Adult Content Marketing

Adult Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the first phase of an SEO campaign for a newly developed website

As Google will take time to index and crawl a new website, content marketing is a way to get your brand out there and be seen whilst waiting for your site to show in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

An aged website, older than a year, will have different SEO and content marketing needs to a new site

The SEO of older sites often need more specialist services such as technical or forensic audits to find out why a site isn’t showing on SERPs. Sometimes an aged website will need to be rebuilt to get it competitive and following Google website guidelines

Content Marketing still works great for older sites but the strategy may be quite different. Often we are required to fix past SEO mistakes, technical issues and reputation management

Many SEO studies have shown that it takes 3 months of consistent work to see results from google, 6 months for better results and 1 year for best results

A Content Marketing Campaign gives Google some much needed signals

With over 1 billion websites on the Internet in 2020, these days Google generally takes very little notice of new sites. SEO’s have named it the sandbox.

Content Marketing focus’s on getting noticed!

Making your brand visible and getting your business in front of prospective clients

The Content Marketing Objective

We increase your target customer base through social media platforms, discussion boards, Q&A websites, video marketing platforms, blogs, escort directories and mailing lists.

The goal is to establish your website as a prominent online brand in your target escort niche.

What’s the Process?

As with all SEO and Digital Marketing, we start with various Audits and Keyword research. We learn about your business and objectives then curate a list of 10 target keywords

1. Brand Strategy and Style Guidelines for Brand Cohension

For optimal results, Content marketing requires brand is cohesive and consistency. We can provide you with guidelines of best practises for your brand on each platform including usage of hashtags, brand style guidelines etc

What is Brand Cohesion?

Brand cohesion is ensuring consistency of your brand and marketing materials across all platforms.
Consistency in all asset, typography, graphics, illustrations, colour palette, tone of voice even down to the choice of hashtags.
Brand Cohesion works in generating recognition so your brand will be immediately identifiable in your niche

2. Content Audit & Gap Analysis

We thoroughly Audit what is currently on your website then use Content Gap Analysis to identify content that is needed to fill the gaps.

3. Onsite SEO

Now we have your target keywords we optimise your website’s content and onsite SEO

4. Social Signals and Engagement

We use our own channels to promote yours and enhance your brand, We retweet to help grow your following. We engage to show legimitacy to algorithms and people too

5. Off Page SEO and Link Building

We have a large network of high authority websites that we use to promote your brand and also receive high quality backlinks High Authority Foundation links are essential for a quality backlink profile

6. Business and niche directory listings

Citations and links from relevant directories in your niche help boost rankngs

7. Video Promotion

Promotional videos are a proven as a quality source of leads for the adult Industry

8. Position Tracking

We keep a close eye on the target keywords and their performance.

9. Monthly Site and Backlink Audit

We run a monthly audit and will remove or disavow backlinks as required

10. Other things, bits and bobs

The Internet is constantly and swiftly evolving, The Google Algorithm changes daily and marketing platforms such as directories come and go so our strategy is constantly evolving too.

At Atlantic, we are constantly researching, reading and testing to stay at the forefront of Content Marketing & SEO for Adult Industry Businesses

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