Adult SEO Website

Adult SEO Website

I have written a few Adult Marketing blogs containing some information on Adult SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but with this blog, I am going to dive into why building your website search engine optimised is crucial

I will also show you how and why you should include Adult SEO at the build stage of a new website. Some Adult web designers sell very pretty websites but unfortunately, it may not be possible to get these sites to rank due to the way they are built.

One of the big misconceptions I find in the adult industry is that SEO is often an afterthought.  

Google wants quality code

If you are doing a new website, its best to include SEO at the creation stage or you are probably wasting your time and money.

Since I started offering Adult SEO and SEM services publicly one of the hardest parts of my work has been telling clients that I need to recreate their website if they want to rank no.1 on Google.

Unfortunately its highly unlikely (near impossible) that a poorly developed site with a wordpress theme that is 2 years old and not supported by the most recent version of wordpress will be able to rank no 1.

SAAS Sites (Squarespace, Wix etc) can be quite difficult to rank for highly competitive keywords, but you can do OK with SAAS sites if you smash it with SEO content marketing.

Whilst most sexwork has nothing to do with technology, technology is crucial for most sexwork businesses success

Advertising sites come & go; social platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram & Twitter have changed their policies greatly over the past few years either removing sexworkers altogether or downgrading visibility of sexual content whether it be from adult industry, Porn Stars or the general population. The internet is becoming more vanilla.

Google, however, is still pretty is liberal and organic search is a great way to get yourself and your brand noticed.

Getting great results from Google Search takes time

Yes it’s easy & quick to use an ad site but if you intend to be an adult industry worker for a year or more, having a website that is search engine optimised (SEO) is a great way to get ahead and stay there.

What is Adult SEO?

You probably already know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Nowadays you see the term SEO everywhere; my facebook feed is full of how-to-guide offering guides to follow so that in 30 days your site will be page 1 of google.

If only it was that easy!

Luckily it’s not easy or I would be out of a job and my career in SEM (search engine marketing) would be over.

If the 30 days to page 1 guides worked I could stop be working long hours keeping up with daily SEO research, testing my theories or working on my client’s sites daily so they are going up the SERPs (search engine result pages) rather than dropping like stones to page 2 or worse.

Effective SEO is all about strategy, data & research

Thankfully the SEO community shares data & research and there is lots of great minds as well as loads of great youtube channels for SEO as well as tonnes of articles written every day. I have a nerd crush on Rand Fishkin & haven’t missed a whiteboard Friday in years lol

Unfortunately, SEO research & data never includes adult. Adult is a small niche research and an industry where most people don’t share data but then a lot of people who have websites have only basic skills & often using SAAS products targetting adult industry workers which are more like an advertisement than a website.

The Adult Industry is made up of lots of non-technical folks running websites that I would think to need high end skills to be successful yet they have very little technical knowledge. I am often shocked by some of the clients I speak to who run directories and yet they don’t even know the basics of Google Analytics…

As there is lack of research for Adult; I read SEO data every day and use my own personal sites to test real world theories & see what happens to my sites, if my sites gain then I apply these strategies to my client’s sites. Obviously, if they drop like stones then I don’t

How is Adult SEO different from normal SEO?

SEO in its most basic form comes in 3 main recognised parts

  • On Page SEO (work done to a webpage to help google like it)
  • Off Page SEO (work was done that is not on the webpage, thinks like Google Maps, social signals, link profile, guest blogs etc)
  • Technical SEO (work done to the technical aspects of a website, things such as site speed, site performance, coding quality)

SEO is challenging for all businesses but for adult, SEO is particularly hard as we are disallowed in a lot of digital marketing spaces.

Non-adult businesses have full use of the Internet but unfortunately Adult industry has a sh*ttonne of roadblocks that make SEO harder. Since SESTA/FOSTA we have fewer avenues for Off Page SEO

If you want to be at the front of the pack you need a website that’s optimized for search engines otherwise how will you get found?

This excellent article sums up SEO way better than I possibly could

What is SEO? (As Defined by 40+ SEO Experts)

So whilst SEO is about optimising websites for search engines; it’s so much more than that.

The aim of google search is to match searchers needs with the best possible content…

Yes, Content!  

Not your website or your domain, google checks out all the pages on your website & ranks them individually. Sarah’s 2 cents often has multiple pages ranking for the same keyword on page 1 of google search.

The pretty website you spent months of your time designing may get overlooked by Google as unfortunately, Google can’t see how pretty your site is.

Google sees content and code, essentially Google is blind. Some research says google also just looks at the top bit of your site too; generally what is above the fold on your mobile site is the important bit (this is the area you see on mobile when you first see a website)

Your website lets people know who you are and what your business is about. When someone is on your website you can showcase your brand exactly as you wish but if you want google to love it, you want to use google best practises.

Google index mobile first and I personally find with adult websites – it’s around 80% or so of viewers are from mobile, 20% Desktop and 10% tablet.

So what does that mean?

