New Escort Directories

New Escort Directories – My opinion + some facts

New Escort directories are popping up everywhere!

This blog isn’t to slander new escort directories but to share information that is factual rather than promotional. It is not directed at anyone in particular just new escort directories in general

With the closure of backpage early April there have been so many new escort directories created and promoted.  Sites have been thrown up all over the world in the hope of being the new backpage. Ladies and gents all trying to get a cut of the millions of advertising dollars that we all used to spend with backpage

Even before the closure of backpage I would get a few new directories a week asking for us to sign up; we didn’t need any new directories created last week as there are a hell of a lot of them already

My civilian career is IT, my degree is computer science, I started writing code when I was 16 (almost 30 years ago) + I have almost 20 years in the escort industry.  SEO is my hobby and something I read about daily

In case you haven’t heard of SEO before, it’s short for Search Engine Optimisation, it’s basically trying to get your website to the top of google and stay there when google won’t tell you how lol. It’s a bit of a puzzle, that’s what keeps it interesting :)

I have a background in SEO, IT, websites and 20 years in the escorting industry so this blog is written with some knowledge, not just hot air and promotion (which is mostly what we see online these days unfortunately)

If I wanted a directory I would have created one many years ago; I didn’t create the current Atlantic site as I didn’t have the time. Creating, testing and launching a website is a huge and lengthy process.  I tested the former Agency Atlantic site for over a month until I was ready to put it online and I still hate things about it ha

Escort Website Traffic

Anyways, back to new escort directories;

The past week I have been being spammed many times a day by new sites wanting us to sign up for free.  Most sites give out free listings to start with – the more listing that are on their site means more pages on their site, which is good for google rankings

It’s not about giving free things away, it’s about getting you to sign up so that google can see a site has a lot of pages on it. This is why sites like Scarlet Blue get you to write diaries & blogs, it means more pages and fresh, unique content on the site = better for google

I have seen so many directories come and go over the years.  Most directories don’t last long, very few turn a profit. The hours are very long especially in the first year when the site will basically be all work & no money

I will sign up to some of the new sites to see what they are like but they won’t be putting too much faith in getting any calls or web traffic

Bad name choices, bad design, basically bad everything, these poorly created sites have been thrown together so quickly they are full of holes and future problems.  You only get 1 first impression and these sites show me they have no clue how to run an IT project and possibly have very little business or IT knowledge

A good website takes a lot of planning. You can buy a template but a good site is unique.  I would be embarrassed to release & promote some of the sites I have seen recently. Poor quality and no thought put into them.

Nobody cares about a new site unless it is something special or doing something different. Clients already have sites to use, why would a client want to use one of these new crap ones?

I worry about the security of these new sites.  You cannot build a secure, well-functioning website in a day.

Many of these sites have not been tested very well for the user so how can we trust that they have done all that is needed to do with the rest of the site.  An advertiser only sees a small portion of the site, the files behind what you see is what interests me. How do I know my information is kept safe?

If they haven’t tested for the user how can I possibly believe they are tested properly for security? How do I know who is able to access my information?  Who is going to be able to access the verification photos I send in showing the girls faces? Many of these new sites don’t contain any company information or any legal info. Yeah sure let me send you everything possibly to ruin my life & the lives of others lol

Unfortunately, many websites are poorly designed and not secure, and their users are not aware of the weaknesses until it is too late.

Apparently SW led sites are the ones we should be using but I will be using the ones that bring the most calls & web traffic, those are the ones that are page 1 of google

Why do I care about Google so much?  I care because that’s where the best clients come from.  The new sites may have good social media impressions because they have lots of SW mates and clients retweeting but people looking at the site are different to clients using the site to book meetings

Whilst a hobbyist will know the new escort directories  girls are posting on, they will have social media dedicated to chatting to escorts cause hobbyists spend a large portion of their life trawling escort websites and social media befriending escorts and thinking they are in the ‘scene’. Its their hobby just like some people’s hobby is macrame haha

Hobbyists are not the clients any of us really want as they are fickle as F*ck, if you want loyalty you will get that from guys who use google as they are often new clients or not as jaded as the hobbyist.  Just like everyone in the world, clients using google only really care about Page 1 of google, they rarely venture to page 2 or 3

The ad sites at the top of google more often than not are created by a company with a team of staff being paid to keep the site working well & at the top of google

To run a directory well you need to have staff who are good at business & staff who are good at technology. A 20 year old escort may be able to create a website & run it from her bedroom but will it be what we need long term? Probably not as she will lack the business skills, expertise and experience needed to successfully establish new escort directory.  A directory is a business first & foremost

Even if you have a great team with a full time SEO, it is impossible for new escort directories to the first page of Google quickly. Website age is a factor in how google ranks sites.  It’s called ‘domain age’. If a site was created last weekend it’s very unlikely it will be page 1 of google for at least a year – if at all

Domains (websites) that are registered for multiple years or have been registered for at least two years will score better than a newly registered domain that is set to expire in one year

You can check a domain age by checking a site like  Things you want to be excited by are domain age (older than a year) and Domain Authority (the closer to 100 the better.

Mind you most adult sites have low Domain Authority, so anything over 20 is fine.  Some of the old well-known escort directories that are position 1 on google for a lot of keywords and phrases still only have a domain authority of around 30 as adult sites have problems with promotion as we are blocked from lots of things

Whilst these new escort directories may be trying to get you in with their great sales pitch, or social media popularity, most won’t be around by Christmas

There is plenty of sites that have been online for long enough for google to like them & to have clients regularly using them

For a good list of established escort directories check out my blog of Free Escort Ads

Also use google and see what comes up in the top 10 for words that apply to you and your brand, ‘escort’ ‘escort sydney’ ‘BBW sydney’ etc

If you want a better quality of traffic for your website or fewer ads that are more niche to your brand try to google for things like ‘BBW Bondi Beach incall’ and see who shows up there

We all make the mistake of thinking that ‘Sydney escort’ is the site we want but when there are already a zillion ad sites to compete with targetting more niche ads can be helpful

I hope you found this post helpful

Sarah sign

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