Exclusive escorts

Agency Atlantic are committed to providing an inimitable escort service unmatched by others in the Industry. To this end our girls are often the most exclusive and elite in their countries, if not the world! All our valued clients have the opportunity to spend time with these exquisite ladies and for those gentlemen who feel they deserve only the very best in life, our exclusive ladies reign supreme.

It is fair to say that most men enjoy spending time with a beautiful woman however some gentlemen prefer that when they book a London escort for a public event or function, the lady is not recognisable to anyone. It is a personal thing although it is a preference we do cater to with our exclusive London escorts. Spending time with a London escort is extremely popular and indeed is probably more common than you may think and when you consider the sheer number of all the different agencies and the girls who are promoted through them you soon realise that these girls are being booked by someone! For those gentlemen who like to remain completely exclusive, we maintain a portfolio of ladies who are only available through Agency Atlantic and so minimises the chances of anyone knowing that your companion is anything other than a regular date for the evening.

Our exclusive escorts are not known to or promoted by any other agency in London. These stunning girls can only be booked through us and so exclusivity remains intact. As you can imagine, with such exclusivity, comes high demand and it is often the case that our ladies are usually booked very much in advance especially if there is a high profile event taking place later on in the year.

Whilst we call our girls, exclusive London escorts there are many different terms used to describe ladies who are only reserved for certain clients and events. Some agencies refer to these girls as VIP London escorts, or Elite London escorts however we feel that those terms do not properly describe the fact that they cannot be booked elsewhere. VIP and elite simply mean that they are high class and, as you know, all the escorts at Agency are High class so this description does not really fit although do beware when these terms are used elsewhere as they clearly do not fully describe and show an understanding of the service you are requesting.

Our exclusive ladies tend to be booked for such public events as galas and balls, where the gentleman is likely to be in the public gaze and surrounded by people who may know him and his circle of friends. We do have other ladies who are suitable for red carpet events but our exclusive escort service is different entirely and focuses on the need for the gentlemen to have a companion that is unrecognisable as a London escort.

Dating one of our exclusive escorts works in very much the same way as any of our promoted London escorts in that you can arrange your time together on an hourly basis or on an overnight appointment. It may be sensible to consider the event that you are planning to attend and then make your booking according to that as these things can drag on a little!

Contact Agency Atlantic for a discrete chat about your needs and we can make arrangements based on your desires at that time

Naughty escorts

In the office of Agency Atlantic, one of the most requested types of ladies that we have are for our ‘naughty’ escorts. Now, whilst this is a bit of a loose request we try to match up each clients with the girl who best meets his idea of naughty. This can be quite a difficult task though as one person’s idea of naughty may not necessarily be another however we try to get as much information as we can from the client and then, as we know our ladies so well, we can point him in the right direction.

This is one of the things that makes our London escort agency so special, is the fact that we spend a great deal of time finding out about our ladies and making sure that we know the things they like, the things they don’t and the things that they might like to find out more about. Only with this knowledge are we able to advise our gentlemen clients when they ask which of our girls would suit his needs best.

Getting back to our naughty escorts in London, our girls really do enjoy saucy fun with their companions. Our ladies have great imaginations and are never short on ideas to spice things up a bit. Our ladies who love role play could be considered as naughty as they are happy to play whatever sexy role you find inspiring. How about a model and photographer scenario, you could guide your model into the poses you wanted to see and perhaps your naughty model could have a few ideas of her own? Or how about being extra naughty and playing at teacher, pupil scenarios. There is a great deal of scope for being naughty here!

The location of your tryst could be considered as part of being naughty, especially if you are taking risks. Perhaps your place of work, after closing time or arranging to meet in a public place for a spot of teasing could also be considered very naughty too. You will ultimately want to enjoy complete privacy together and we can arrange this either at the incall location of our escorts or at your own home or hotel as an outcall appointment although if you do choose an outcall, do let us know any particular fantasies you have in mind as the lady of your choice may wish to bring accessories or clothing for the occasion.

All of our London escorts could be considered very naughty as they all love lots of sexy pleasures that we know you will find exciting. Some of our ladies enjoy the company of men and women and are happy to bring along a friend for extra fun together or will meet with you and your partner if this is something you would like to try. All our girls are full of ideas and are very creative when it comes to injecting a shot of excitement into the proceedings however they are all extremely discrete and anything you discuss with us – the entire team will always remain confidential.

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run riot as that can sometimes be the catalyst for extreme pleasure that you may not have experienced has you remained reserved. Reservations are for tables – not people and out naughty London escorts may be just the girls to ignite your imagination.

