Escort Industry Digital Solutions

With over 30 years of IT and Web Solutions experience coupled with 20 years in the Escort Industry; Atlantic provides experience, expertise, and know-how to assist you with a large range of Digital Marketing Services and Escort Business Solutions.

At its core, digital marketing is a service to bring in more paying clients. We understand that in order to have a brand working for you, steady foundations need to be put in place. We do all of the tech and background work so you don’t have to!

You will be left with other escorts wishing they had found us first and clients coming back for more!

  • Best Website (AAIA 2016)
  • Best Adult Web Master/Developer (AAIA 2019)
  • Best Escort Booker (AAIA 2019)
  • Best Private Escort Management (AAIA 2019)

Digital Marketing 1:1 Consulting

Personal and professional website consulting helps you identify the best solutions to achieve your desired website goals. Let us help you do the thorough analysis you need, gather the right information and conduct the best research which will achieve your best outcome. 

If you’re unsure where to start or perhaps how to level up then why not choose supportive and personal website design consulting. During this process, we’ll delve into your business to unravel your goals, requirements, and what tech and other tools are missing so we can achieve more business for you.

General consulting

Starting Out?

Don’t let the overwhelm get to you.

If you want to build a website but aren’t sure where to start, Sarah will get the seeds planted. We have specifically created unique website consulting services to help you go from zero content to design ready.

We will take you step by step through what goals you want to achieve with your site, what content and functionality you need, what resources you need to gather and look at the best platforms and solutions for you.

  • Brand Strategy; how to stand out in a crowded market
  • Plugin research; add functionality to your website to enhance your offerings
  • Business options and processes
  • Website Prep; what type of website, content you need, what you need in place before you engage a web designer

Escort Industry Digital Solutions FAQ

We have plenty more information on our FAQ Page

Having worked with websites for many years and we are all well versed in branding and graphics. We provide social media graphics for clients as well as basic website logos and website assets.

However, if you are a commercial website it may be worthwhile talking to a branding expert or graphic designer. Graphics is not our zone of genius even though we have skills in-house.

As we are digital marketers we know the value of having digital and PR content aligned to your brand.

When it comes to website design, we can build you anything you need as we have a lot of experience in custom site development and design.

Sarah project manages all our projects and will be looking after your project.

Yes, we are a little team and we also have preferred referrals for the tasks we do not provide in-house.

We are happy to collaborate with graphic designers and content creators to ensure you have access to the best in the business.

You can check out our team to familiarise yourself with them and what each team member does.

We will discuss dates at your discovery call then once your invoice is paid, we will provide you with a project plan and timeline.

If you need work done urgently we can often assist but there is an additional fee.

A 1-page website build can be done quite quickly if Sarah is available to build the site. A multipage website site for a solo escort will take around a week, once we have all of your content, but it really depends on the complexity of the build.

For more details please refer to our New Website Creation Process

If you are in a hurry then please let us know in the contact form. It will give you the option to communicate when you would ideally prefer the project/s to be delivered.

Our Process Page lists the steps and during our discovery call, we will discuss things further so you will know exactly what we need from your end. With a website, at a minimum, we need your copy, graphics and logins. However, every project is different and what we need will depend entirely on your individual project. Things like how much you will DIY compared to how much we are doing for you is first considered.

We are very experienced in the work that we do and the services we offer. We have 20 years in the Escort Industry to back us up, so that alone helps a great deal with assisting clients.

You can fill out a contact form and we can start there!

You will then receive a questionnaire so that we can find out more about you, your brand and your business and see how we can help you out!

Costs differ for different projects. In order to find out our most up to date prices please view our price guide here.

Yes! For website builds only. Otherwise, payment is ideally taken upfront before commencing work on your project.

However, if you are on a tight budget:

  • We occasionally run promotions that are posted on Instagram
  • We charge below Australian market rates to remain accessible to the Adult Industry 
  • If you wish to DIY everything yourself we have a lot of advice on our Escort Advice Blog