Closing Agency Atlantic

Closing My Escort Agency

This is a blog I found in my Blog folder that I was never going to post. I wrote it when I was having a particularly tough week but it’s pretty darn accurate about the reasons why I am closing Agency Atlantic Escort Agency.

Now I have set a closing date (October 30) I feel so much lighter and happier and looking forward to the future

The Agency Atlantic website will be similar to Atlantic Escort Management but will be my primary focus rather than a side project will be offering Digital services including website development & design, Escort SEO, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Escort Coaching and Tour Management.

I am changing the way I work & the way I offer services so that there are a lot less stress and pressure on me every day. I am at a point where I truly hate my job and just can’t do it anymore :(

My Personal Blog – dated June 4, 2018

I have just had 3 days off work, my first days off in 6 years.  I just couldn’t bear another day.

Luckily it was the start of the week and no girls had scheduled to work

So, I told the girls, put a notice on the website that we were to be closed for a week, added a phone voicemail, an email auto responder, posted notices on social media then I turned the phone off.  OMG it was amazing!!

I know everyone hates their job sometimes but mine is 7 days a week and starts when I wake up & finishes when I go to sleep.

I never get a break from it or time to truly enjoy anything as my work phone is there, right beside me at all time.  I can’t take a swim or go to the movies as there could be hell to pay!

On my wedding day my phone was on silent as I walked down the aisle but my phone was within arms reach for the rest of the day so I could speak to my 2 receptionists and answer questions or deal with any problems that arose

On my honeymoon I was working day & night.  Every wedding anniversary I take calls all the way thru dinner

Why?  Because Atlantic is my business.  It was my livelihood but nowadays it’s more like a noose around my neck.

I am mentally exhausted

I am so tired, I am so over it, I am done!

Its assumed by some that all an agency does is take a few calls each day & boss people around.  I wish!

Agency Atlantic is a company and comes with a lot of responsibility, long long hours and tonnes of stress!

It’s my responsibility for the Atlantic girls to earn & if I don’t earn them enough they may leave

If I miss a call or take an hour off it can get me a bad Agency review, lose a good client or a girl may leave

Some clients & escorts go nuts if I am not on hand whenever they want me and send messages like ‘???’ if they don’t get an instant response

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Our official office hours on our website are ignored by everyone (girls & clients) who expect a reply 24/7

If a booking is missed due to me missing a call; the client might meet the lady in the future, complain to her. The lady will have a go at me, get nasty, maybe leave, the day off, cancel a tour, whatever

Mind you these days none of the girls actually seem to want to work…  

Atlantic is only paid if the lady attends a meeting and as some girls only accept about 10% of meetings, these days it’s a lot of headache for very little return and the last time I was paid my salary was in April

Instead of paying my salary I have been paying for ads to keep the girls in work which is work they don’t want anyways

Escort Agency work is speculative

We pay the expenses and do the work to get the bookings, the lady does her bit then we are supposed to be paid our agreed fee.  

Being an International Agency is a lot trickier than it is for local agencies as many of the ladies I work with I see maybe once a year, sometimes less.

I think I last saw Silvia Bianco in 2015. I see her regularly on social media so I know she still looks the same & is still the same lovely person when I speak to her.  

Some of the ladies I work with are lovely and drama free but others, not so much.

Late last year I did a tour where the girl turned her phone off most days. After a week, I told her that she was being unfair, I had done a tonne of work & all I was doing was cancelling meetings.  She told me it was my job to get her bookings for the times she wanted them!

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Local Australian Escort Agencies often have ladies come & sit at a location on shift whereas Atlantic sends an invoice and waits to be paid.

We may spend $1000+ on ads for a tour so if the lady does a runner or turns her phone off, it’s quite a big loss

I am isolated

The nature of my job means I am very isolated.  I miss meeting people and having a social life.

It’s hard to relax in social situations for fear of not being able to hear my phone or answer a call quick enough.  

Worse still, in a social situation people finding out about my job which makes them judge me not on who they know me as but for my job.  

People find my job disgusting and intriguing in equal parts.  

I may be funny and smart until they find out I work with escorts, then I am looked at differently, you can’t be clever & be a pimp can you?