International touring escorts

Touring escorts are ladies who travel around the country or, in the case of our ladies at Agency Atlantic, the world in order to be able to see their many fans and clients wherever they are and whatever country they are in.

Many of the very best escorts build up a reputation amongst hobbyists for being excellent in their own way. This reputation leads to requests from new gentlemen who wish to spend time with only the very best girls and so it expands so much that the escort eventually needs to start travelling in order to reach out to all her valued gentlemen companions.

At Agency Atlantic, we understand that when a visiting escort comes to the UK and London in particular, they are looking for a reputable agency to promote them. This is exactly what we do for them. We use our network of advertising venues to promote and advertise these ladies and introduce them to new gentlemen. Agency Atlantic has built a high reputation over the years for our honesty and integrity and in addition to the fact that we have many offices all over the world many of these have worked with us before and have a high degree of trust in us.

Our International escort agency covers many areas of the world where you might want to meet a beautiful woman. We have ladies who travel to the Far East in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Australia and the USA and we also have some stunning ladies a little nearer to home in Europe. Lots of our London escorts often travel to the Middle East in Dubai and Doha to spend time with businessmen who otherwise may not have the opportunity to relax in the company of an elite and high class female.

The only downside, for clients, is the fact that our visiting International escorts may not be in London for very long or in any city for very long. So it is very important that gentlemen keep up to date with the travels of our ladies. With this in mind, we have provided a touring calendar so that gentlemen may be able to arrange their travels accordingly so that they are in the same city at the same time as their favourite escorts. Our tour calendar should be checked regularly as we do update the whereabouts of our lovely ladies on a regular basis so in order not to miss the chance to spend some quality time with a lady you might have been waiting to see for many months it pays to bookmark our calendar and refer to it often.

For touring escorts in London, Milan, USA, Dubai, Australia and the Far East, it pays to rely on an International escort agency with a proven track record that can make sure you get the date you want, with the girl you want in the city of your choice – wherever it is in the world!

Dubai escorts

Here at Agency Atlantic, Men cannot deny the fact that our Dubai Escorts are the creme, de la creme, of our escorts, We have the most highest class, intellectual escort service that we can provide, so why not experience something new today! Amidst the opulence in gold and oil of Dubai lies the spectacular array of beauties that your senses can’t resist. Come over now and give yourself a momentous experience in the sensual company of these girls.

Our escorts in Dubai will personally see to it that you’ll be given the highest possible treatment. You have to be reminded that our Dubai Escorts are accustomed to providing a service to high class businessmen, and prestigious people. Surely, they know how to give a man of power the pleasure that he deserves. Get your desires working to the extremes. And let these escorts give every inch of raw delight to you. You know you deserve it!

You can look through every single agency throughout the UK, however you will never find a greater escort service anywhere. You will experience the top level of all escorts with the service we provide and you will definitely have an amazing experience. Many men take Dubai as their ultimate vacation destination because of these girls and our ladies are the very ones to make their visit completely memorable.

So start the experience yourself. Let the Dubai escorts serve you with their tremendous abilities. These ladies have got all that it takes to tickle your senses. They are sensual and seductive enough to suit your taste. If you make them your partner tonight, you’ll feel the magic that you ought to experience. Coming to Dubai to have a taste of these girls is a real treat. Don’t deprive yourself of it.

As soon as your feet touch the ground in Dubai, Our girls will meet you and take you straight to your hotel room, and you can start your sensual experience right away if that is what you would like. Alternatively if you prefer to have one of our stunning ladies come to you once you have settled in your hotel room then we can arrange that also. You will not be disappointed with our service. You will definitely come back for more once you have fully experience what a memorable time you have had.

There are many things that you can do with our gorgeous girls, such as they can be companions for dinner dates, or an evening date for a show for example. Of course you do not have to go out of your hotel, you could always sit back and relax within your hotel room with a bottle of wine, and talk and get to know your companion. All of our girls have excellent social and conversational skills and are very witty and bright. If you prefer to talk then this is exactly what our ladies can do however of you prefer to explore something else, then this can be provided for also.

So what are you waiting for, don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and book one of our gorgeous Dubai escorts now and you will most definitely have a fun and beautiful experience.

