Free Escort Ads

Free Escort Ads

When I was running an International Escort Agency, of course, I would have to post and pay for ads but I found it a better long term strategy to focus my time and budget on my digital brand with SEO and Organic traffic.

I found my own website gave me a better quality of enquiries and helped me to build a long term escort brand and business

When contact is made from someone who has come via our website it’s so much easier as they know who they have contacted + they may have actually read some of the information. 

From ads, it’s 50/50 I found many had no clue who they have contacted. Guys seem to bulk text these days :(

Where can I find free Escort Ads? 

When I was super busy without a moments peace, Atlantic was paying $2600 a month for an SEO specialist but now the agency is closed, I do SEO for myself & offer SEO services to my digital clients. 

You will see these sites all over google search as I love to be on page 1 for as many things as I can :) SEO for an adult brand is very competitive but I love to compete with google so SEO is a bit of passion for me :)

I love SEO as it’s challenging.  I have years of SEO experience but I was time poor so I paid a guy as I find SEO works best when work is done daily

I am often asked about SEO & how to do it?

There is 100s of online guides and courses that will tell you how to do real world SEO (not adult) but if it was quick and super simple to do then I wouldn’t have been paying someone else to do mine for $2600

I do daily SEO work for myself & my clients; testing, researching and tweaking sites.  I use my blog Sarahs2cents as a way of testing some theories to apply to other escort and adult sites I look after

SEO is niche specific & Adult and Escort are some of the most competitive for search

If you enjoy data and analysis then SEO is something you might enjoy doing yourself but if that’s not your thing then pay a professional, it’s well worth the cost and you will ROI

As an agency in Australia, I advertised on Punterplanet, Available Angels, and Escortify  

There are so many new directories coming out, it’s hard to keep up but I know these ones work for me.

I use Google Analytics to see which sites give me referrals.  If the site gives me nothing to my site, I am not interested.  I don’t want SMS from idiots, I want clients who read before they make contact.

Many of the new directories are creating ads for us with stolen content & photos, the same technique Backpage used when they started.  This is one of my pet hates!

New sites stealing content off our site & create ads for without telling us. I check once a month to see where we have ads & see what I need to ask to have removed. Its an annoying job but duplicate content can impact my SEO and my website and my SEO is of primary importance

The best advice I can give is to get yourself a website

Stop using your Social Media to promote escort ads sites and focus on your own Unique Brand

As we saw with Backpage if a site goes down and that’s all you have; it’s a disaster.  

Backpage also owned Escort Design which was a free Escort Website Creator – So many escort websites disappeared overnight

If you have a WordPress site you can do backups so you never lose your website

If you have your own brand and your own website then clients can still find you on google by typing in your name or your phone number.  No advertising site is guaranteed to stay online. Laws change and things happen.

The only website you have full control over is your own!

Your website is your calling card. Rather than be on a directory within a sea of 100’s of escort profiles, when clients come to your website, it’s all about you.  There are no other profiles that can detract from yours, your website is 100% about you & you can say as much as you like to show off your character without having to fit inside what an ad site thinks you should list & say

If you don’t have a website you should consider having one even if it’s just a simple one page with your name as the URL like  Firstly, the more professional you look the more clients will take you seriously plus if you have a website you can get maximum benefit and free ads :)

You can do a website yourself if you want to spend the time.  If you don’t want to spend hours learning how to create a site yourself and doing the monthly updates Agency Atlantic Digital builds websites on whatever platform you like (Wix, Squarespace or WordPress).  

Make sure you check terms & conditions before signing up for website builders like Wix. Last I heard they will deleting all adult industry sites even tho their terms say something along the lines of Adult is allowed if it’s legal in your Jurisdiction

If you don’t know much about technology be careful as there is plenty of people out there that will take your money but won’t deliver!  Last month I have worked on fixing 3 different escort’s websites. 

One lady paid $650 for her website by a woman who told her she had done escort sites before.  Obviously she had not as the site had woo commerce, PayPal & Mailchimp in it? 

Mailchimp & Paypal do not allow any adult sites to use their services.    The site was so slow it barely opened.  I have done about 6hrs removing the rubbish put into the site and streamlining it & now it runs properly & clients can actually use it :)

Make sure you own the domain name and the hosting is in your name.  Then nobody can take the site away from you & you can come to Atlantic to get it fixed if need be :)

When building your website, keep it simple

The most important thing for your escort website is that it is easy for clients to navigate. Make sure you can update the text yourself. I update the text on my sites every other day and if I had to pay by the hour for someone to do that, I would be wasting a lot of $s

Some escort design companies will do a flat fee site for you.  Be particularly wary of advertising sites offering websites for a flat fee;  They are often reasonably priced but they own the site so you cannot move it away from them and you cannot make any changes to the site.  Scarlet Blue Webdesign does this. They also brand your site with their advertising site name so they can get SEO benefits from your site too!

I had issues myself in 2017 with a UK escort web design company holding my site to Ransome (sort of lol)

When Sesta/Fosta happened they wanted to charge me $1100 to move my hosting to a non-USA server even tho they hosted my site.   I needed to add SSL & I asked them to update WordPress to the latest version (it’s free to updated); Hosting move + these 2 things they told me came to a total of over $2000 (rip off!)

I used to blog on my Escort Agency Site (as well as this blog – yes I have a lot to say haha) and I wanted administrator access to my WordPress but the escort website company would not give it to me.  

Even tho I owned the site (or so I thought) they controlled what I could & could not do. I hate not having control over my own business! That’s why I believe a website is so important, you have full control over your own website and nobody can take it away from you if you set it up & own it yourself

I asked them if I could move the hosting to a company in Australia, they said no, they owned the site, I just owned the data but they would give me my data for £400 – They wanted to charge me to have my own writing lol

Luckily I had a backup of all my content so rather than waste money, I did a new site myself with WordPress

If you have social media send your followers to your website

Do not send your followers to an advertising site that you pay for that is full of other escorts for your followers to check out!

Once you have a website you can start escort listing on many sites for free. That’s right!  Free Escort Ads :)  I love Free Ads!

To give you free escort ads websites generally expect a link from your site to theirs. So if you don’t have a website, you don’t get free ads and who doesn’t want Free escort ads, they are awesome!

Once you have your own website, linking to other sites is great for SEO purposes – These are known as backlinks

I personally only pay for ads that on sites that are in the top 3 positions on Google for the search terms that I need.   

Did you know that 55% of web traffic goes to the sites that are top 3, very rarely do clients go past the first page, rarely do they go past position 5

I occasionally pay for ads on sites I know have a lot of users (you can check using something like or because I like the owner and they have great content & social media presence

My search/keyword requirements will be different to a solo private escort so the sites I use and pay for may be different

I have a current list of Australia only sites on my Australian Ads Page that I update regularly.  A handy list for ladies and gents for Sex Worker ads in Australia

Here is a massive list of Escort Ad Sites:

Some free, some paid, some good, some not so great but you can judge them yourself on how useful they are to you personally

Having gone through this list again on November 11 I notice that many sites are shown as not secure  – Use caution and perhaps a VPN when signing up for these escort sites

I hope you found this blog post helpful

Sarah sign

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