A new Normal - plan for post pandemic greatness

A New Normal

Currently, every day and everywhere we are seeing doom and gloom. Everyone is sharing their thoughts and opinion on the current situation. Our days are so different now but when will this become our New Normal?

We aren’t seeing a lot of positivity. Bad times can bring out the best in people. As I have found, it also brings out some people’s worst but that can go on another blog lol.

A few days ago I blogged on some of the things I am doing to keep busy. Staying Sane in these Stressful Times

I know things seem crazy right now, they are definitely crazy! But its not forever.

In time we will go back to some semblance of our old life and another ‘new normal’. After this pandemic, life will be different, it may not be the same as before but life goes on and I am preparing now for when this is all over.

Will it be a month, 3 months or 6? I really have no clue but I am looking to the future as it helps calm my nerves.


Make moves not announcements

Nobody wants to hear about the cool new things we are doing for ourselves or our clients. It’s not the time to promote or gloat our SEO rankings but it is the perfect time to plan in the peace & quiet of this forced home-stay holiday.

For SEO, now is the time to start new programs, most new site SEO strategies take 3 months to come to fruition. If our ‘new normal’ begins in 3 months, that makes now the perfect time to launch a new idea, obviously if you have the capital to do so.

We are excited to be able to have the time to plan out the rest of the year and be ready to soar when this is all over.

SEO & marketing are all about consistency so whilst it may be tempting to drop your spend, that may put you behind those who pushing ahead & planning for the future.

Plan for a post pandemic New Normal

Some of the things I am doing in preparation for after this over:

  • I am learning new skills (membership sites)
  • I am training staff & giving my staff resources to learn new skills
  • I am trying to get into social media (Nah I still hate it lol)
  • Working on my confidence to go on camera. For a long time, I have wanted to offer Zoom webinars as I love to teach ladies tech. I do a lot of 1-on-1 coaching but being in front of a group online makes me scared.

In the office, we have been doing a lot of the boring jobs we never have time for. We have:

  • Re-organised our email filing systems
  • Cleaned out Dropbox. Do we really need pictures a client shared with us for a website development that was finished 6 months ago?
  • Cleaned up Google Drive and created a content repository. Its amazing how much content I have created in the past and a lot of that can be repurposed in the future.
  • Creating content schedules for us and for our SEO clients

Now the boring jobs are done we are doing some other less boring jobs. Now we are:

  • Improving our 2 websites – Sarahs2cents had a complete overhaul including a new design & new hosting. Atlantic is next followed by my local digital agency (non-adult)
  • Testing new services and creating procedures for these new services we intend to launch in about 2 weeks
  • Working on our newsletter subscribers and new areas of online marketing that we haven’t been actively targetting. We have a Youtube channel now. Nothing on it yet but we have one lol

Giving back:

I am old, saved my pennies and am in a fortunate position where I can do a little something to help others get thru this time. Whilst I have given a charitable donation, I know there is more I can do to help others that doesn’t involve me going outdoors or breaking social distancing laws

I have one idea that I keep coming back to, so we are testing that now and seeing if I can make the tech work that I need to get it online.

Hopefully, I should have an announcement in a week or so of a little helper for all you bored babes sitting at home.

Until next time

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