Make a Reservation

Please use our online reservation form

  • Initial enquires are via our escort reservation form only. 
  • A working email address &  phone number is required on the form. 
  • We will reply via email & never use your phone number.
  • You will be given a phone number to call to confirm your booking (you must use the phone number as given in your form)
  • Booking via a phone call is available on the days of the tour only
    WhatsApp & SMS are ignored
  • If you are an Atlantic Member or a client who is known to Sarah and you have her number, you are welcome to contact Sarah
  • Reservation forms are replied to within 24hrs Monday – Friday.  All booking requests via forms & emails will require you to phone also.
  • Whilst our procedure may seem strict, it is simply to weed out the insane number of timewasters that message on fake WhatsApp

Escort Reservation Terms is an International Escort Booking Agency (aka Agency Atlantic).  We are not a brothel nor do we have a public office or location you can visit

  • Services Listed have been given to us by the model
    We have her permission to have that information advertised on this website and on the individual model profiles.  
    No services are guaranteed and are at the discretion of the model.  
    You are paying for the model’s time and companionship and any services offered are between 2 consenting adults.  
    The model may refuse any service or include additional services as she wishes. 
    Services may also vary due to state laws.
  • We do not discuss services
    It is the model’s choice what they wish to do during your time together.
    We book meetings, that is our role.
    If a model wishes to list services on her page that is her choice to do so
  • Models set their own working hours, services, rates and the way they wish to be advertised. 
    We work within the parameters the model has given to us.  
    We offer mentoring, advice & support but ultimately the decision on how a model wishes to work is their choice.
  • Some Models may offer incalls in hotels, some offer outcalls only.  
    This will depend on the models’ personal preference, local, state and national laws
  • Cancellations & date/time changes made within 12hrs of your confirmed meeting will incur a $100USD fee
    Payable by Gift Card (you will be given the lady’s choice of card, often it’s Amazon)
  • Hygiene is the most common reason that a lady will not offer certain things.
    Please use deodorant and wash with soap whilst you are in the shower
  • Obvious signs of an STI (warts, sores etc) will have your meeting terminated without refund. 
    Please ensure your health checks are current before you book a meeting. 
    All models we represent have regular health checks please ensure you do the same
  • Details of the escort’s rates are contained on their biography pages.
    If a model wishes to charge extra for particular activities also listed on her page. 
    Please note that extra’s need to be paid at the start of the meeting. 
    Please do not request a free extra from the model, this is very rude and your meeting may be terminated.
  • If you request unprotected sex from one of the models, your meeting will be terminated without refund and your details will be added to our banned client list. 
    It is NOT acceptable to ask for unprotected sex from any person working with Agency Atlantic
  • Models expect travel costs to be added to their outcall rate, you will be advised of an approximate charge when you book.
  • Overnight bookings are generally 12 hours in duration and must include dinner and sleep.
    It is not an ‘all night’ booking.
    Overnights are typically 8 pm – 8 am but can start later if you wish.
    If you wish to start earlier it is possible and will be charged at the models ‘subsequent hour’ rate
  • First-time overnights are outcalls only.
    If the lady chooses, she may invite you for subsequent overnights at her incall
  • Home Visits are not available
    Special consideration may be given to clients that have booked with Agency Atlantic for many years.

Hotel Bookings:

The security of our the ladies is very important so we require the following information from you if you wish to have a lady visit you.
This information is discreetly checked against directory assistance and is discarded once the lady has left the booking.

  • Your Full name and room number
  • Hotel name, Location and phone number
  • Our receptionist will phone you in the room to confirm the meeting; please be in the room when you phone to book

Escort Payment Methods

  • Payment for services should be made in CASH within 10 minutes of meeting. Payment to be made in Local Currency
  • There is a 5% surcharge for Foreign currency. If you wish to pay with a foreign currency please ask the receptionist for the rate when you book.
  • Please do not be offended if your model checks the amount
  • We do not accept Credit Cards, Cheques or Bank Transfers