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Escort Marketing

Escort Marketing has become a lot tougher since April 2018 when SESTA/FOSTA hit. These USA laws caused many advertising platforms to disappear.

To combat this lack of marketing and promotional spaces, Sexworkers are creating their own websites.

I wholeheartedly recommend having your own website as part of your escort marketing strategy, I also recommend having your own search engine optimised (SEO) website that is ‘on brand’ so that your site can be found by people who are looking for you

If we look at how clients search; most new clients will use google search. Gents who have been around awhile may use google search, a directory/ad platform they like, review sites or social media

My apologies in advance for the length of this blog, once I got started writing all the ways that BS is sold to an escort & adult businesses, I really got my rant on & could not stop writing; I have added a table of contents so you can see my rant in short form haha

Escort Marketing, It’s a jungle out there!

Let’s talk about my favourite subject, SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is optimising a website for search engines to increase organic traffic.  Or even more simply, setting up a website in the most effective way for google (and other search engines) to process its content and show them on their search pages

The higher a site is shown on the search page, the more likely it will be that page is viewed

Closer to the top on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) = More visibility, More traffic, MORE BUSINESS.

You can read more on SEO via this google page which also gives you a link to their SEO starter Guide

SEO is Technical

SEO is not something you simply add to a site, then away you go to page 1 on google.   

For adult services, SEO is neither simple nor easy. One of the many things needed for SEO is backlinks yet these can be hard to get as nobody wants adult content on their platforms anymore. It’s estimated that there are 200+ things google looks at when ranking a page. Google gives us the best practises but well… Google also blatantly lies and makes a change a day to keep us on our toes + a couple of massive changes each year to shuffle things around a bit

SEO is a lot of work

Content, Headings, Images, Brand, UX, quality of the hosting, quality of the coding, site speed, social media signals are just some of the 200+ things that are used by the search engines to rank websites.

Most SEO’s (the title was given to people who do SEO) have a niche & mine is Escorts and Adult Businesses.

You don’t pick your niche from a list, you learn your niche through experience working in your niche. I read SEO research daily but as nobody uses adult as case tests it means I need to test theories myself

I test using my own sites;, & Atlantic Digital. Each test takes around 1 month for me to to see the results but in some cases, I test up to 90 days.

I recently ruined the SEO of Atlantic Digital with AMP but I am seeing the results start to return now (its been 6 weeks)

Escort SEO is difficult

Atlantic works on website development, strategy & SEO with escort agencies, directories, classifieds, brothels and Independent Escorts.

Our current SEO clients are businesses rather than independents as many independents don’t see the value in paying for a professional website or SEO.

Many create use SAAS such as Wix or SquareSpace which are fine as long as these platforms don’t change their Terms & conditions and ban adult content. Wix & SS are pay by the month services that must be hosted with them, so you can lose your site if they choose to delete you for whatever reason.

If you are going to do your own site on one of these platforms be sure to buy your domain via a domain registration company rather than within Wix in case you get banned.

A site on your own hosting is a far safer option.


An experienced web developer or an experienced SEO will cost more than a beginner

Last year a very rude independent escort I spoke to told me Atlantic’s pricing is too high (FYI we are very reasonable). She said could get a website done site on freelancer for $300 and $200 a month for SEO services.

Whilst this is correct it doesn’t mean the site will be a great on-brand design or get to page 1 of google. Maybe it will? I wish her luck

I read an article that said my favourite SEO expert charges $25,000 for a consultation if he takes you as a client his retainer is $10,000 a month. The work his team does on a site costs extra

A $99 a month package will not yield the same results as a $10,000 a month spend with a top SEO company.

Brand name companies you see on page 1 may be spending over $100k a year to be there. Some would be spending $1million+ annually

But being page 1, position 1 would create millions in revenue for some companies so SEO offers a very good return on their investment

Some buisnesses have gone out of business due to their lack of spend & time on a great SEO strategy

Atlantic offers Web solutions; Escort Marketing, SEO services, Business development & strategy + lots of other things

A few times every week, I receive email enquiries from all over the world requesting SEO quotes

But before I can quote, I need to do some checks. The results of these checks determine if I send back a quote or if I say no.  

