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Hi I’m Sarah

I started Sarah’s 2 cents Escort Blog in 2016 to share my industry stories and knowledge and to shed light on some of the struggles I faced daily in a stigmatised business over the past 20 years.

My little Escort Blog grew a lot over the years, but in 2023, after not having written a post in about a year, I decided to merge Sarah’s 2 cents blogs into the Agency Atlantic Blog.

I write the occasional rant.  When I see bullying, bullshit and misinformation on Twitter it can set me off. Still, mostly I try to educate and empower the escort industry in the topics I have knowledge, experience and skill.

I say things I believe in and back things up with well-researched facts and personal experiences.

I often write the things nobody else wants to say publicly. Hence the name of my blog Sarah’s 2 cents, it’s my 2 cents and I hope you find it helpful.

I hope you enjoy my little dinky escort blog

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Sarahs 2 cents Escort Advice Blog

About Me

I have worked in various capacities in the Escort Industry since 2000. Prior to 2000, I was in IT mainly working as an analyst/programmer primarily in Banking and Finance. 

I started my IT career in Web Development and Digital Marketing when the internet was kinda new. When you had to dial in and wait about 10mins for a page to download and that was a fast connection LOL

My first computer was an Apple IIC, then I went to a PC with Linux, this is before Microsoft made things easy with Windows and a mouse and stuff like that.

Whilst I am a total computer nerd, I love data and stats, I have also lived in the Escort world for a long time

I have learnt a lot, some good, some bad, some damn ugly.  I have stuck around a long time so I obviously like it here 

The Adult Industry has been a big part of my life, I learnt long ago to have it as a part of of my life but not my entire life.  It can be all-consuming if you let it

I have been in the Escort Industry long before social media, and escort directories, and long before anyone was out and proud to fight against the stigma and advocate for human rights and decriminalisation. 

We all just snuck around back then not telling a soul what we were up to or where we were going.  The only person that was our agency and the escorts we worked with.

I guess that’s why you won’t find me on social media with my face out, it’s not really something I have ever done and not comfortable ever starting to do either. 

I have always been a private person, so I share written words rather than get on youtube or Instagram Stories. 

I am aiming to break out of hiding with some Zoom Webinars in 2021 but let’s see if I can push myself out of my comfort zone and actually do that

I am the founder of Agency Atlantic Escort Agency (now closed).  Atlantic Companions as we were originally named started in 2002 and became one of the world’s first international touring agencies.

Whilst I think we were the first but I am not 100% sure and I don’t want to make a false claim it was so long ago…

I know we were the first agency to tour Dubai and Singapore not to mention a lot of other countries in Asia. I remember being told ‘wow you are brave coming to Dubai, we never get escorts visiting here but you can meet ladies at Cyclone’

Whilst living in London (2000-2012) I worked for a big name digital agencies and that is how I met my former husband. Together we built a digital agency that handled many well-known clients in the music and entertainment industry

I founded Digital Minx a UK Digital Agency that created websites and managed digital marketing for Independent Escorts

I created Atlantic Management which offered PA services, admin, websites and digital marketing services for Australian Privates

I was working with multiple businesses on brand, digital strategy and SEO. I closed my Escort Agency and repurposed the domain into Agency Atlantic Digital

In 2018 I opened Agency Atlantic Digital to assist adult businesses including Directores/classifieds, Brothels, Adult Massage Parlours, Escort Agencies and Independent Escort with Digital solutions

I closed my escort agency to focus on my Digital Agency as that is the work that makes me happy and I am too old to do work I don’t enjoy

Escort Industry Changes

Things have changed greatly since I started in the Escort Industry over 20 years ago

Society is far more open to sex work which makes it easier in some ways and much harder in others.  Back in my Heyday Escorts looked a certain way, dressed a certain way and acted a certain way

Escorts didn’t have social media, followers, fans, side hustles of camming, or onlyfans.

International Escort Tours are now quite commonplace

There are dozens of advertising options and a few thousand escorts touring each year internationally.  

