9 tips for local SEO

9 Tips for Local SEO

It’s hard to run a successful local business these days without understanding the basics of Local SEO.

Local SEO is an important part of the online marketing strategy for any business, as it can determine how well your website performs in Google Search Results based on a person’s current location.

Local SEO Tips

Create a Google Business Profile

Google My Business is the most efficient way to manage your online presence.

It’s where Google displays information about your business, such as location, phone number, website URL and photos of you or members of staff on site.

You can also add videos and events that take place at your store for a better experience for customers who are searching locally. It’s an easy way for you to manage your business on Google and make it easier for customers that are looking for you.

To get your business on Google you need to create a Google Business account.

If you already have an existing Google Account, all you will need to do is add the business details and verify your location with a physical address or by uploading photos of your storefront that show clearly what type of business it is.

From there, you can use your account to do many more things that will aid in your Local SEO. This brings us to…

Make Frequent Posts on your Google My Business Account

It is important to post frequently on your Google My Business page so that you can create a history of posts and establish credibility for others to see. It is also important because it will keep customers coming back, which means more potential visitors and leads as well.

You can create a variety of different posts, including :

  • A post about the business in general, which may include company history or information on products/services.
  • Exclusive offers for your customers will incentivize them to visit your establishment and come back again. This could be things like discounts on certain days of the week or discount coupons. If you want to offer discounts like this be sure to have some additional posts with details so Google’s algorithm knows about it.
  • Upcoming events and promotions may help to people to visit you.
  • Announcements about new products or services.

Respond To Reviews

It is important to monitor your Google My Business listing and respond to reviews. This will help keep customers happy, which is not only good for business but will also improve your ranking!

Additionally, if you have a customer that provides feedback about an issue with the company’s product or service, this information should be shared on social media sites so other people are aware of it as well.

Even if the feedback received is harsh in nature, it is important to understand the individual’s perspective and provide a response. This helps make your business seem open and willing to work with people to improve the experience.

Have Consistent Citations

Citations are links that point back to your company’s website. They are another way to increase your ranking and visibility in Nowra. Citations should be placed on the directory sites where appropriate, such as Google My Business or Yelp.

Citations should also include links from related articles that mention your company or products within your region because this will help with relevance for people searching for information about companies like yours who offer products and services similar to your own.

You can also get a free citation from Google My Business for each location you have and create citations on high authority sites like Yelp. Artificial or “ghost” citations should be avoided, as these do not add value to your business.

Consistency is key when it comes to linking your site; in order to have a better chance of ranking on Google and other search engines, make sure there are 50 – 60% of the same kind of links from one page to another.

This can be achieved by using a website’s internal linking strategy, either through tagging pages with keywords or creating an “About” section that links back to other sections on your site.

Articles and blog posts are also excellent ways for businesses to get external citations and backlinks, which can also increase your chances of ranking.

Create a Review Page on your website

It’s important for businesses to understand that online reviews are a crucial aspect of Local SEO.

A review page on your website is the perfect place to gather testimonials, as well as recent customer feedback.

This gives potential customers an idea about how they will be treated by you and can help convert them into paying clients!

Its also recommended having a button that links to your Google My Business Review page, so that customers can add their own reviews on Google. This helps to boost the credibility and trustworthiness of your business in Google’s eyes as well as in any potential customers.

Ensure your content is local with keywords

One of the most important aspects of Local SEO is keyword optimization.

This means including keywords in your content that are relevant to your location and its surrounding suburbs so that you can rank higher on Google for local searches related to your location! This includes in your blog posts, in your website’s title tags and meta description tags, on your business listing page (Google My Business), and across the web.

However, you must ensure your language is natural and conversational. If you don’t do this, Google could penalise your site for keyword stuffing.

Create Local Links

A great way to help increase your Local SEO and secure a higher Google ranking is by creating citation links with other sites that are within your local area. Doing so will show Google that you have increased your site’s authority, which could result in better rankings for keywords related to your location.

It is important that these links are unique, not automated, and not done in bulk. When creating these links with other sites, remember to be transparent about your intent.

Options for citation links include:

  • Local business directories (i.e., Google My Business listings)
  • Local newspapers or blogs that have written articles on you (so long as they are reputable sources)
  • Local meetups and events that you have attended
  • Local Chambers of Commerce or trade associations

Have a blog

Having a blog that discusses your business and how it fits in the local region is a great way to increase local SEO. It’s also an excellent method for helping potential customers and clients see what you can offer them in terms of services or products while showcasing your company culture. Mention other local businesses, landmarks, and events that are happening in the area. It’s also a good idea to mention other bloggers or influencers who have written about you as well.

Optimise for Mobile

Mobile phones are quickly becoming the preferred way for customers to search on the go, making it especially important that you design your website builds so they can be well optimized across many devices.

For example in 2019 “Near me” Google searches made using a mobile device increased by 250%.

This means that it is vital for you to design your website builds so that the user experience on both desktop and mobile devices can be seamless.

If you want some more information about how to do this, we have quite a few articles with instructions on how best to achieve a successful website build.

If you work in a local business, then your goal is to grow and maintain customers that are close by.

To help achieve this goal, it’s important for your website to have good Local SEO so people can find you when they search online or on their phone.

By following the key tips we’ve mentioned above, the ranking of your site locally will greatly improve, as well as provide more personalized content for each visitor who comes looking through Google maps.

If you have any further questions or you want help with improving your website’s Local SEO please contact us today so that we can help grow your business!

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