If you haven’t seen the backend of a site before, there’s a lot going on. Even a simple, clean, well-built site can have endless options, settings and features. Coding aside, the combinations that a developer chooses all add up to create what you see on your screen.

Site build is also crucial to SEO

Site build and performance are much more important than the prettiness of a website. The pretty is the easy bit

If a site shows bad performance in one of my checks, it means I would need to go into the backend of the site and fix the build.  

This industry is quite small & a few companies that do adult sites do not want or will not allow others fixing their sites. They especially don’t want their client knowing they are shite at development. It’s awkward, so I choose not to take on these clients.

Many people choose a designer based on the look of previous sites they have built. They choose the designer who showcases the most pretty finished sites or websites which are a style they would like to emulate.  

Generally a graphic designer is not a website developer.  Some skilled people can do both, but do not assume someone is good at both. Designers make things visually pretty but may lack the technical skills to make the site function equally well.

For great SEO results you really need a Website Developer with technical know-how

Website performance is more important than your colour scheme. Google can’t see pictures, Google cares about content and technical stuff

A Developer can build you anything you want on a site, in whichever style you like.  

A developer has technical skills and know-how to create whatever ideas you may have. They are also likely experienced and can help mould your ideas into an even better vision than you had on your own.

When considering who used to build your website I would say go with a developer who has SEO skills or a technical SEO who is also a developer.  A team of 2 or more people, including an SEO and a Developer, also works and may even be faster due to the dual approach.

If you want someone to draw you a logo then go to a designer for that, but for the website build you want someone who has superior tech skills.

Anyways I digress, an email today asking for an SEO quote reminded me I need to finish this blog I started weeks ago:

Escort Marketing, brand, websites & SEO are my work and also my passion.

My Escort Marketing, Website development and Escort industry experience started before the invention of Facebook…  Back in the olden days when you needed a phone line to dial up the internet & there was no such thing as a smartphone! haha

My IT interest started with an Apple 2C, and I went onto using DOS and Linux and Windows 2.0. Don’t look so surprised, Yes I am that old haha

As the saying goes – Knowledge is power!

Many of the Sarahs2cents blog topics are on things I think need to be discussed, or dissected in more honest detail.

I have always, and still do, endeavour to provide information that educates and empowers Escorts and Sex workers.

Sure, Agency Atlantic was rebranded in November 2018 as a Digital Agency but it is a rebrand of Atlantic Management which I started in 2014.

Prior to Atlantic Management there was Digital Minx, which I created in 2006. Digital Minx was a full service solution for UK based Independent Escort Brands (brand, website, SEO, content, styling etc).

Prior to coming to Australia in 2013, I was a partner in a UK based digital agency, offering web solutions to hotels, bars & clubs. That business now has a staff of 10 & represents some great well-known brands.

I have been offering cross industry web services for almost 20 years,  but the Escort industry is my niche.

I have had excellent success with my own escort agency brand, SEO and websites internationally due to my skill-set, persistence, experience and passion for web solutions, online brands & my great love, SEO 🙂

But don’t be fooled; my skill-set and experience has not stopped me from being on the receiving end of an expensive dud.

I estimate at least 80% of Escorts I know (myself included) have been ripped off by a web design company at some point 🙁

Even I have been caught by flashy sales pitch web designers selling me the world but only really providing large headaches.  

In 2013, I had a UK web company build me a new escort agency website. I needed a bespoke and complex CMS as I had staff in 2 offices, most with very limited web experience.  I could have created the CMS I wanted myself, but I chose not to

I was so busy with escort marketing and managing people I simply did not have the time I needed to get the job done

Just quietly, I also hate designing for myself as I procrastinate and waste a lot of time fiddling with things that frankly, I should just leave the f*ck alone! lol   

I researched Escort Website design companies and on the surface, the company seemed proficient but they turned out to be the biggest headache!

