Escort Website Hosting

Escort Website Hosting

For our clients needing WordPress Escort Website Hosting, we recommend Siteground. This Bulgarian-based company has an easy-to-use Client Panel for setting up your website, emails, and more. They also have excellent customer care for inexperienced users.

My personal preference is VPS, but the setup is much more complex, as is the ongoing maintenance.

Please read below for more details on how to set up an account with Siteground.

Choosing Escort Website Hosting

There are so many options for self-hosting. While VPS cloud hosting is the best and fastest, most site owners don’t want to spend $50+ a month, so our recommendation is shared Server WordPress hosting. We recommend WordPress as it is a great, functional, and flexible CMS that powers over 30% of the internet.

Hosting is confusing as there are so many options, but Escort Website Hosting is even more confusing as not every hosting company allows Escort sites.

You have to read the T&Cs to see if Escort sites are allowed, but as there is so much Tech Jargon and lots of sales pitches that may or may not be true, the learning curve is very steep.

It’s hard to know what you actually need in your hosting plan, Plesk, Cpanel, WP-CLI, SSH access, PHP version control, Git integration… the list of options is almost endless

How much does Hosting cost?

You would think that finding hosting would be as simple as searching Google for ‘website hosting’, but it’s not.

Even when you find a site that allows adult or Escort sites, the hosting quality may be total rubbish, so unless you know what you are looking for, it’s easy to get stuck with a 1-year contract and slow crappy hosting.

WordPress themes

We use developer themes and plugins for all our web development, but if you want to do it yourself, SiteGround has a starter kit of themes you can choose from and edit yourself.

Website Speed

Site speed is vital to your website, and quality hosting enhances it. I suggest buying the fasting hosting you can afford with the best server setup.

At Atlantic, we do all sites in WordPress. A WordPress website or a store is only as good as the hosting solution that powers it.

Not only does Siteground allow escort websites, but it’s also blazing fast, has excellent features, and offers great customer service!

If you are considering getting a website, be sure you get your domain & hosting so nobody can take it away from you.

Atlantic can include hosting in your website quote and build; however, we encourage our clients to do their own hosting.

We create our own and our client’s sites using WordPress because we like its flexibility and functionality. WordPress is great for a simple blog but also for more complex functionality and custom coding.

WordPress Hosting gives you full access to your website.  You can backup everything & store it on my local hard drive. 

Site speed is critical since Google changed to mobile-first indexing in mid-2018 – Hosting plays a part in site speed

For the speed you get with Siteground, it’s excellent value for money. I have worked on clients hosting which has been much slower + charged additional annual fees for a lot of the services that are included with Siteground. It’s easy to set up, and they have excellent customer service if you are doing your maintenance and get stuck

Purchase Hosting

1. Choose your Escort Website Hosting plan

There are three shared WordPress plans.  The startup Plan is all you really need for an individual escort website, whereas GoGeek is best for larger businesses

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website who are starting now
  • The GrowBig plan is excellent for multiple websites. The SuperCacher significantly improves WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for e-commerce and more significant sites and more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration
Siteground signup
Escort Website Hosting 6

2. Choose your Domain

You can buy a new domain or sign up for an existing domain. GrowBig and GoGeek plans include site migration too

siteground signup 2
Escort Website Hosting 7

3. Review, complete and pay

Unlike many other hosting providers, Siteground’s advertised discount applies to any of the initial periods chosen during the sign-up process.

siteground signup 3
Escort Website Hosting 8

Atlantic clients, if you need help with setting up your Escort Website hosting, please give us a call, and we can walk you through the process

If you are not a client of Atlantic, you can contact Siteground, and they can help you.

I hope you found this blog on Escort Website Hosting helpful

Until next time

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