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Preview Tips from my eBook on ‘How to Make Great Passive Income’

The worldwide pandemic was able to make people think of a better way to make money online. Every niche has improved immensely from this, and so also can a sex worker. 

Earning a superior passive income by improving online offers and services can benefit your business long after the effects of COVID and lockdowns.

In a world where we all have been taught to stay indoors and survive, becoming innovative has become a survival strategy. I have been able to make this existence profitable by creating imaginative products. I have been hard-working enough to actually flourish during lockdowns. I put the spotlight on the following things        

  • Making better money off photo packs of “all-sorts”
  • How to make money with your own personal sexual stories
  • Making rating dicks really profitable
  • How to create a profile that categorically stands out.
  • How to better appeal to your audience’s specific fantasy
  • Creating a Picsexstory
  • Designing a variety of products using CANVA
  • All the while remaining completely anonymous

Being a sex worker is a legitimate hustle that requires a modicum of creativity. My book will teach you how to make far more money virtually, whilst making you stand out. If you follow every rule, pointer and teachings of mine will set you apart and help you make more without having to do so much.

One final note. I am 53 years old, and not “pretty”, “beautiful” or “cute”. I never show my face (for discretionary reasons). I don’t do porn. I don’t cam, do phone sex, or sext. So, if I can make great passive income with those details, I am certain you can too!

I thought I would provide you with one idea out of the many in my eBook. All of my ideas are very different but the one thing they have in common is ease. Once you have “made the product” it’s just copy and paste, or send an email, or a link, depending on the product. Without trying to boast at all (that is NOT what I am all about), I’d like to share with you two monetary examples. In lockdown 4 I panicked (again) and came up with the idea of selling a PicSexStory. Now I coined that name. I have never seen a sex worker offer something like this. It took me about6 hours to create using photos, PicArt and my phone, with a bit of brain power tossed in there for good measure!

Now I put that with some selfie packs and a story (it was valued at $80) and created a $175 bundle of previously made products. I placed ads on Locanto in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. Top ads, costing $45 each under Escorts. From Friday night when I posted to late Sunday evening, I sold 41 units. That was $7175 in 48 hours. Lying on my couch watching Netflix and pressing “send”.

This lockdown 7/9/2021, last weekend I created a “lead generator” and posted it online in my ads on Locanto again. My lead generators (5) took about 1.5 hours each to make and are fun! Last week I sent out for free access to my drobox to view these “free” presentations around 60 links. Out of those 60 emails I had many texts stating they want to make an appointment when lockdown is over. But more importantly at the immediate time, last week those lead generators upsold 23 subscriptions to all 3 levels of my subscriptions equating to $6700. All I had to do was send them a link. I might add, I am not a content goddess! I find it difficult to even take a selfie, so you know, it takes effort. But I don’t want the stress of worrying about money. So, it’s worth it. The BEST thing about this money is, clients simply Beem It, PayID or Osko it and due to my ad, if they do it at 3am, they know I am sleeping and not to expect it until I wake up. It’s awesome.

It all comes back to a story. You need to weave a narrative and then tell it through your video’s, photographs, advertisements, web copy and then of course your appointments. So, your tale has to be something you relate too, you know a bit about, that you can recite easily and work it through all of your marketing and advertising.

HOT TIP: Most sex workers do NOT cultivate a truly great alter-ego. Having a series of lies to tell in response to repetitive questions asked by johns is not a story. That is not your brand.

You can increase your passive income on zero money outlay. Now that’s exciting! Absolutely no monetary output from you. Other ideas you may have to spend some money to make money. It comes back to making your story interesting enough that men want to get to know more about you, and more, and more. So that they cannot get enough of your material. I have learned it is about the small percentage of truly great clientele that is your bread and butter.

So, what can you do right away to start earning more money?

For the purpose of this resource on Red Files I will start with the basic one, and the one you most need to build on ok!

Photo Packs

The first thing I would suggest is to take some selfies and sell them. Yes, clients love professional photos. But they also like selfies. I have sold far more selfie packs than my professional shots. And if you are self-conscious about x, y or z on your body, then you can always download the app, PicArt and tweak your selfies somewhat. Not obviously, but enough to make you feel comfortable sending them.

Take an absolute heap of them. And split them into “packs”. Work your app on the first 10, and sell them as your first “selfie pack”. In the following few days’ work on the next 10 and the next 10 shots. Sell the packs as something like this: 10 selfie shots for $15. These photos are a mixture of saucy, suggestive and explicit. Simply blur your face or use a sticker over your face in all your photos. You can also do things like add a beauty spot, or hide tattoo’s or even change your hair colour. That’s what I do. Look, I know, $15 doesn’t sound like much. But you sell 10 selfie packs in a week and that’s $150 that all you had to do was send out via text, which takes 20 seconds of your time. How easy is that?

Once you have done that, write up your small sales pitch like mine below, outlining how the client can purchase them – (direct transfer, Beem It, PayID) or whatever you use in your business and add this spiel to ALL your ads on each escort site you are on. Many clients will like that they can see you before they book you. You don’t need to sext them. All of my purchasers understand that I am not there to sext with them after their purchase. Usually they just text “wow, thank you”. Simple as that. But… does create a tiny bit of rapport. You know if I am in a good mood or feeling generous I may even on the odd occasion give them an extra photo or two.

And if you are on any social media platforms make sure you advertise on there as well. Twitter, Insta, FB, – get your selfie packs out there. But ads work best for me. Especially in the town that I work in the most. Make absolutely certain that you copy and paste onto ALL of your ads. So, if you are on for example, Dakoda Dice, Escorts and Babes and RealBabes, triple check your ads for virtual services are on all three!

