Escorts Move On

Escorts move on

Please don’t pry. Escorts Move on, Escorts come, Escorts go. It’s the nature of the industry

Some escorts start escorting and give up after a week; some work for a few months, some work part time, some do it full time, some do it for years & many do sex work most of their adult lives

There are escorts who interview, are keen as mustard, do their photoshoot and we never hear from them again

An escort makes their own personal choices; it’s none of our business (or yours) why they start or stop.  The role of an Escort Agency or PA service such as Agency Atlantic is to work for the escorts who are currently available

Just because an escort is available today it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be available tomorrow or next week.  An escort may take a holiday, an extended break, retire, move on or maybe our working relationship has been dissolved  

An Escort Agency website is updated daily and website shows who is available and when. If an escort is listed as away, unavailable or is removed it could be for many reasons

Reasons for which are nobody’s business other than the Escort.  If an escort is no longer available sometimes we know why sometimes we don’t

Some Escorts publicly post their retirement or a long break on their website or social media

Others say nothing & just take all their online persona offline

There is a misconception by many that there is some sort of agreement between an escort and an Escort Agency.  Escorting is not a regulated industry, for starters, we all use aliases lol.  When we were operating an Escort Agency we did not have any legally binding contracts, Agency Atlantic is at the mercy of the escorts we represent

Some escorts do resign, but many times we have only known that an escort was no longer working with Atlantic because they have ignored us for an extended period of time lol

We had escorts ignore us for months then make contact saying ‘sorry I had some problems, is it possible you would consider working with me again?’   There may have been issues with stalkers, mental health or family problems. There are so many possible reasons as to why an escort may no longer be listed; way too many to list here

If an escort is listed as away they may be on holiday, they may be ill or just taking a break because they need one. A return date may be a tentative or changing date. When an escort is available the escort will make it known on her social media, website or advertising

Why an escort has been on a break, why an escort is no longer escorting or why they are no longer on an Escort Agency website is not something that needs to be discussed, speculated or gossiped about

When an Escort is offline, even if we know why the answer will always be the same: ‘The Escort is not currently available’. Want to know where she is?  The answer will be ‘We have no idea’.

Escorts move on

So please don’t pry or ask why; it’s simply not your business

Until next time

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