How to monetise Sexwork during this Pandemic

How to monetise during this crisis

I am not an expert in online sex work but I am logical and think outside the box.  I am told I have a knack of finding ways to monetise too

Mostly I help others monetise as I am one of those weirdo’s who is uncomfortable asking for money.

I mean FFS I write and manage a free Escort blog that costs me both money & time haha

I always end up doing way too much stuff for free whereas I know people can sell absolute sh*t for a lot of money without a care in the world.  

No judgement!   I wish I was better at not giving a sh*t but I am one of those people who takes pride in my work and likes to help, see I told you, I am a total weirdo haha

Anyways, you don’t want to hear about my weirdness you want information about what the f*ck to do with yourself during this boring, stay-at-home international crisis. 

Work on your side hustle

Now is the perfect time to work on that side hustle you never get around to.  Start working on that online store you have dreamed of, take that course you never have time for.  

You can only masturbate so much… How can you fill your day or earn some $s when you can’t work your normal job?

How can you earn as a Sex Worker when social distancing laws make it near impossible if not illegal?

Monetise while you masturbate 🙂


I have mates who have made a great living out of doing only fans. It’s open to everyone and if you like creating your own content this is a great platform for you. 

OnlyFans payout requirements are quite high though so this may not be something that helps you immediately.   DMs are monitored so be careful of doing SW business as it can get your account closed. Onlyfans is a platform for performers and content creators

Not everyone wants to put themself out there & go onto only fans but there are other options you can monetise 

Texting Packages 

Clients may want to keep in touch so rather than just text for free you can offer them a texting package.  Texting without payment is unpaid labour if you aren’t going to get a booking out of it. 

Post Pandemic Prebookings

Life will go back to normal at some point so offering pre-paid bookings with a discount may entice clients to book you now to save money later.  

Don’t forget, a lot of clients have financial woes at the moment too so some lesser priced offerings can help clients during this time where everyone is lacking social interactions and/or touch

Monetise Social Media Access

You can turn your twitter to private & request payment for gents who wish to follow you or chat to you in DM. Instagram is a pain so not sure I would try that with Insta or you may get a ban. I know ladies who have lost their Instagram accounts for conducting business in Private Message… Instagram is so PG these days 🙁

Create a snapchat account, make it private & charge for access. If you want to follow me my snapchat is AAsydney I should post more but my days are pretty boring, nobody wants to see pics of me in my hello kitty pyjamas working in my pink office haha

Custom Photo sets or Videos

Photo sets or Custom Videos are things you can send by email. Alternatively, you can add them to Google Drive & make them view only.

There is other ways you can do these things too such as a private members area on your website. Graphic images can be harder to host but a simple membership area isn’t too hard to create with WordPress. Most website builders I have used have password protection for files etc that you can use.

Skype Dates

A great idea to keep in touch with regulars who may be feeling lonely and wish to connect virtually.

Whilst your lovely regulars may be lonely and want some company and are willing to pay for your time & sexiness.

This is also a time for predators & promoters using this downturn in business try to start new businesses targeting Sexworkers.

Expect to see plenty of new ‘helpful’ platforms start during this time. Be wary of promoters offering the world for very little

The cheapo’s & timewasters are bored at home so they are out in force at the moment too.

Being the entitled c7nts they are, they expect your time at no charge. 

Receiving Tips/donations/presents/gifts

Some lovely gents may like to send you some funds as a nice thing to do for you during this time of need.  He may or may not wish to ask you for your bank details or is worried about what you may say if he asks. 

Make it easy for him. Show him where to send you $s in case he wants to remain anonymous and simply be a good samaritan without any fanfare.

Monetise everything you can!

Taking Payments

In Australia, we have BeemIt . Add your QR code to your website and be sent funds quickly and easily.  

If you want to gift me $5 (it costs you $0) please use the code IEGZ9T when you sign up

This is my BeemIt QR Code – Username is @Atlantic – Just in case anyone is feeling generous 🙂

Monetise 2

Other options are bank transfers or Gift Cards, most stores and supermarkets have them.   

Make sure you use a payment that can’t be charged back. This is my pet peeve with taking card transactions, if you get a chargeback you can lose your CC facility. Banks tend to not like SW businesses very much

How to Price Services

As with all sex work, it’s totally up to you how you decide to price your services and the services you wish to offer. Create your own pricing model, there is no need to copy others, it’s your call whether you charge $5, $50 or $500. 

Promote your Services

A pricing page with all your packages on your website is best but if you don’t have a website, you can use a sharable link on Google Drive or Dropbox

Make both the package inclusions & pricing clear so there can be no misinterpretation.  You don’t want clients feeling ripped off and you also don’t want to work for free

NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)

If you are doing sexy on-screen chats or custom videos showing more than you would like to show publicly you may want to have the client sign an NDA.

Some men are utter animals and you want to be sure you dont have an intimate video posted a posted on PornHub. An NDA can help ensure your private moments remain private.

Keep Track of Sales

Keep a spreadsheet of the package a client bought & track everything to ensure he gets what he paid for and ensure he gets what he paid for

If you have any ideas on how to monetise & you would like to share them please add to the comment section below

Until next time

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