Further, if you are feeling really creative, I would suggest putting the selfies into further “packs”, such as “outdoors shots”, “bedroom shots”, “kitchen shots”, “garden shots”, “beach shots”, “bath shots” and so on. Those of you who do BDSM or even dabble in it could do “bondage shots”. And then, you can sell a mixed pack, and call it “All sorts”! I mean really, you can be as creative as you like.

Offer discounts the more packs they purchase. And perhaps start paying attention to who keeps purchasing and offer them little bonuses like an extra three selfies in a pack of 10. It’s no extra effort on your part if you have a collection of 40 selfies. They will feel “special” and “looked after” and you can then go on and create a VIP group. Can you begin to see how this can steamroll?

Additionally, you can then begin to mix selfies with professional shots. And voila, there you have created different sellable packs. Remember, they are men! They like variety, variety, variety! Let’s just make it a variety of YOU. Their number 1 girl. ????

Now, I said that I would make this REALLY easy for you, so I will be true to my word. I am going to provide you with the exact spiel that I use in my advertisements to sell my photo packs.

Photo Packs Available:

I have a BRAND-NEW selfie pack of very explicit shots for $20 for 25 different photographs. These are by far the best selfies I have ever taken. I am very certain this will be just the material you need right before bedtime!

How do I pay for photos packs?

The ONLY way to pay for these is by using Osko or PayID (insert your business ways to pay here) which is a less than 1 minute transaction using BPAY and is very, very easy for those not familiar with it. All 4 of the big banks have this available. You just make payment using your phone! Easy as. Please don’t contact me to ask “how” to do this. You simply follow the above, and use my phone number as your reference – XXXX XXX XXX. It will show up as “XXXXXXXXX” and you simply send me a screenshot of payment and what it is you have requested. With stories, please let me know if it’s a and d, or so on.

Hot Tip: Leave in the line “Please don’t contact me to ask “how” to do this.” Until I inserted this line in, even thought it was very, very clear how to pay, clients would still text me and ask how to do pay. They need things crystal clear as historically, clients are not great at following advertisement instructions. Think about how many “hi”, “avail”, “anal”, “real pics?” texts you receive even though your ad possibly states NOT to text these messages. (I have a great way to deal with these texts too)!!!

When do I receive everything?

This entirely depends on what time it is and what I am doing at the time. Often it will be within 5 minutes. Sometimes it may be a couple of hours. Please note if you send payment at 3am I will not be awake to send anything immediately! Realise that I depend on REMARKABLE reviews and these also include appraisals on my virtual services so I pride myself on responding as quickly as is humanely possible to all inquiries and running a business on ethics and integrity. You will ALWAYS get your product.

Hot Tip: Put your text feedback on your ads. Remember they are YOUR ads; you can do what you want with them. SELL your services!! Clients in any industry want “social proof”. They want to know you are legitimate, honest and sell quality products. If you don’t shout your praises from the rooftops, no one else will.

Real text from Photo Purchase 7/5/2020

HOT TIP: Selling selfie and professional packs before you tour a city is a great way to garner interest and anticipation of your impending tour. It has worked brilliantly for me.

What do you need to do:

You need to harness your most amazing creative faculty – your imagination and critically examine your business and see how you can promote “rivers and streams”. So that if your river, think your actual physical interactions, are curtailed due to COVID, you have other means of making an income, even if sex work is your “side hustle”. You still want it to be lucrative!

Your BRAND is the epitome of who you are in your business. What you’re all about. It conveys messages about your visual identity (not your real identity, don’t worry) and your personality. Your brand is how you are uniquely identifiable as you. If you do it right, someone can see your ‘stuff’ and just automatically know that it’s YOU that’s posted it because it’s ultimately got ‘YOU’ written all over it. I know without a shadow of a doubt that all Melbourne punters know my ads just from the visual thumbnails and my engaging headings. (Engaging headings is another forte of mine – different from everyone else’s).

Where 98% of sellers are selling the EXACT same product as you, sex, it’s problematic to position yourself with real kudos. Where you CAN stick out is your brand and your images –the two are intimately linked. It builds TRUST in you and your business. It makes you appealing, because hopefully you’re sharing more than the standard-everybody-else-does-this tits/ass photo.) It makes you KNOWN, because your images are knowable because they are consistently coming across in the same way with the same effects, logo, wording, font etc. You need consistency with everything branding related.

The other major thing I do is create Ad copy. Not normal escort ad copy though. Hell no. I trawled through the WHOLE Scarlet Blue website and looked at every ad over 6 nights. Probably 1500 odd ads. How many stood out? At a stretch, 2. All same same, and clearly written by the same 3 or 4 copy writers. To be blunt they are all boring as bat shit. I am about to release my website. I sell myself as an airline. Yeah, hard to fathom, isn’t it? And I have just completed ads selling escorts as the following: a) a staffy dog, b) a bowling alley, c) a Queen, d) an abandoned house, e) an angel f) Columbian coffee. My copy is compelling and men have been raving back regarding my ads saying they are “the best escort ads they have ever seen”. And I don’t mean 1 or 2 texts, I mean a lot!

Here is one text (real, I am not ever interested in lying regarding reviews/text):

“Lily I had to write and tell you that your ad is awesome. I started reading and grabbed myself a coffee to finish, (it’s a long ad). I sat there and read it slowly. I laughed. It was so funny and clever. I am a motorhead so it really resonated with me. I live in Sydney but I wanted you to know, if I lived in Melbourne I’d book you on your ad alone. Best escort ad ever.” – Unknown, Sydney

If you are interested in re-branding, or branding, creating a new image or building an empire I will be delighted to share with you some of my samples and work. I hope you loved my selfie pack ideas, but they are only the very tip of my iceberg.

All the best and warmest regards

Lily Levine

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