulous, Pinterest is pointless but places like Reddit or even Medium can be quite good if you have some interesting things to say.

Each social media platform will have a completely different audience demographic. Additionally, social media is more interactive and will allow for more immediate feedback. 

Strategy #8: Email Marketing

Email marketing is similar to sharing on social media but is more targeted as it’s people who have signed up to know more about you.

Some visitors may want the information to show up in their email box to be sure they see it.

Additionally, email marketing strategies allow you to build up a person’s interest and anticipation, and drip-feed mentions of your brand into their daily consciousness.

Consider an email strategy such as a welcome series of emails delivered over several days in separate emails. Remind subscribers that you are there, and give them a little something interesting with each message to draw them back into your site.

Strategy #9: Advertise

Paid advertising is often a great avenue to build brand recognition but free ads can be good too. We have a list of advertising sites that we provide to all our website development clients with tips and tricks on how to post successful advertisements.

Strategy #10: Maximise Interview Content’s SEO Potential

Interviews are also two-phased. If offered the opportunity to be interviewed on radio, television, podcasts, or even another website — jump at the chance! Additionally, you can interview others to increase traffic to your content and create strong backlinks to your interview partners’ sites and resources. 

Ready To Boost Your Traffic?

Agency Atlantic is a boutique web agency that prides itself on digital marketing and WordPress web development that looks good and is technically awesome!

Whilst you can use your marketing budget on paid advertisements and spend all day every day on social media, that can be an expensive, time-consuming route that does not necessarily bring the kind of web traffic you desire.

There are countless marketing tactics and strategies out there all claiming to give you overnight success, but it’s all BS. These “gurus” are trying to sell you into the dream that digital space is easy. It’s not! It takes a lot of hard work.

Work with us and turn your ideas into a more elevated and profitable business with the power of SEO, SEM and SMM. Contact us today to learn how we can get you the traffic you need to help your business grow and thrive.

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