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5 Tips to make your escort ad content irresistible

Try these five quick and easy escort ad content writing tips so your advert attracts more of your ideal clients. 

Advertising your escort business isn’t easy.

Confusing laws and various crackdowns on online adult marketing mean there are a dwindling number of platforms offering the traffic, earnings, and functionality needed to run a business.

As a result, everyone is piling onto the same directories, which puts a lot of pressure on your escort ad content. 

Writing an escort ad that intrigues and engages your ideal client is a big step in keeping busy. But when you’re not a writer, writing in a foreign language, or simply hate writing, how do you craft a persuasive, original ad? 

I’ve been a copywriter for the adult industry for over a decade and spend a lot of time reading escort website copy and escort ad content.

What follows are five super simple writing tips that I’m confident will boost your escort ad and help you stand out against the competition. 

Five easy writing tips to sex up your escort ad content

Tip 1: Lead with something unique

Headlines are a pain in the arse to write. A lot of information needs to fit in a tiny amount of space, which isn’t easy. But if you want to capture the attention of your ideal client, you need a strong headline that says something interesting about you. 

Rather than leading with the generic, ‘Hello and welcome gentlemen, ladies and couples’, which I see a lot, put your best foot forward by saying what’s different about you.

Highlighting your main unique selling point (USP) lets someone quickly and easily see what sets you apart. For example, your USP could be:

  • where you work
  • your looks or heritage
  • the type of clientele you see
  • a fetish, look or style
  • a unique dating service.

By including a USP in your headline, you catch the attention of the right clients for your business and create intrigue.

Tip 2: Highlight benefits over features

Listing out your personal features, or the features of your services, is kinda helpful to a client. It tells them in very simple terms what to expect. A list doesn’t help someone build a connection with you. To do this, sell the benefit of the feature and answer the question every customer asks, ‘What’s in it for me, and why should I care?’

Taking your advert copy to the next level means understanding how features benefit your audience. How does it make their life easier? Better? Sexier? Here’s an example.

One of my unique selling points is that I’m fluent in French, German and Spanish.

This is interesting, but why should my client care, and what do they get out of this?

Here are a couple of ideas.

  • I’m the perfect companion for clients travelling to France, Germany or Spain. 
  • I can use these languages in roleplay or satisfy exotic fantasies.

How about highlighting the benefits of physical features? Let’s take a popular one: legs. How does the fact you have great legs benefit your client?

  • You look great in short skirts and heels, which your client enjoys looking at.
  • Having great legs means you invest in lots of high-quality, sexy hosiery, which could be a client fetish.

When working out the benefits, put yourself in your client’s position. Think about what’s motivating them to seek out your services. This is known as empathy marketing. It’s your chance to show your audience you “get them”.   

Tip 3: Check your writing is easy to read

Long, complicated sentences are hard to read. You can help your clients digest information by:

  • keeping sentences short
  • using words of two syllables or less
  • limiting paragraphs to four or five sentences
  • split up large chunks of text with subheadings.

Use the Hemingway app to check how easy your writing is to read and understand. The app grades your writing and highlights complex sentences. 

Tip 4: Tell your client what to do

A call to action is vital for moving a potential client towards booking. Someone reading your ad shouldn’t need to ask, ‘What next?’ when they reach the end of your copy. Tell them what to do.

Should they text you, email you or phone you? What information must they include when they contact you?

A clear call to action removes the potential client from having to guess or assume what you want them to do. They shouldn’t have any anxiety or fear about saying or making a wrong move. 

Tip 5: Check your ad for errors

The very last tip is to check your advert for mistakes. One or two slipping in isn’t a big deal. We’re human, after all. But adverts that don’t make sense can turn clients off. If writing isn’t your thing or you’re writing in a second language, edit your copy thoroughly. 

My quick pointers on editing 

  1. Once you’ve finished writing, step away from it for a few hours and return to it with fresh eyes. 
  2. Read it out loud. Finding mistakes and sections that don’t make sense is easier when you’re forced to say it aloud. 
  3. Print it off and edit it on paper. There’s a tendency to scan read when editing on a screen. Printing it off and reading it on paper slows the process down, making it easier to find errors. 

Revamping your Escort Ad Content

Rewriting your advert isn’t a 10-minute job.

Crafting a strong headline, identifying your USPs and working out the benefits of your features can take hours. Maybe even a whole day. And that’s alright.

Putting in the work so your advert is strong, clear and concise will always pay off in the long run. 

If it all feels a bit overwhelming, there are two ways I can help.

  1. My free copywriting service for sex workers. I’ll give you feedback and some ideas on your copy, but you still need to make the changes yourself.
  2. Hire me to write your escort ad content or escort website content. Working on website projects is how I met Sarah, who I’m currently working with to create a very special website offer which we’ll share with you in the coming weeks.

Feel free to contact me to let me know how you get on. Or leave your questions below and I’ll be happy to help.

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