Spend more time perfecting your mobile site rather than your desktop as google looks at your mobile site as do most of your viewers

Research says your site should load in 3sec before you start losing people & it’s just 2 seconds once they are on your site to get someone’s attention before they leave.  That isn’t a lot of time…

Google best practises are actually people best practises

For an SEO Optimized Website; site development & UX design are important. Not graphic design but UX design; UX is the synonym meaning User Experience.

If your website is built with SEO in mind, your website will launch with the maximum chance of getting indexed and visited quickly by google. No more working endless hours on social media trying to get your brand noticed. Google has got you sorted!

By having a website that is SEO optimised from the outset you will be on your way to having organic search traffic, free website traffic, bringing website visitors to your site because you are the right fit for them which means they are easier to convert into clients

You won’t rank for highly competitive keywords from day 1 but it will get you started

Ranking higher on SERPs (search engine results page) takes effort and time – and gets even more challenging with trends that change without a moment’s notice.

It takes approximately 35 weeks for a page to get its maximum SERP position

Google’s Vision Statement:

To Organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

Google’s Approach to Search

Deliver the most relevant and reliable information available

Google is an ever changing search engine so even if you get to page 1 for the keywords you want keeping those positions is never guaranteed

Google does regular updates to the algorithms to close up any gaps that people may have found to rort the system

If you want to learn more about Google Search you can read how & why they do things on the Google Search Website

Google’s beginners guide to search is a good read too

What is SEO Website Design?

You can build the most beautiful website imaginable, that perfectly showcases your brand with beautiful images and maybe even some flashy animations.

If the website isn’t search engine optimized t’s not likely that many people will view it. The only way your site will be found is by you telling people about it. Paid Ads, Social Meda links, telling clients when the phone or email you via your paid ad (we all know that most dudes don’t read or click a website link lol)

If you are not wanting free traffic from search then it’s economical to use a template site such as rather than take the time to learn about SEO or pay a business that specialises in SEO websites.

No matter how eye catching your website design might be, nobody can appreciate it if they can’t see it

If your website is built is optimized for search engines, with a sound digital marketing and SEO strategy from the start you will give yourself an immediate advantage over many of your competitors

Your competitors may already have websites up and running, some of them may have been online for years yet many of them will also not have been built with SEO in mind.

As everyone becomes more aware of SEO and its importance many SEO shonksters are trying to take advantage.

Companies selling SEO by packages of keywords is a sales technique, current SEO is not about ranking for 3 keywords of your choice, it’s about growing your business and increasing your brand.

SEO is a complex and challenging game and takes daily reading to keep up to date with the estimated 500+ changes google makes each year.

The bad news….

Unfortunately, to rank high on SERPS, some existing websites need to be rebuilt with current technology and best practises.

If you are creating a new brand and website, the advantage you will have with an Optimised website, it will be ready for search engines from the moment it’s launched.

What does a Search Engine Optimised Site look like?

If you employ the services of an professional SEO design service or you do the site yourself some of the site characteristics you need are:

  • SSL
  • Optimised for mobile
  • Quality hosting with site speed under 3s
  • Responsive (works with desktop, tablet & all sizes of mobile)
  • Keyword optimised content; google doesn’t see pictures, google reads content & looks at code/tech issues
  • A clean, minimal, easy to navigate site & site structure for both users and for Google to crawl
  • Quality coding that ensures search engines can easily crawl & access all pages
  • Topics and categories which each serve a specific purpose, quality over quantity
  • Optimised for local
  • Image optimised
  • High quality website content, which provides clear and concise information to your target market

It’s never too late to optimise your website

There is no time like the present to optimise your website or create a new site to take advantage of organic search traffic with an Adult SEO website strategy.

It’s entirely possible to optimise an existing website at any point in time even though sometimes a site may need a significant amount of work to fix the SEO issues. Often resulting in a rebuild.

Armed with sufficient knowledge you can work on your own SEO and website design yourself. Alternatively, you can invest and intrust your SEO to a professional partner such as Atlantic so you can be free to run your Adult industry business

We create search engine optimised websites that you can update yourself. However, ongoing SEO strategy and work will help you to keep traffic heading your way, especially since search engines update their algorithms on a daily basis.

Before creating your own SEO website ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I have the time to commit to keeping my website up to date and compliant with the ever changing google criteria for high search engine rank?
  • Do I enjoy technology, data and statistics enough to do my own SEO?
  • Without SEO is it worth having a website?
  • If I start learning SEO will I be able to learn enough and fast enough?
  • Will I know when a white hat becomes a black hat technique.
  • Can optimise my site myself and not get penalised by google? I do, do I know how to fix it?

If these questions concern you, outsourcing to an Adult SEO website design company can relieve you of these concerns and lets you get on with running your business. You don’t have to worry about adapting to changes in search engine ranking criteria, the agency keeps you compliant.

If you do decide to outsource, be aware that no SEO can predict the outcome or guarantee you to page 1 for the keyword that you want

Anyone who is selling position 1 for a specific keyword is a snake oil salesman. An SEO strategy will increase your organic search visitors, your online brand visibility and leads but there is no infinite guarantee that google will index you as no.1 just because you want it

I hope you found my blog on Adult SEO Websites helpful

Until next time

Sarah sign

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