Discounted Day @ Atlantic – 20% of every girl worldwide

On the 1st & 15th of every month we have Discounted Days @ Atlantic. 20% off every lady worldwide. For Sydney outcalls please phone + 61 280 148 297 Dubai +44 7005 947 211 UK: +44 7077 080 500

Milla in Dubai will be 2000aed for 1hr (rather than 2500aed)

Charlotte in Sydney is $480 for 1hr outcall (rather than $600)

Katy & Amy in Sydney are just $400 for 1hr outcall (rather than $500)

The fee is taken from the agency fee not the ladies fee so it’s a win-win for everyone

Lunch dates and Dinner dates

Lunch breaks can be very boring. Fact. If the weather is fair you may find yourself sitting on a park bench ‘enjoying’ a limp sandwich and watching the world go by. When there is inclement weather then you are more likely to be sat in the staff canteen or at your desk wishing you were somewhere else. Now you can! Our beautiful ladies are available for sexy lunch break dates which stimulate the mind, body and soul and leave you rejuvenated and refreshed ready to take the bull by the horns back in the office – of you could simply take the rest of the afternoon off as the company is just too good to leave!

If you only have an hour in which to enjoy yourself, leave your sandwich on your desk and get out and perhaps enjoy a light bite with one of our stunning ladies who could be close to your place of work. You could book an incall appointment and be back at your desk and no one would know! That should liven up the rest of the day!

Our dinner date escort appointments are a little longer in duration and they offer a less frantic feel to them. How about up to 3 hours of delightful company at the restaurant of your choice, where you can sit and appreciate the food, wine and your companion then an hour of purely private time together where you can really get to know each other without a table in the way. Our dinner date escorts are extremely popular with clients old and new as they provide a wonderful way of getting to know your companion without any pressure at all and allow both parties to relax and unwind and chat about things they may have in common. Lots of flirting is inevitable and this only aids in bringing the couple closer when they finally leave the restaurant.

Our London escorts available for dinner dates are elegant, refined and very charming. As you know Agency Atlantic promote only high class ladies of the highest calibre and so any of them are suitable dates for when you have booked a table at a top London restaurant. Why not try the newly opened Shard, or perhaps dinner at the Connaught or the Dorchester. Our ladies are very comfortable in such surroundings and so you can rest assured that no attention will be brought to you at all. – other than the attention caused by the obvious beauty of your companion!

When you decide that you would like to make a lunch or dinner date with one of our lovely ladies, do please make the reservation at the restaurant of your choice so that our ladies know where they will be going and can dress accordingly. Another point to think about when booking your restaurant is location in relation to your home or hotel. You wouldn’t want to waste time travel between locations when you could be spending it in private with your chosen companion. Once you have all these things in place all you need is the companionship of a sexy London escort from Agency Atlantic.

Just call us to arrange this for you. 07077 080 500

Fantasy and Role-Play escorts

Fantasy plays a huge part in all forms of arousal for many people. It can be a mental image or just erotic thoughts which can stir our bodies into action! An erotic fantasy usually remains in a person’s mind and can be called upon in private to stimulate arousal or enhance arousal when in a sexual situation. For most people, talking about their sexual fantasies is not possible. They may feel embarrassed or concerned that their own personal fantasy or fantasies is not normal. They may even fantasise about a particular person which is also something that is difficult to talk about.

Most fantasies take us on a journey out of our normal everyday life and allow us to free ourselves to fully enjoy intimate pleasures without our own baggage. Some people are so weighed down by their own every day responsibilities that they feel unable to relax enough to enjoy a normal physical relationship. This is where fantasy and role play can help.  Being able to act out a sexual fantasy through role-play enables us to step out of ourselves and become the person in the fantasy. This leaves us free from any guilt or encumbrances which may hold us back. When you hold back, you will reduce your pleasure and not fully submit yourself to the total experience, when you are able to let go of your emotional baggage you can allow yourself the indulgence of pleasure.

At Agency Atlantic we have a selection of stunning ladies who thoroughly enjoy role-play and fantasy appointments. They understand that sometimes it is necessary to free ourselves from the shackles of everyday life in order to be able to relax and rejuvenate. Role-play can help with this.

Our ladies can be anything and anyone you want them to be. They have an extensive wardrobe of different outfits and accessories for all eventualities and also, something which you could consider as part of your role-play experience is to arrange to meet your escort companion somewhere that is relevant to your fantasy. In some cases we have arranged so that the escort, playing the role of nurse has met her client outside a local hospital and they have gone back to the incall location of the ‘nurse’ for a personal examination. There are lots of different fantasies and roles we can help you realise, you just need to ask.

Some fantasies may involve slight domination and light BDSM and if this is something that would interest you we have a selection of stunning ladies who are certainly not afraid of taking charge. Many are adept at using various implements including paddles, leather whips and restraints and they are flexible too so that if the game changes during play, they are versatile and happy to take on a different role.

