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Your Escort Rates Should be Higher

On every single tour one of our ladies will hear this at least once but often several times

Gents who say this mean it as a compliment but this unsolicited business advice can cause issues so why not rather than give advice give the lady a tip.

If you think a lady should be $1000, pay her $1000

Telling a lady ‘your Escort rates should be higher’ is advice that can create more harm than good

It is wonderful for a ladies self esteem to hear that she could command double her fee. But unfortunately doubling her fee may mean sometimes a lady can be be left unable to pay her bills

Agency Atlantic have been arranging International Escort tours since 2002 so we have a lot of experience in what works & what doesn’t.

Ladies choose their own rate structure but we do discuss and advise if we think a lady will have problems with the Escort Rates she chooses

I remember many years ago a lady said to me ‘everyone keeps saying my rates should be higher’ I tried to explain that in the city she was touring; this was the same as saying ‘thank you, I had a wonderful time and you are a wonderful lady’

The lady doubted what I said; which was understandable as every 2nd person had made out that essentially, Atlantic was doing her a disservice

I told her if she want to change them it’s fine, but I didn’t think it was a great idea.

Her rates were changed for her next tour

She covered her costs but her profit wasn’t great and she definitely didn’t nudge her university debt.

This lady toured during her uni holidays to help pay off a uni debt & have a little holiday at the same time

She thought it was Atlantic so she left & went to different agency who advertised higher rates

5 days into her tour with a different agency she contacted me asking for my help

After 5 days on higher escort rates at the other agency; she had booked 1hr & the tour was going to put her further in debt

She came back to Atlantic on the same rates she had started with and finished her tour happy and with a nice profit

We would love all ladies to be on $2000+ per hour but the reality is that being business like any other, rates are dictated by consumer economics.

To be honest I am often shocked by how even a $50 difference in a ladies hourly rate can be the difference between a successful tour & a total fail

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