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As much as I love my job, sometimes I struggle to get out of bed; I want to hide from the world; I want to close the business that I am proud of and I have worked on every day for 15 years.

My job isn’t about me

I support others all day long & sometimes, if someone asks me how my day is, it may be the first time I have been asked that in a week!

I don’t always share my feelings, but I am writing this blog hoping it offers me catharsis. When I am feeling down, there is no time for me to wallow and be self indulgent because I have work to do. If I don’t work then none of the girls earn.  It’s my job to ensure girls are making money and achieving their financial goals, and that they are safe, happy and have a great work/life balance. This is always my priority, ahead of my own needs. I am good at my job, I love my job, I work hard and the girls I work with are lovely; my struggle doesn’t come from them.

Today a client asked me how I was, he said nice things about me and Atlantic Agency. He made a joke about how I must never sleep, as he always can get onto me when he needs to chat.  I started crying (which I know, must seem like a strange reaction), feeling so overwhelmed by how my work doesn’t always go unappreciated. It was so nice to hear especially given how I feel right now …

What I struggle with is the hate I get from random women in this industry- especially women from Australia.  Women who have never met me or even know someone who has met me.  I have heard from numerous clients that escorts have told them not to book with Atlantic and they say I don’t belong in the industry. I don’t understand how that can be, when the industry has been a big part of most of my adult life. The adult industry that has always been my home and the place I belonged, and still belong.

Coming back to Australia, I feel ostracized, like I am a leper and I am treated with disdain. Girls who come to me for advice or when they are feeling blue do so behind the scenes – they don’t back me up for me on social media and ‘Actually, I know Sarah, she is lovely and she helps me all the time’. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do.

These same women who hate me and slander agencies do, however, like the Agency Atlantic website; they particularly like the tour calendar to see who we have touring which city and to see where they might like to go. If Atlantic is doing a tour to a city then they assume it must be paved with gold, but that’s not true. Atlantic has wonderful clients and our tours are primarily for our clients with the occasional new gent. We do our utmost to keep our reputation solid and the girls we represent are amazing so this helps!

I was one of the first online private escorts to tour Dubai and some Asian cities and Atlantic is the first agency to tour regularly in Dubai and South East Asia.  Before Backpage, Massage Republic and the Naughty Networks Websites, these cities were really hard to tour as there were no advertising platforms, no Twitter, no texting or WhatsApp.

It took me endless hours of research to work out how to make these tours work. Once I got the way to promote them sorted, then came the travel arrangements… last but not least, teaching clients how to book.

In many cities clients had no idea how to book or what to do when they met the escort.  They didn’t understand girls were touring solo without a manager, that bookings were taken in London, and many didn’t know what an incall was.  Much of the booking process involved teaching a gent what was going to happen before the meeting, to pay at the start in cash and all that.

The tours we do I did myself as an escort with Atlantic.  I always trialled new tour cities myself to iron out any issues before I would considering arranging for anyone else.

Initially for new cities we would do 0% commission tours for Atlantic escorts until it was at a stage where we could take a fee.  The company would lose money on each & every tour to a new city – but I loved doing new cities. They may take a lot of time to research but I love doing that research, I find it fascinating, learning about new countries, cultures and laws.  It’s also my responsibility to the girls who wish to tour with us to have as much knowledge as possible

I’m hesitant now to outlay the same time and effort, having seen private escorts take the resources I’ve spend time and money on for their own. With cities flooded with touring girls it is making things difficult. It is harder to book new clients who will adhere to our safety measures and the risk to all escorts has increased. The issues with oversupply are starting to creep in, clients are become much more demanding; expecting more services for lower rates are just one of the annoying issues we are facing.

These same women who hate me and slander agencies will apply to Atlantic when their International Tour is failing.   I have around 10 Touring ladies a month contact me.  When I say no, we don’t tour with privates – I receive more hate!

But really?  You think I should give you access to the clients I have known for years?  Nobody ever offers me their clients but I should give a random girl mine…

In Australia, privates say Agencies steal from girls?

As our tours to Asia are 80% regular clients, doesn’t that actually mean we are making girls money? I am not sure how that is stealing?

Being attacked publicly saying I steal money from sexworkers is ridiculous. Atlantic is a Pty Ltd company that offers online promotion, support and many other services for a minimum of 12hrs a day 7 days a week.  The money paid to Atlantic doesn’t go to me personally. That money pays for things like Taxes & GST, Accounting Fees ($5k a year), advertising ($1000’s a month), it goes to wages, it was going to an SEO specialist ($1200 a month) but I am currently doing the SEO myself which I am really enjoying

I don’t dictate how an escort works. I offer ladies support and advice if they want it, but I also respect their boundaries. Girls can say yes or no to any meeting, choose their hours, if a lady wants to tour she tells me where & when.

Everyone that has ever worked with Atlantic and knows me personally know every day I spend time online (most days 8-10hrs) working on the website and ladies ads and making sure that girls have money and they have a good quality of life. I also talk to clients, many of whom I have chatted to for a lot of years and who I genuinely like.

I like schedules, I like spreadsheets, I like stats, I am a fan of organisation and being on time.  I am a helper, I like to see people happy and doing well, thriving in life.  Surely they aren’t things to hate me for?

I wish people would stop hating on me when I have done absolutely nothing wrong but work hard and achieve things I am proud of in the industry I used to love, and where I know I belong

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Until next time

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