Fantasy play is a wonderful way of being able to reach the dizzying heights of pleasure that otherwise, may be out of reach for many so why not let your mind take over and let the body follow with one of our amazing fantasy and role-play escorts at Agency Atlantic. Call 07077 080 500

Notting Hill escorts

It is hard to believe that many years ago the trendy area of Notting Hill was once known as either the piggeries or the potteries! It acquired these names due to the fact that the area was, in fact, total wasteland and there were more pigs than people – three to one to be exact! There was also a local pottery but not much else! Notting Hill started to be developed for residential use in the late 1800’s and beautiful large Victorian houses began to spring up along with wide, tree lined streets and private or public green spaces. Of course, as the years have gone by and the area has spread, smaller terraced streets have taken over until it has eventually grown into the area we know today – a bustling hive of activity filled with people of all cultures and backgrounds.

In Notting Hill you can enjoy many different types of entertainment from an evening at a comedy club, live music in a bar or pub, the cinema, clubbing or eating at a fine, world class restaurant. However none of this is particularly enjoyable on your own so here at Agency Atlantic, we have the ideal solution in the form of our beautiful Notting Hill escorts.

As you will see from our London escort gallery, we have an exclusive selection of ladies who are available for incall appointments in Notting Hill. As many of you know, our London escort agency is more interested in building our galleries based on the quality and exclusivity of a lady rather than high numbers of girls that can be booked elsewhere. Our Notting Hill escorts are the ultimate girls you can meet in this part of West London and exactly the type of lady that our clients have come to expect from us.

If you are in London at the end of the Summer, then Notting Hill is definitely the place to head as it is at this time the Notting Hill carnival is held. The area welcomes around 1 million people every year to the event which extends over the entire bank holiday weekend and fills the area and the people with a party atmosphere. Notting Hill is a very multicultural area anyway but this carnival really brings out the afro-Caribbean and Latin influence. You could book a date with one of our stunning girls and go together to join the throng or perhaps, if crowds are not your thing, then you could avoid it altogether and instead enjoy a peaceful tryst with one of our stunning ladies either at your hotel or her incall location.

Some of our ladies are available for party dates or duo appointments which mean that if you are having difficulty in deciding which of our stunning girls would be suitable for your needs you can choose NOT to choose and spend time with two or more at the same time. We have indicated on each of the ladies’ profiles which escorts they all prefer to work with however if you need any assistance, do not hesitate to call.

Call and book one of our amazing Notting Hill London escorts on 07077 080 500

Mayfair escorts

To anyone who has ever played the board game, Monopoly, it will come as no surprise that Mayfair is one of the most exclusive parts of London there are. To live in this area is quite an achievement and usually only reserved for the very wealthy and well heeled. Property is quite rare in this area as it is mostly given over to commercial interests , Embassies and retail however there are still some streets which, after the large houses have been converted into swish apartments, provide high class living for those who can afford it.

Mayfair has always been a very well to do area and the fortnight long May faire which was held in this area in the early 16th and 17th centuries was forced to move locations as the locals felt it brought the area into disrepute.

Most of London’s exclusive and luxury hotels can be found in Mayfair , the most well known are The Dorchester, The Connaught and Claridges. Many of our clients at Agency Atlantic have suites in these establishments and often request the company of our delightful and elegant ladies to visit them whilst they are staying in London.

Our Mayfair escorts, as you would expect, are very exclusive. These girls are the most elite escorts in London and rightfully so. They work extremely hard to maintain their breathtaking bodies and are always perfectly groomed and effortlessly glamorous. These are the type of ladies our clients in Mayfair expect to spend time with and anything less would be an insult.

As you can see from our London escort gallery in general, our ladies are very tastefully beautiful and could easily be at home on the cover of a magazine, such is their beauty. They are also extremely refined and ideal dinner date companions  for formal engagements.

We take great care at Agency Atlantic to ensure that whilst our ladies are the perfect foil for our clients physically, they also have the right mindset. We ensure that our ladies are outgoing, fun and witty and extremely intelligent. Many of our escorts are professionals in many other areas whilst others are furthering their education. All our London escorts, especially our Mayfair ladies are very accomplished individuals and any tryst with our girls is a meeting of equals in every way. We also like to ensure that every girl in our portfolio enjoys lots of naughty pleasures which will delight our clients. You will find that when you book a date with any of our Mayfair escorts or our London escorts in general you will be pleasantly surprise just how naughty they can be!

To book one of our Mayfair escorts, you do not need to be staying in Mayfair yourself. All of our escorts are happy to visit clients wherever they are in London and you only need to ask for an outcall appointment to secure your date. Likewise, if you know that you will be in the Mayfair area on any given day and would like to spend some time in the exclusive company of one of our ladies then we can arrange an incall appointment where you spend time at the escort’s own home in Mayfair.

To book your date with one of our Mayfair escorts just call us on 07077 080 500 and we will be happy to help.