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20 years Escort Coach Experience

As an Escort Agency owner, I began coaching escorts and agency staff in the UK in 2000. In 2018 to offer Escort coach sessions to all escorts and to other business owners and staff too!

Knowing this industry well allows me to do two things, relate to my clients but also teach them how to succeed.

I started coaching escorts when I started my agency, empowering the ladies I worked with knowledge. Back then it was things like safety, how to deal with bullying also things like money management and provide them with quality recommendations for services such as accountants.

I have always loved to teach and I began teaching IT subjects in the 90s. I have always mentored my staff as I am old, have a lot of knowledge that I like to share and empower other

With my digital agency clients, I provide a 1hr training session for all new website owners but often with done for you services, once the services are done, the contract ends.

Not everyone is good at coaching, training, teaching, mentoring; whatever name you wish to give it.

Knowing something and teaching something to others are two very different things but I have always had the patience and passion, so can very much get anyone on the right track.

I absolutely love mentoring because what’s better? Giving a person a fish to feed their family for a night or teaching someone to fish so they can feed their family for a lifetime… Coaching is like that except with me, there is less fish.

During our mentoring sessions, you will gain clarity and confidence in commandeering your website and other areas of your digital marketing. You can let go of that “out of your depth” feeling and become in control of your brand.

Take the reins and elevate your business! With my guidance and expertise, I can help you get to the level you want to be.

There’s nothing quite like feeling that “you’ve got this.” And you do! With my help, you will see it before you know it!

What you can expect from an Escort coach session?

  • Support 100% of the way!
  • Gaining clarity and confidence in your business decisions and having to wonder “what if”
  • Industry strategic tips and tactics that will help you out of your funk
  • Tap into this Escort Industry Font of Knowledge and use it to help you
  • Work towards growing your Escort Business in a sustainable manner

If you’re someone who is eager to learn but aren’t sure what to learn or how, then these packages are for you.

You will learn about an integral part of building a brand and using marketing as an integrated driving force to do so. We don’t simply tell you to slap on a logo, create a mood board and get into FB ads…although they are cogs in the marketing wheel, you need to learn the fundamentals of getting visible online. This takes time, effort and tried and tested strategy.

That is what I’m here to teach you, how you can integrate the fundamentals of marketing into your business so that it sustains visibility instead of becoming a one hit wonder. How do you build that brand that builds into something iconic for years and doesn’t flicker in weakness the moment a new tool on Instagram is launched.

Are you ready to get into the nitty gritty of your business and elevate your business to new heights? Let’s go!

Is Escort coaching for you?

Every day the questions ramp up and you can’t find the answers. Google doesn’t help much and if you did find a gem of a page like Sarahs2cents or our Advice Blog, but it probably doesn’t quite fit what you are looking for.

I get it, you are an individual and you want your business to be taken seriously.

You don’t just want to swim amongst everyone else instead, you have the confidence to propel yourself and coast above.

Right now you’re coasting at the same level and you have hit the ceiling.

How do you break through it? How do you keep growing and not let it deter your confidence?

You don’t have time to be searching for the answers and sometimes you just need a little guidance to point you in the right direction.

Why walk through the dark when you could have an Escort Business Coach right by your side?

Someone who understand the ins and outs of the industry and has bonus digital marketing expertise to make you visible amongst all of the noise.

In our sessions, I will help you cut through the noise and position yourself, your business and your brand in a way that has all the eyes looking at you. Let’s turn some heads today!

My Expectations of you as your Escort Coach

This is not a walk in the park and there is no silver spoon in sight.

Building something important is hard and anything that appears hard is worth the fight.

At least with my guidance you will be equipped for the adventure rather than stumbling around not sure where you have landed yourself.

In saying that, for this, to work, I require an understanding:

You will work as hard for your business as akin to the effort I am investing into you. There is no point talking and guiding when the action taken is still at an all-time zero. For this to work, we need to try methods that suit you as a business owner.

Give it a go, that’s all I ask. Confidence may not be your strong suit but at the very least have confidence in me and in what I can bring to the table.

To see the progress you need to progress (it’s funny how that works), so between our sessions you need to take action so that when we meet up again we can build on top of the marketing strategy we have already put in place.

Digital Marketing 1:1 Consulting

Let us help you do the thorough analysis you need, gather the right information and conduct the best research which will achieve your best outcome. 

Personal and professional website consulting helps you identify the best solutions to achieve your desired website goals.

If you’re unsure where to start or perhaps how to level up then why not choose supportive and personal website design consulting.

During this process, we’ll delve into your business to unravel your goals, requirements, and what tech and other tools are missing so we can achieve more business for you.

Which Shoe Fits?

Escort Coach packages

Don’t let the overwhelm get to you. You now can have someone in your corner who is there to support and guide you so you never have to feel overwhelmed again. You will always be assured that you are making the right business decisions.

We will take you step by step through what goals you want to achieve with your site, what content and functionality you need, what resources you need to gather and look at the best platforms and solutions for you.

  • Brand Strategy; how to stand out in a crowded market
  • Plugin research; add functionality to your website to enhance your offerings
  • Business options and processes
  • Website Prep; what type of website, content you need, what you need in place before you engage a web designer

Available via Zoom or Skype

Meetups are available in Sydney in person are available on certain dates only. Dates are announced via our newsletter and also on Twitter.

1hr $150

Book Now

Ask as many questions as you wish about your escort business and the industry. Anything you need can be discussed.

Some topics we can discuss are how to tour, bullying, difficult clients, your brand, money management, personal safety, self-care, client screening, taking deposits, websites, web development, SEO, and more!

2hrs $300

Book Now

I am on hand to answer all your queries as well as teach you the secrets of running a successful escort business & digital brand.

This package includes a maximum of 5hrs of coaching per month

Please book 4hrs using our online booking system

$750 per month

A great service to use for a month or more when starting an Agency or Directory. Have our full support, business and digital services.

Learn to use various tools to help you manage your online business, manage staff, how to promote, write copy and much more.

$1500 per month – please book 8hrs using our online booking system

This package includes a maximum of 10hrs of coaching per month

Ready to Elevate and Grow your Business?

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