Sexwork Labels

Sexwork labels

Since I came back to Australia in 2012 I have heard of so many sexwork labels. They want to add a label to everyone who is a sex worker and also label themselves with terms like luxury, exclusive, elite, whatever and try to

In London, we were all escorts; varying prices, services, locations etc but we were all Escorts.   If you were £90 or £900 for an hour, you are an escort.  Offering incalls or outcalls, still an Escort.

Owners of agencies are called Agency Owners.  Pretty basic stuff lol 

So Many Sexwork Labels…

In Australia everything Escort style & sexwork option has a label

Streetwalker, Massage girl, Brothel worker, Backpage girl, High Class Escort, Agency Escort, VIP Private Luxury Companion, International escort, Escort Manager, Insta-Ho, Pimp, PA, Madam are just some of the ways girls categorise themselves or refer to others in the Australian adult industry

Often escorts are judged by other escorts for their personal choices, present or past. Seriously tho – it’s all the same job just different packaging that’s why it’s all given the same official name of ‘sex work’ also known as ‘‘prostitution’

At a party I once heard a private girl say to another private with raised eyebrows;  ‘That girl over there, she is an agency girl and she worked in massage…..’

Which is code for ‘she isn’t as good as us’

PR is PR after all & most ‘VIP’ girls will never reveal they were once $100 an hour in the back of the newspaper or that they currently have a locanto profile with different pictures and rates half of their VIP rates

A mate of mine who is a very classy and beautiful ‘elite’ escort and now charges high escort rates – started giving bj’s in cars for £10. True Story!   She would kill me if I mentioned her name but I intend to tease her with this blog (Honey, I know you read my blog haha)

A BJ in a car or a BJ in a $1000 a night suite.  Both are still sexwork, the same thing just in nicer surroundings

An escort’s number of Social Media followers gives “status” – which is funny considering you can buy followers.   Funnier still is that in some cases no twitter may mean a lady is busy working, making bank, loving life and just doesn’t want to waste her free unpaid hours talking about unimportant shit or being dragged in fights with other ladies on the internet for no apparent reason

When did “it’s my body, my choice”  become “it’s my body and if other girls don’t like what I do they can talk down to me and make jokes at my expense”?

An Escort makes a personal choice what is best for her

A high class VIP private VIP companion can take down her website and decide brothel is her preference, it’s not a step down it’s a choice that a lady makes for herself that suits her life

You read girls say they found sexwork empowering, I am a person that found sex work empowering. I loved being an escort but that is no longer an option for me in my life so now I am an agent & a damn good one at that (even if I say so myself lol)

In London, where Atlantic was started, rather than retire fully from the escort biz many escorts make the choice to start escort agencies.  Most of the best agencies in the UK are run successfully by women for women.

An agency is essentially a central admin for a group of escorts that are usually promoted on an agency website.  

An agency is where most girls start, many girls decide to stay and many do escorts do both agency work as well as independent work.  London and Europe are very agency friendly, most places are, it’s just such a shame I am living in Australia ha

When I moved to Australia from London I kept the name Agency Atlantic and wasn’t aware that being honest about the fact that Atlantic is an Agency was going to cause me so much grief or so much hate

In Australia I get called either Pimp or Madam; with neither being the correct label for my job and both terms I find derogative

If I need a term to call myself I would say, agent

Websters Dictionary says an agent is:

4:one who is authorized to act for or in the place of another: such as
a :a representative, emissary, or official of a government crown agent federal agent
b :one engaged in undercover activities (such as espionage) :a secret agent
c :a business representative (as of an athlete or entertainer) a theatrical agent

But I prefer to just be called Sarah.  The person who spends 7 days a week focused on other people’s needs.  My job is part counsellor, organiser of the disorganised but mostly it admin, admin and some more admin.  I enjoy doing the boring stuff that many escorts hate doing; I do the admin and the escorts who choose to work with Atlantic get to do the fun stuff (the travel & the shagging)

People who know me know that I am a bit silly, I laugh a lot, I like analysis, stats and spreadsheets. I do a minimum of 50hrs a week sitting at a desk in my office running Atlantic.  I love my job it’s so dynamic but what I don’t love is the way people who know absolutely nothing about me make assumptions that I am some kind of nasty old pimp. My job uses my escort experience and skills (I have a computer science degree and am a bit of nerd).

Essentially my job is to support escorts and make them money.  As with all services these are chargeable and this means they pay an invoice to a pty ltd company and I get a salary + superannuation like any other employee.  How being a managing director of a legal company receiving a modest salary for a job that is essentially admin makes me so low in the SW pyramid I really don’t know

Ladies pay a percentage to an escort agency, same as sports people do to their agent or an actor or actress does.  Out of the percentage a lady pays the agency we pay all the agency running costs including ads, our website, phone, office, accounting fees and support staff a minimum of 85hr a week

Atlantic is a business, not a charity and running a business doesn’t make me the scum of the earth as many imply with their “agencies are pimps” rhetoric

I take great pride in it and I know I am a hard worker and I am told by the girls I work with are happy with the work I do for them

I have been in the escort industry since the year 2000 and my years of experience means I am a bit useful and I have quite a lot of escort mates who come to me to ask questions if they need some advice

When first came to Australia I placed an ad for myself as an escort on private girls and I found it horrible.  I wasn’t used to so many rude services-based SMS and time wasters so I can totally understand why ladies don’t want to handle their own phones

If I was to escort in Australia I would most definitely not be private doing my own calls, I would probably interview with Samantha X Angels LOL 

Being a private escort in Australia doesn’t mean a lady is better than other ladies.  It means she is being marketed as a private escort on a private escort website. It doesn’t mean she is independent, it doesn’t mean shit lol

Is a label really that important?  

As it’s a self appointed title does it have any value at all?

I hope you have found this blog helpful, until next time

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