Escort Photographers List

Escort Photographers

Over the past 20 years I have worked with many Escort photographers Internationally. The list below is some of my favourite photographers plus some that have been recommended to me by others within the Escort Industry.

Escort Photographers – Australia

Karl Clifford

I worked with Karl almost exclusively for 4 years. Karl is a great guy, easy going surfer dude and an absolute professional. He has shot with many magazines and knows his stuff. He is very gifted in creating beautiful photos in natural light

Not only are Karls photos beautiful, he shoots fast and gives excellent direction. He is great with new escorts who have not modelled before

Photo edits are done in a very timely manner and everyone I have worked with has been very happy with the photos they received. Karl shoots all over Australia and annually he visits Asia, London and European cities.

Richard Arthur – Sydney

Richard is a well known glamour photographer loved by many escorts and models. I have only worked with Richard once when I styled a shoot for a client in October 2018.

I was really impressed by the level of professionalism from both Richard & his makeup artist. Whilst my client was having her makeup done Richard & I were scouting locations to shoot, discussing clothing & photos ideas.

Richard is very client focused at one point he got out his hammer & built a makeshift studio so we could have the shot we wanted lol It was a full day shoot with no wasted time. Richard kept shooting until my client said she was done

We had a LOT of photos by the end of the day. The escort was given all of them for her use and most did not need any editing. So whilst Richards fee is higher than most (well deserved tho too) the lady has so many photos she can release over the next year, so a shoot with Richard is also good value.

Latex & Lace – Sydney

I have shot with Erin just the once. A lovely lady, easy to arrange a shoot with and very relaxed, her photos are very pretty too.

The 2 escorts I styled for were extremely happy with the results of the shoot

Erin offers excellent photos and reasonable rates, Erin’s mini shoot is a great choice for a first time shoot or if you want a refresh

Gary Santos – Melbourne

Melbourne based Gary Santos is a lovely gent and takes fantastic photos too. I did 1 massive full day shoot with Gary back in 2013 with 4 escorts & 2 locations. It was a 12hr shoot and was very tiring. My brain was very dead by the end lol

Gary is energetic and hardworking and produced great photos for everyone.
I have recommended Gary to a few ladies and they have all been happy with their results

Sam Dickinson – Melbourne

I have never met Sam but I have used his photos on websites and all the escorts I know who have shot photos with Sam say great things

Hello Miss

I have never met or worked with Ryan Pike (hello miss) but I have seen his gorgeous work and heard very good things from all escorts who have worked with him

Evelyn Hunt – Melbourne

I love Evelyn’s photos. I have never worked With Evelyn but I know many people who have & they say wonderful things about working with her. She took photos of a friend of mine & they are amazing!

Kristy (Dirt Erotic) – Melbourne

I have never worked with Kristy but she has taken of a few mates and they are fab. One of my friends raves about how lovely Kristy is & how easy she is to work with

Escort Photographers – International

Escort Exposure – London

I styled shoots with Michael for over 10 years in London. I love him dearly and his work is great too (especially with my styling lol) I haven’t worked with Michael since I moved to Australia but for all the years I did, he always had a large & versatile studio so we were able to be creative & come up with cool photos. Michael is a great guy & very prompt with proofs & edits

Dean Stark – Shanghai

Dean is my newest fave photographer find. He isn’t a new photographer tho and been a photographer for about 20 years. Lovely guy, very chilled, married & not sleazy in the least. His work is excellent as is his work ethic. Fast turn around & quality edits

Chippy – Concept Adult

One of my dearest friends so yes I may be a little biased I guess lol Chippy has over 20 years experience, is very knowledgeable on all aspects of photography & video (he helped me with my blog on photo copyright). Chippy is extremely passionate about Photography.

Photography is his 2nd love, his wife is his 1st but it may be a close call (sorry wifey lol ) hahahaha

I love working with chippy as he is super creative & always gets the shots you want! Some of the videos Chippy has done with me have been the most successful escort brand visuals I have been part of.

A photoshoot & batman video with Chippy was what started it all for Lucie Bee back in 2012 🙂 The video had this amazing graffiti wall that Chippy commissioned & designed with an Australian Artist

I hope you found my post of Escort Photographers helpful

Until Next Time

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