Escort Advertising Survey

Escort Advertising Survey

This Escort Advertising Survey is 100% anonymous.  The information you provide will come back to my email.  I will not know who you are; there is no analytics, cookies or tracking of IPs.

Fill out whichever questions you are happy to answer and leave out whatever you wish. 

Bitch, whine and complain as much as you like, it’s all helpful 🙂

The only required questions are the first and last questions. Your current area of work in the industry so I know where you are coming from with your answers and the amount you spend each month on advertising.

I have worked with many directories over the years as a consultant and SEO; I love working with directories but am selective with who I will work with.

Your answers help me to guide my clients to make sure they add things you want + help me with blog ideas, data and statistics

Thank you in advance for your input, it’s appreciated

Escort Advertising Survey

** The questionnaire is written for an Australian Audience but everyone is welcome **

Thank you for taking the time to fill out my Escort Advertising Survey

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