They sold me a dream, which became a nightmare

The company had a London office with a great salesman but they had the work done overseas. I ended up dealing with a guy in India who had both, bad English and very few design skills. It was extremely frustrating and time-consuming and in the end, I paid a hell of a lot more than my original quote

The site was poorly coded and working with the company ongoing was terrible! They wouldn’t let me do anything to the site myself, I was not allowed to host it myself. If I wanted a simple change they would charge me a fortune.

They were constantly ripping me off!

They gave me a very limited user profile for my wordpress blog and when I asked them to update the blog to the latest version they said it would cost $400! $400 to press the update button!. Scammers!

When SESTA/FOSTA came in they wanted to charge me $2000 to move my hosting – the site was hosted with them on their hosting based in the USA so I should not have been charged me a cent!  

So finally, I told them to F9ck off & did my own sites. I was in the process of closing the agency so I didn’t even need the CMS anymore. I did my own site that I can update myself, and is on my own hosting.

Previously, I have also used Moist Pixels in the UK, to build me a site.  Matt was great to work with & it was a bloody good site! It did everything I needed it to do, and had a nifty little CMS that my agency receptionist had no problems using.  

I was allowed to host it myself & play with the coding under the provision of ‘if you break it, you fix it or you have to pay to get it fixed’ which suits me fine as I can code.

I need to make it clear, my grievance is not with legitimate services, with skill sets that are chargeable and fair.

My grievance is with the scammers!

Those who seem to think that this industry is loaded, so delivering a $3000 website that doesn’t work is completely acceptable.

Let me tell you now. It’s not! It’s not OK!  $3000 is a lot of money!

Recently, I have worked on a few sites created by Escort Website Companies that promote in Australia.

2 of my escort friends asked me to look at their sites as they thought they were a bit slow (YES they were appallingly slow!)

I was shocked when I logged in, and saw both dashboards of these wordpress sites. They were sh*te!

Friend 1’s Site – I would score…

  • 1/10 for technical skill
  • 4/10 visually
  • Created using a glamour themes template which are fine if you are doing a site yourself and you have no design skills
  • Apparently this site is worth $3000

Friend 2’s site – I would score…

  • 5/10 for technical skill
  • 8/10 visually
  • My mate has great taste and she designed the entire thing they just put it together
  • Apparently this site is worth $2500

A new client came to me last year asking for help with her site. Her “website” was essentially a landing page with a video and she had spent $4500 so far…

I would score it…

  • 7/10 technically – It was very basic. Luckily for her, basic meant at least it was fast!
  • 4/10 visually – The design was not even close to being on brand, and did not suit the escort at all. Everything from the colour to the design was ugly and dated.

I knew I was “technically proficient” before I got a chance to look at these sites, and explore their build in detail. After all, I am obsessed with SEO and to rank high you need to care about the technical build & hosting quality etc

On the design side of things though, I had never considered myself to be particularly amazing and I was fine with that. It turns out, I’m actually better than I thought! Haha

Being a technical SEO means things like site speed & UX are important to me

I prioritise and see the value in anything that is a ranking factor.  

There is little point in having a website if search engines won’t index it and/or it doesn’t even rank for your own name!

Let’s have a change of pace… A snippet of history…

Many moons ago, I started my corporate career in IT. At the time, the internet wasn’t really a thing lol there was no wifi. It was only dial-up! (many of you may not know what that is lol)

This IT/Website/computer thing has been a part of my life and career for a very long while.

I have a degree and other certifcations in IT, I have taught IT courses and I regularly do workshops for my clients at their premises and love teaching people tech stuff 1-on-1

A lot of what I know was learnt from taking the time to do personal daily study, as well as throwing myself at life and getting first hand experience.

I learn a lot by listening to others in the industry too. I personally have zero interest in social media. The best social media teachers for me have been young escorts, they know all the apps & the cool stuff

I am not a know it all. I do not know everything, and definitely consider myself to still be a student.