So while I have taken a break this week for the first time in 6 years now I have to worry about how much damage this will have on Atlantic. It’s been wonderful to spend time with family & friends and actually be able to interact without being distracted by the phone.  It’s be so nice to be a normal person for a few days

My Sydney Escort Agency hours are only 90 hours a week

Yes that’s how many hours I work officially but often I am doing Asia which adds an extra 2 hours a day + I get bookings outside our regular hours.

I check in with girls outside these hours to see if they are awake, are OK, not having a bad day or a meltdown

I put up with so much crap

PR is PR but if you guys knew what kind of crap I have to put up with working with some of your favourite girls, you would be shocked!

Once I am totally done with this industry I will probably do the book everyone thinks I should write lol

From an outsider looking in you think I just take a call, book a meeting & the agency gets paid.  I wish it was that easy and it should be really but it’s nothing like that at all

24/7 my life is not my own

What I endure these days is a lot to handle.  I would really just love 1 full day where I am treated like a person.  But I am not seen as a person, I am just that thing that must be available all day & night to answers questions, do what I am told by gents & girls.

If I use the wrong word I may cop abuse, bad reviews or be slandered on twitter.

I would love to take a shower in peace without having to get out, take a call and freeze

Most days I am degraded or disgusted at least once

Some days 50%+ of I recieve via SMS, whatsapp, email, social media and phone calls is VILE!

Callers wanking on the phone to my voice, asking what I am wearing, asking to f*ck me, or other filthy questions about myself & sometimes my husband.  

There are callers with sickening requests, sometimes via email or SMS, things that are revolting, illegal and that no girls will ever do (children, incest, animals, you name it I receive it & read it) through all this I am supposed to be polite, charming and patient

I am expected to be available via WhatsApp, SMS, phone calls, email, social media and other free apps to answer questions that can be answered if a website link was clicked on.  

It’s not only clients who treat me like crap either

Constant Character Assasination

Random escorts are regularly nasty to me

Random Ladies are super rude to me, they don’t want to fill out casting forms, they send pics via whatsapp & tell me that I must add them now as they are on tour.

When I say I only work with ladies I have met in person, you would think I did something unmentionable.  

If I decline a tour or don’t wish to take on an escort who wants to work with Atlantic, I may be sworn at or slandered or whatever

Nasty Blogs and Tweets

Recently a blog upset me as what it said about me is really nasty

The truth is 1 girl lied to another girl then as she got into hot water for her lies she used my name to try to get out of the trouble she found herself in.  

What is said about me is truly awful, it’s not even close to the truth but if I want to try to clear my name I would probably just cop shit.  These 2 SWers have a lot of followers and white knights so rather than cop hate from a tonne of random strangers I have to just let it go.

I have to leave untrue and truly awful comments about myself on the internet for others to read

My personality and character are assassinated regularly by people who have never met me or know anyone who has.  

Yes I know I shouldn’t care but it hurts my feelings, I am a person and being slandered with untruths hurts most people’s feelings

My whole world revolves around other people, their needs and their BS

I am expected to care and console

As for the ladies I actually work with, I am expected to care and console.

Escorts offload and burden me with all their personal woes.  I am required to listen when they share all types of private information (personal stuff I don’t want to hear) and expected to give advice and guidance.  

It’s not my job to do this but often I am the only person they can confide in or the only adult figure in their life.

20181005 235303

This industry is highly competitive, very bitchy and unregulated

There are no contracts between Atlantic and the Escorts we work with

All of my work is speculative, I spend time and money hoping that I get a return on that investment and that my time & money isn’t wasted.  

Girls may seem keen or confirm a tour, but that doesn’t mean they will start or turn up to their confirmed tour.  A tour that may have cost me thousands & taken me many hours of work.   

That happens a few times a year & costs a considerable sum annually.  Then there is the tours I do & the girls disappear without paying…

This business has a high percentage of people with mental health issues and a lot of narcissism.  The more millennial that enter the industry the more ‘all about them’ it becomes

It’s a mind field every day and most of the time I am walking on eggshells trying not to speak for fear of 1 word being used against me and then there is the fact I am not being paid to do any of this.  

Working for free dealing with crap is not how life should be

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