The industry is now everyone doing their own thing and is run by directories, back in my day we all worked with agents so there wasn’t the level of timewasters there are now. Idiots never got to text us as the only person with our phone number was our agent. 

When I was an Independent I was email-only to start with then I became calls only with a redirected number. There was no SMS and no WhatsApp, which is where I find 90% of the timewasters lurk, on free apps & SMS

If you are interested in International Touring please read my post on International Touring Tips

Agency Atlantic Escort Agency was a digital-only Escort Agency for almost 2 decades ago

All admin staff and all the escorts we represented worked remotely.  We didn’t need an in-house premise where girls waited or were expected to turn up for shifts.  We have always relied on the web and technology which is now the work I help businesses with via my Digital Agency Agency Atlantic Digital

My Escort Blog History

2016-2018 I wrote a lot about running my agency including personal blogs about some challenges I faced in the industry with things like bullying, stigma and whorearchy.

My blogs are written about things that happen during my day, things that are bugging me, answers to questions I am repeatedly asked or the truth to rumours that I want to dispel.

The Escort Industry can be pretty bloody brutal.  Whilst people would try to have you believe it’s a community… It’s a bit of PR more than reality, it is cliquey and the cliques often bully the others.

Prior to social media I personally found the industry was much nicer, now there is so much fighting on Twitter that it’s embarrassing.

Escort Advertising

In 2018 I did quite a few posts on Escort Advertising.  The closure of Backpage Cracker and various other escort directories sent the entire Escort Industry into a bit of a tailspin.

In 2019 I am writing a lot less but more focused on digital marketing, SEO and Web Development as that’s what I am doing in my day to day work and the things I am excited about.

Escort Web Solutions

Web solutions and digital business strategy are the work I enjoy, am very experienced in and have been doing most of my adult life.

I write in the hope of empowering others, teaching something new and helping escorts understand some concepts that are not really covered publicly on the internet

I always write for an International Audience even though of late a lot is Australia related as I am now based in Australia

I copped a lot of hate when I came to Australia for labelling my business as an Escort Agency when really my business has always been managing people and creating web solutions.

I don’t think anyone really knew what my job entailed nor did anyone ever ask me. They labelled me a pimp and a person taking advantage of others. Nope, my career has always been to help others earn more and be safe and supported.

Many Australian Escort Agencies are stuck in the olden days and have not changed with the industry, in the past 20 years, wow the escort industry has changed a lot!

Tech & SEO Nerd

I read a lot of Tech blogs and SEO blogs.  At the moment many of the blogs I write couple these topics I enjoy and in which I have many years of experience — SW for almost 22 years — IT/Tech nearing 30 years — SEO for 12 years

Prior to and also while I have been Sarah, my career, studies and interests have always been IT and Internet-based.

I have worked on many industry-related projects as well as real-world projects. I have been a trainer and taught IT courses at TAFE and various colleges across Sydney.

I was a nerd long before it was cool lol I love tech, data and problem-solving; Statistics make me happy

The Escort blogs I have written (not the guest blogs) are my opinion and I add well-researched facts, statistics and data.

My blogs are not written with the purpose of upsetting anyone nor is my advice definitive or me thinking I am some great expert.

It’s just me writing how I see things.  As the saying goes ‘opinions are like a**holes, everyone as one’

I hope you enjoy reading my Escort Advice Blog

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My Areas of Expertise

  • The Escort Industry
    I have worked in the Escort Industry since 2000
  • Escort Advertising
    With 20 years of Industry Escort Industry Experience, I have seen a lot of Escort Ad sites come and go.
  • Digital Marketing
    I have worked in Web and Digital Marketing for 30 years
  • Web Development
    I have developed a lot of sites, including this one. I created my first website in the 90s
  • Escort SEO
    Is one of my passions and also my day job
  • Life
    I am in my late 40s and lived a pretty full life of ups, downs and everything in between. I am a positive person so see the glass half full & always look for a solution to any problem (after I have a good cry first)