30 years of IT knowledge packed into my brain does help make learning easier though.

What that 30 year old brain encyclopaedia does, is show me and help me understand exactly what I don’t know.

I then know where to go or what to do to find the answers, data or information.

For success in SEO you need both technical SEO and UX experience

This means that although I fiddle, it’s got a purpose in a way (or so I tell myself lol)…

To keep Sarahs2cents on page 1 of google is daily SEO work. Writing 1 blog post takes me forever as I am an analytical/maths brain person & I struggle with writing . I write & re-write some sentences a dozen times – This blog is now at edit number 30….

I have worked on a vast number of Escort Marketing, web develpment & SEO projects. Amongst them, more than a few directories.

I have to say, SEO is the one thing that I just cannot get enough of!  

As someone who personally offers Adult Marketing, Brand and SEO services, I believe you have to have a passion for it. Why? Because it’s F8cking hard to do. Even harder to do well.

Google uses an algorithm to decide how search results are chosen and organised in what order, to be shown on Google Search Engines.

The problem is, Google doesn’t tell us what the things are that it is looking for.

Great SEO is “niche specific”

For example: If a real estate agency came to me wanting SEO, I would not be the best person for the work.  If a Porn Star wants SEO on their porn website, I would say I am proficient but Escort SEO is my niche! (Fortunately for me many porn stars also escort).  The more “niche” your niche is, the better due to less competition.

On a lighter note – here are some of the stupid, out of date, or confusing things I see on Web Designers pages. WARNING, these are sales pitches! They are designed to charm you, while they make money off your believing their BS.

I am making the assumption here that the wordpress designer is not a total idiot….

However, some of the work I have fixed lately it does worry me that some designers are basically targeting escorts with high priced piles of Sh*t

Demystifying Escort Website Packages

Demystifying Website Packages:

A wordpress theme

WordPress is a free, open source framework that powers approx 30% of the world’s websites. Laymans terms: WordPress is the framework used to assist in creating websites. I spending a minimum of 30hrs a week in WordPress. For me it’s great as it’s flexible, has no limits. For beginners it can be scary AF. WordPress is prone to be being slow & clunky if you do not know what you are doing

Custom WordPress Theme

A wordpress site must have a theme. The “theme” provides the framework for the new site within WordPress, narrowing down at least some of the options you could choose. Be aware, choosing a theme is a horribly draining taks if you are indecisive or a perfectionist. There is about 100,000 to choose from! As soon as you change a colour it’s a custom theme, and this is where many escorts get confused.  🙂

Mobile Responsive

WordPress themes are all mobile responsive – They have to be these days! Everyone uses smartphone!  The designer is doing nothing anyways.

Linked to your social media accounts

If you have social media then this is as simple as copying & pasting your social media address into a box & pressing publish. If you can type your login details in, and successfully log into twitter, you can do this yourself.

Customised to your brand

It’s a website… it would be stupid to have it customised to fit someone else’s brand! lol

Contact Form

It’s standard for a site to have a “form”. Basic forms are probably already in the theme, so there is no real work to do here except for entering your email address correctly so it gets sent to you.

Contact Form with Google Captcha

Free Google service that takes around 5mins to add to a website.

A landing page

Also known as a homepage – this is a 1 page website. The space that you “land on” when you search for the site or get sent/directed there through a referral.


Essentially who you rent the “internet real estate” from, where you store your content. Imagine an online storage unit with it’s own address, window display, and different size storage plans. Many web companies take us for a ride with overpriced hosting. I have my clients set up hosting for themselves with Siteground – If you own the hosting space you are in control of your own site.  Siteground is around $6 a month + an annual fee for the domain + domain privacy.

Set up of Google Analytics & Search Console

This is a 5 min job.  I add these 2 to every site I build or work on.  If my client has sufficient tech skills, I will walk them through the process so they can use these tools themselves. They are awesome, and can teach you an incredible amount about your site and the users. The information and data collected from them can be used to tailor many elements of your business and increase revenue.


