Escort Client Discretion

Discretion – A Client Guide


Why are so many Escort clients are so thoughtless when there is so much at risk?

Last weekend an article was published in an Australian newspaper where an escort spoke about her discussions with a wife who had found her husband had booked the escort.

In the article the wife was so lovely, calm and rational; I wish that was always the case.

A call from a client’s partner isn’t nice

In general, wives don’t know what escorting is. They don’t know that some guys come just to talk, cuddle and relax or perhaps their husband sees escorts because he has fetishes that he doesn’t feel he can talk about. A large majority of women think their partner seeing an escort is the same thing as him cheating on her by dating his secretary.

As with everything, every person is different and has their own personal outlook on how they would handle the situation if it happened to them but the reality vs what you think you would do could be quite different.

I would like to think that if I found out my husband was seeing escorts or going to a brothel I could be fine with that. I know that if I found out he had taken another woman on a date then he may lose a bit of his anatomy lol

Maybe I would lose my shit and lose all sense of rationality if I had proof my husband had seen an escort, honestly I really can’t be 100% sure how I would react. Yes it sounds hypocritcal but emotions are not always rational

As a former escort I know that some guys talk about their marriage in the booking but they usually mention they love their wife but are doing this for XYZ reason.

A lot of escort bookings are akin to counselling; you hear all types of stories but very rarely do you hear – I cheat on my wife because…. I think that guys see escorts because they don’t want to cheat – But then my outlook is different to most, my normal is different to most people’s normal.

Getting a wife call is awful; you can hear the hurt, anger and pain in another woman’s voice but part of my job is to keep my clients information confidential.

One wife call I had not so long ago started with a voice yelling down the phone ‘You are going to die with AIDS you filthy fucking whore. I cannot believe my husband was fucking you, you are disgusting’. So my response in a calm voice is – I am sorry but I have not been fucking your husband; I am married and the only guy I fuck is my own husband thank you very much. I am not sure why you are yelling at me, I don’t know who you are or why you are calling me?’

That calmed her down enough for her to tell me she had found my number in the call log of her husband’s phone and then googled it and found it in an advertisement. I replied I am the receptionist of an escort agency and I am sorry I do not know your husband.

I would suggest you talk to your husband about this and in all fairness it is possible his mate used his phone or someone at his office played a gag on him. So please talk to him and there could be a logical and simple explanation.

With wife calls I always play dumb, never get involved and I do my best to not say anything that could be misconstrued.

That’s the end of it for me as I am a receptionist and it stops there. In one situation I know of the the outcome has been positive – One wife now books couples escorts with her husband and he still sees escorts occasionally with his partner’s knowledge.

It’s a different scenario for a independent escorts – As often the person answering is also the escort so it’s hard to do the ‘I don’t know who he is’ Often there is a lot more proof with SMS exchanges. Some gents do overstep the professional boundaries and send a barrage of texts to independents without any reply but more often than not it’s a 2 way conversation.

An Independent Escort friend of mine made the mistake once of being honest with the wife. Big Mistake! HUGE! My friend no longer escorts as she is too scared of the husband who went nuts once he found out what she had done; his threats were scary enough for her to retire

Clear your Internet and Browser Cache

Even if you partner never uses your laptop or phone, there is always that first time. You can use private browsing with google chrome, press Ctrl+shift+N.

Get a SIM for Escort Bookings

A prepaid sim card can be left in your desk at work, sticky-taped in your top draw. Prepaid sims cost next to nothing, add credit with cash so nothing shows up on your credit card statement.

Do not Save Escort or Agency Phone Numbers to your phone

you could make an error and save it in the wrong place & then its there for friends, family or your partner to see.

Set up a separate email account

Gmail is easy to use & make sure you always logout & clear the history once you have used it. Make sure the accounts are not linked to your real life accounts. Make sure the password your wife will never guess even if she does find [email protected] on your laptop she won’t be able to read anything. Delete any emails that aren’t pertinent to current bookings – if you forget to logout at least there isn’t 25 emails of bookings you have made, perhaps just 1 enquiry.

