Escort Jobs

Escort Jobs: ‘Become an escort and earn $10,000 per week’

You regularly see advertisements for Escort Jobs online on websites like Locanto claiming that ladies and gents can make a small fortune as escorts

These Escort Jobs ads are often placed to dangle a carrot to get naive newbies to take up escorting so that a manager or pseudo agency can take advantage

Not many girls make $10,000 a week, many don’t make $1000.  Nobody can guarantee earnings or even estimate what an escort may earn

I have heard many complaints about operators taking escorts money yet providing them with very little in return.  

Research and when you think you are done, research some more

A dodgy operator rarely cares about safety so essentially you are putting your life at risk with the choice you make. I have heard some horror stories over the years.  Ask questions at your interview about the safety measures in place by the agency

Does the agency have a name & a website?

If not, why not?  Escorting these days is all online, an online business they will have a website.  An online business without a website? I don’t think so…If they don’t have a website are they really a legit business? If no website, don’t waste your time

The only agency types who are legit and have no online footprint are the really high end, old school madams.  They work via social introductions only. I worked with 1 many moons ago. To work with her you needed to be a published model with a degree….  All her clients were extremely wealthy and rates were very high but her clients were fussy as hell too. No way in the world could I see her placing a locanto ad & dealing with regular folk ha

If they do have a website but it looks old or hasn’t been updated in ages

Move on.  An online business without regular updates is pointless is.  A good online business works on their website regularly. I work on my clients websites almost every day

Check Whois.Com

Check the domain age of a website to see when it was registered, how many years they have been in operation and who is registered to

Check for online reviews

Legit agencies will have reviews on line somewhere. Captain69, Punterplanet, TER are just 3 sites that I know have Escort Agency Reviews

If you are in Australia you can also check ASIC

All legit Australian businesses will be registered as companies and listed with ASIC so ask the company name you will be paying

If there is no business name, company name or website then it’s a possibly a scam and not an agency

Accepting bookings via SMS or pretending you are a private escort

There is a growing trend to promote ladies as private escorts and for someone to pretend to be the escort.  Managers/PA/Agency/whoever will take bookings via SMS or free apps such as WhatsApp.

This is an unsafe practise

I have almost 20 years experience booking escort meetings and I cannot fathom how anyone can be sure that the person on the other side of the SMS is a legit booking

Anyone can send an SMS, It could be a prank, a scary gent or a wife.  If you are paying a fee to an agency, make sure they have your best interest at heart and your safety is paramount

I know some people say ‘but I have an SMS to show the police if something goes wrong’ – if something has gone wrong you may not be able to go to the police.  Your safety should come first

The role of an agency is to work for the ladies represented by the agency

Ladies do not work for the agency, an agency is not an employer. Ladies employ an agency to work for them not the other way around

I happily worked with an agency in London for years before starting my own in 2002. I also worked as an independent escort but I personally found agency suited me better as I was in full time employment and they were able to screen & book meeting whilst I was at my day job

I worked with established, credible Agencies.  The support, advice and mentoring I received helped me become a reputable in-demand escort and shaped the way Agency Atlantic was created and is managed.

I started escorting when I was scammed by an independent escort, I believed what I was told, didn’t do any research and I put myself in a dangerous situation.  

Once upon a time, I was young and naive and whilst my situation happened many moons ago I still remember the first night of crying myself to sleep

If you pay Commission you are not a private escort

A private escort manages herself and her own brand pays her own ads & runs her own phones & twitter.  If a private Escorts has a PA her personal PA will work for her under her direction and is paid a salary or an hourly rate like a regular PA

Have you ever heard of a Lawyer’s PA being paid a commission?

If you are paying a percentage in commission and someone else is doing all your admin & phones and telling you what do to, you are not independent escort

An Escort Agency is public about being a business that promotes itself as an escort agency.  If you are not working with a business you could be working with a pimp.  

Never pay an escort agency a joining fee

No reputable escort agency will charge you a joining fee.  Instead, they will charge you a commission on any work they get for you. This means the agency is not paid until you get paid first

Never pay an agency for extra promotion

If an escort agency signs you up for free but asks for money to ‘maximise your profile’ – walk away, the commission paid by escorts is used to pay for marketing and other business expenses

Escort Photos

A reputable agency will probably ask you to pay for a professional photoshoot – please check out my blog on Escort Photos that discusses the Australian laws of photo copyright & ownership. The laws are different from what I thought they were until I researched them

Female owned agencies are best

Over the years there have been some really gross guys creating websites for various awful reasons. Some created by a sleazebag who wants to take photos of half-naked ladies.  If the agency owner is male & wanting to take photos of you in your underwear or naked, run for the hills. Same goes for if they request a tester session. Yuk yuk yuk

I remember years ago in the UK a new agency site was being promoted and it looked great.  Very professional. Ladies who applied were contacted soon after by the owner saying that he had an amazing client for them; An overnight that was on the credit card.  

It turned out that the overnight was with the guy who created the site, the ladies were never paid!  Such a horrible scam. Many ladies were caught out thinking they were going to make £4000 for an overnight with a high class agency but they received nothing

Escort jobs – How to  pick a good agency

A well advertised agency is a good start.  A reputable agency will spend thousands of dollars a year on advertising. A good agency will be reviewed and be transparent in the way they operate and they will have an up to date website (current information, real photos – you can check for real pics using google images or If an agency is using fake photos it shows they are happy to be dishonest.  You don’t want to be going to a client and he turns you away because your photos are not you.  It’s embarrassing to say the least!

A good agency site will be created with the client in mind – Escort photos and details will be publicly accessible without the need for site login.  The sites asking for clients to sign up for $1000 to gain access to top international models, they are usually scams

Expect a face to face interview! A good agent will have a regular client base and a reputation to keep up. They will want to see you in the flesh, get an idea about your personality, talk you through what is involved etc.

Be up front with them from the start, do not tell them you are 28 when you are 38 or send them photos that are 10 years old.

Last but not least, remember there is no such thing as a non-sexual escort agency. Men do not pay hundreds of dollars to buy you dinner or take you to the theatre. Anyone telling you they run a no-sex escort agency IS A SCAMMER.

I wrote a Blog listing questions to ask at your interview ‘Escort Agency Advice

I hope you have found this blog helpful, until next time

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