The Secure Socket Layer. A common security protocol, protecting the user from the company, and both from hackers/those who steal personal details etc. If I was a client, I wouldn’t submit personal screening documents to a site that didn’t have this, I would at least seek an (ideally encrypted) email address instead. If your web design company doesn’t have this, do not pay them especially through the site. They are clueless!

‘Keyword optimised for 3 keywords’

Keywords are exactly what they sounds like. The focus point word, a word of great significance, or even the word that holds the key to, in this case, what that page or site is about.

Here is an example of 4 keywords…. This is NOT how to efficiently use the 4 keywords, but many people with limited experience or knowledge waste them like this.

  • Escort Blog
  • Escorts Blog
  • Escorts Blogs
  • Blog for Escorts

Keywords for Sarahs2cents

As of today, I checked my google console. It’s Feb 25, 2019, and I can see Sarah2cents ranks for 386 keywords in Australia and over 1000 in the USA.

This is my search console for the past 7 days for Australia. The number on the right is the position/rank

Low Priced Escort Website Packages

Low priced and cheap websites are often available via advertising platforms and directories.

What you are getting is a basic template, and they generally act as a way to get you in.

Free e-Books etc are a similar marketing strategy.  The low priced packages are at first, visually appealing, and get you excited about how professional you and your brand is going to look.

The money is nothing major, so you buy it but as you start building and want something that is non generic, it’s “EXTRA”.

We all know how those extras charges add up quickly, and next thing you know you may as well have one that works with SEO for cheaper.

At least then people might end up seeing the pretty site that you got scammed over, or ripped off by.

The sites created by directories do have a use; to help the directories SEO

They aren’t just a cheap, off handed upsell at the counter. They help the advertising site with their SEO.  Each site you buy and, well, “arrange” your information into the boxes they provide, is basically just an add-on to your ad or profile.

Like many cheap things, the terms and conditions of these sneaky sites usually force you to host with them. You cannot have a third party work on the site & improve it, they will usually have their banner all over your site and you cannot remove it as it’s built into the framework or scaffolding.

If a site isn’t on your own hosting, then it can be taken away from you

If the advertising platform goes bust, you can say good-bye to your “website”.

If you have the option to take and store a copy of your website, always do that. Usually though, these cheap pseudo websites are often just landing pages, on expensive hosting, with expensive SEO, working for the advertising site, not you. Leaving you out of pocket, without a product as it is unable to be copied or stored.

If all you read is this part, PLEASE READ THIS PART!

I know this is pretty much another language for many of you, and you may be feeling pressured to sign up with designers or developers to scrape something together and whack online.

Try not to stress, the information is out there! It just needs to be explained again by someone with a different teaching style. In the meantime, spend on the following first or only.  

Things I suggest paying for:

A proper technical design – Your site will not show up on google unless it’s well put together behind the scenes.

Website Maintenance – if you are going to have a wordpress site it is smart to pay for ongoing maintenance to save yourself headaches. Shall we look for you?

SEO – you can have the prettiest site in town but the only people who may ever see it are your friends & twitter followers, your site needs SEO to sing!

Checks you should do

I would suggest checking site performance of designers/developers sites before you employ them

You don’t need to know much, just look for a good score. A’s, high percentages, and green signals.

If testing their own site doesn’t give you faith in their skill, go elsewhere!

This is essentially where they should be “leading by example”, and showcasing their best skill. If their own site is a C-, just think will they be bothered to make your escorting site as good as their own? And do you see yourself, Jane Doe, as a C- kinda escort? I really hope not.

Website performance is crucial  

Ideally, the site should take under 3s to load. On the other side of that, as soon as the site is 10s or longer you will have lost more than half your visitors. They will give up thinking there is a fault, or click refresh, only to repeat the same again.

Finally, see the link below, good old GOOGLE! I can’t wait to get even more value from something I have spent so much time on.

Google announced in July 2018 that site speed is an SEO ranking factor

Sorry this blog is on Escort Marketying is so long but I had a lot to say haha

Until next time

Sarah sign

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