Set Boundaries when you book

If you SMS a lady add your boundaries to the SMS “please get back to me between 9am & 5pm only and not outside these times’ then the escort knows what to do & won’t SMS you when you are sitting down to dinner with the family If you call then tell them ‘please don’t phone me outside of these hours’ and if they do and you need to answer say ‘sorry you have the wrong number’ – an escort or agency will understand if you can’t talk at a specific time

Pay in Cash

Paying with a credit card is convenient but if the credit card statement comes home information on that can get you into hot water – An obscure CC amount could get you questioned so keep it to cash to save yourself a possible uncomfortable discussion Buying a bottle of wine, flowers or even something to eat on your way to your meeting could arise suspicions if it’s seen on your bank statement. Even if it does not significantly influence your balance it still may be noticed by your partner

Be Banking Smart

for most gents, an escort fee is a serious chunk of change – Withdrawing cash from a joint account can get you in hot water. Consider making numerous smaller withdrawals in the lead up to your escort meeting or even setting up a private account that only you know about

Do not attract attention to yourself

If you are going to an incall, be quiet in the lobby and hallways. Ask questions before you get there so you know where you are going and the procedure of what will occur when you get to an incall location. Also, you never know who is staying in that hotel or who lives in the neighbourhood so have a story ready should you run into your wife’s best friend

Keep your private information to yourself

When you are telling an escort all your personal information you had better hope that she is discreet about it. I know ladies all claim to be discreet but I have learnt that is not always the case, not all escorts will keep your private information private.

I have met many ladies where they share lots of personal information about clients they have met. When I had an escort agency, I remember one girl name dropping the high profile clients she had met. 1 girl had met a personal friend of mine, I had no idea he booked escorts. I would never mention to him that I know but still, I wish I didn’t know.

Keep Quiet to your Mates

If you feel the need to boast to your mates, don’t! Confiding in friends may make you sound like an incredible fucking machine but for others it’s pretty salacious and makes an interesting topic for others to talk about when you aren’t around. Not everyone will agree with your choices and may tell others who tell others who tell your wife. Keep the details to yourself and you are ensured discretion.

Never show up to an escorts incall unannounced

You may think it’s a delightful surprise but it’s not! Don’t leave gifts with her building concierge or send her flowers. Respect an escorts privacy as you expect her to respect yours. She has a life outside of seeing you and she may be with family or friends who do not know about her secret life.

The only time you should go to an incall is at the designated time you have booked I have seen clients have their identity (name, phone number & email address) posted on Twitter for all the world to see because he visited a ladies incall without an appointment.

Do not be early for a meeting

Escorts are ready at the time of the meeting, very rarely are they ready until that time so you will be sitting in a lobby or outside an apartment block which can look suspicious.

Shower after your Escort Meeting

Don’t go home smelling of someone else; take your usual deodorant and aftershave to the meeting so you have your usual scent. Also check your clothing for any female fragrance or lipstick or makeup residue

Uber and GPS

I am not an Uber user but I think it stores previous addresses you have been to? If this is the case, delete the ones where you have visited an escorts address. No escort needs a wife outside her flat yelling obscenities for her neighbours to hear If you are driving to a meeting be mindful of where you park and also have a plausible excuse should you be asked why your car is parked in Kings Cross at 2pm on a Wednesday when you are supposed to be in the office – co-incidence could have your wife or her friend happens to drive past your parked car. If you are using GPS or google maps clear out the destination I hope these tips give you some food for thought and help you avoid detection in your stealth mission of booking escorts.

Do not Gossip

When you meet one lady don’t discuss other ladies you have met.  It’s rude, its unnecessary and if the rumour causes hurt or upset you may end up with a scorned woman who wants to cause you pain just as you have done to her. 

Whilst gossiping may not directly get you into grief with your wife, if you hurt someone badly you never know what they will do. You don’t want your full name, address or phone number on the Internet for the world to see

Escorts are human beings with feelings; Gossip can be very cutting and damaging to a ladies reputation & Escort Business.  So just don’t do it!

I hope you have found this blog helpful, until next time

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