Forced to Choose: Advertising Strong-hold

Forced to choose… Australian Escort Advertising Rules :(

Yesterday I had to cancel tours and bookings for a touring lady which always sux but this was futile and frustrating. Neither the escort nor myself wanted to cancel. The lady was forced to choose by an advertising site, she must choose between us or them.

She was told she can work with Atlantic outside of Australia but not inside Australia?

How can an advertising site dictate how a lady earns?

The advertising site used strong-arm tactics and cost the lady a considerable amount of money.

Due to Australian State Laws, we cannot work within certain states; this Advertising site handles every city & state, this lady is touring Australia wide so the lady had to choose them

The lady is an independent escort who has her own advertising, website, social media and the lady answers her own calls & emails. This lady was also on the Agency Atlantic website and accepting meetings with our clients

We were happy with this arrangement, the lady was happy but an advertising site wasn’t happy so they made us both unhappy :(

The lady is smart, hedging her bets and financially better off working with Atlantic + independently

This advertising site has essentially cost the lady a considerable amount in lost revenue

Our clients won’t book this lady as a private, a lot of clients like the reassurance we give them when they book with us. So it’s a loss that the lady won’t recoup

We have 16 years experience internationally so the lady was able to tap into that experience and learn things she may never have learnt working solo + she had the safety of us knowing her whereabouts & so forth

Restricting an escort’s earning potential and telling her how she must work; isn’t that an unfair trade practice, restraint of trade or something?  Why shouldn’t an escort be able to earn as much as possible?  That’s why ladies escort, to earn money!

Forced to choose by a directory

Advertising is paid promotion. If you are advertising honestly then where is the problem?

In Australia, we advertise with Punterplanet, Available Angels + a few others.  Our ads clearly show our name and logo and make it clear that a caller will speak to a receptionist, not the lady herself

I am sick and tired of hearing in Australia how all agencies are so bad and have so many rules when the only rules we have are – be open, honest & respectful to the staff at Atlantic and other escorts – OMG that’s so awful, so many rules! LOL

We also ask that a lady does her best & we really like people to be on time. Oh and we have a no drugs policy

But we don’t restrict how a lady earns, how could we. We can’t own a person or stop her from making money & achieving her personal goals (which is why most girls escort, to begin with)

The Australian Private vs Agency thing is a topic that drives me nuts

I will save it for my next blog entry with the working title: Private, Agency or Fagency (aka Faux Agency – the agency you have when you don’t want to use the word Agency)  :)

Have a great weekend

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