Escort Reviews an Annoying Part of Life

Escort Reviews an annoying part of life

I don’t think anybody in business particularly likes reviews but escort reviews, they are hard to handle!

I didn’t particularly like reviews as an escort, I don’t love them as an agency but the scariest reviews in my life were when I owned a cafe

Random internet people review a $4 coffee in such great detail, people can be so f*cking brutal! There is a review site dedicated to coffee Beanhunter plus tripadvisor, yelp and google reviews just to name a few.

A shitty review of your $4 cappuccino is upsetting; even though you know your cappuccino is awesome and you have a queue of regulars outside your cafe every day of the week, the bad review hurts your feelings. It’s not a nice feeling being judged.

Online there is a review for everything!

Every service & business in the world even small inexpensive items are reviewed

The Target $10 essentials 2 Slice Toaster has 11 reviews and is 45% recommended: I am sure if the toaster could talk it would not be happy lol 

I recently bought a Dyson fan, it’s quite average and I am considering writing a review cause f*ck me it cost $750!!!   I feel ripped off. The fan is pretty but its is not what I was lead to believe from the marketing and not what I think it should be for $750!

Escort Reviews are annoying!

Escort reviews are a sensitive topic and review sites are regularly slandered on Twitter.

I see ladies happily promote ad sites where reviews are for marketing purpses (fakes and positive only) yet the sites with real reviews cop an infinite amount of crap

Having been an escort for many years I totally understand why escorts don’t like reviews or review sites

What happens at an escort meeting is very personal but it’s also a very expensive paid experience and like all paid services is subjective to reviews

Reading reviews about yourself is very confronting, and particularly distressing if you don’t like what is written. Having your personality, looks, sex techniques and everything else imaginable analysed publicly is tough

Some escorts have fantastic busy escort careers without a single review but I am not sure how I would have done without my reviews on The Erotic Review (TER), Captain69 & Punternet.  Maybe I would have been fine without any but I will never know

Many clients told me it was my positive reviews that helped them decide to meet me.  Review sites got me noticed locally and helped me tour internationally

It takes 2 to tango and even the best reviewed girl may not be the best girl for every gent but a few good reviews lessens the odds that a gent will have a terrible experience

My reviews proved to gents that my photos were real and the information on my website was true, not just marketing drivel

My reviews brought me a lot of really wonderful gents, mostly readers not writers of reviews.  Many weren’t members of the reviews sites but I linked my reviews to my site so they could view them.  It’s a teeny tiny percentage of clients that write reviews and many members of review sites don’t even review

As an escort I found review sites and forums helpful to learn things about the industry and how other top escorts did things. As an agency I find reviews sites helpful to understand what guys are looking for and I use forums and chat rooms to show myself as being an honest, straightforward person and a reputable agent

Having been on these sites for 18 years I agree there is plenty of stupid and sometimes quite degrading shit posted on escort forums but the same goes for all public forums and social media.

Look at Twitter, Facebook or Reddit, the amount of stupid shit posted online is plentiful

Over the years I have had the occasional fake/revenge review posted but mostly reviews are 1 gents experience written from his point of view.

All review sites allow an escort or agency to rebuttal their reviews.  I have found a well penned rebuttal can be great PR and bring in new clients even if the review itself is a bit shite

I have also found that by communicating honestly and respectfully with review sites they have been pretty good in helping me with any problems that have arisen

The current review sites are made by men for men to help men; us girls are not part of the equation.

We can whinge and complain all we like but review sites weren’t created for us, they are made for guys to lessen the possibility of wasting their hard earned money on a bad experience

If I had my own review site it would be different to what currently exists but I don’t own a review site nor can I be arsed to create one so I just deal with what there is

Ladies if you want a review site that is done the way you want it done – create one yourself, problem solved.

Like them or loathe them, reviews are a part of modern life and here to stay

I hope you have found this blog helpful, until next time

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